Kid Addicted To James Charles | My Strange Addiction

my name's ollie I'm 15 years old and I'm addicted to James Charles ever since he opened a small shop in Birmingham I've been a huge fan of them he brought Birmingham boring to an absolute standstill that's how many sisters there were people ask me why like James Charles and why I watch so many of his videos it's just because he's so inspirational I love what he stands for it doesn't take hate off anybody else and he's just an all-around great guy one day I hope to meet James jealous cuz like I imagine seeing your idol and your inspiration in person and giving them a big sister hug you see I used to be addicted to things like fortnight and now looking back at it I was so childish how could I be addicted to a game now I'm just addicted to James Charles how much bear is that and look my desktop wallpaper is James Charles that's pretty cool just look at him one amazing guy I watch James Charles for multiple hours a day and when I'm in multiple I mean multiple I will sit down and just binge watch his YouTube videos go through his Instagram Twitter and watch him because I find him so insane and so funny so cool and he is just great to watch I wanna have the time i watch one of his makeup routines and sometimes I'll give it a go but it doesn't usually go well but I'm teaching myself and James is helping so yeah when all he gets alone time he will steal his mother's makeup bag and copy James there are going to be familiarly light orbs obviously in our transition it and not needs a low-carbon so long but I look sometimes I get creeped up other people for watching James Charles so much and it really does upset me because I don't some more people have to hey we should all spread positivity I'm it's really bad since one of the main people to do this it's my brother you're watching James Charles yeah haha but you know you just got to ignore her and carry on because that's my sister would do my embarrass that I'd like James Charles so much and actually you my family support it other than my brother my mum and my dad think it's really cool that I like James Charles and I think they're telling the truth I think they're anyway yeah I have nothing more to say thanks guys now my mother went oh I got no we're brothers we scheme trying to come for bed bitch other sites can't study that can rock them him yeah damper spray fix the only messing with the finest where Carolyn Oh Caroline use a nickel for your thoughts I'll give you what I got you


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