Kid taking medicine tip, how to

welcome to the green apple home so today I've got I guess the medical tip I don't know most everybody knows this but I figured I just I'm doing it anyway so I thought I would share with you just in case you don't know ah okay me and my boy had strep throat so we're on antibiotics being preventative is a whole different vlog about that kind of stuff but um now that we're on medicine a lot of people are prone to diarrhea or yeast infections if you're on antibiotics so what you need to do is get yourself a probiotic um I like to get a florist or for adults what does it say for adults but they have florists or and then florists or for kids the one for kids is like six dollars more and it's the same amount of capsules is the same milligram egde of the same exact active ingredient so the only difference is that a kid's comes in a powder and the adults comes in a capsule and the only ingredients that are different are the ingredients that make up the capsule like the gelatin and so like that so I either sprinkle it on my kids yogurt or applesauce or if they're already taking medicine then I do this number and I guess this is a vlog on you know the benefits of probiotics in your system because the medicine wipes out all the good stuff that's in your intestines and stuff – so this is a yeast that puts back all the good stuff so you don't get yeast infections and you don't have diarrhea as much especially the little ones because they can get dehydrated and stuff so you can put um your applesauce or yogurt in a little thing and stir it up and then have them just eat the whole thing but I like to just go ahead and use a syringe my kids um if your kids don't swallow pills I think a syringe is like the best way because they can do it themselves and um you just have whoops you just have a cup of water ready have a taste gross um I just feel like that the best way because it's just easy and you just give it to them make sure they do it over a floor that's why povo not the car but you don't get pink stuff everywhere anyways um so this is what I do I hold my finger on the tip of the syringe and just pour in a beginning amount oops I forgot I always do this when I mmm I forgot to open this stinking thing okay so now I get the privilege of trying to open this up one-handed instead of having this already open I'm use my teeth okay so that was pretty painless it wasn't as bad as I thought so nice you're just gonna put in your powder of this stuff on the inside which is which is the yeast the activies to any if you if you eat yogurt and stuff you're getting some ease to but this way it just I feel like it helps out so much more you kind of want to I just use a toothpick to stir it up and then put in the rest of your medicine and you can read right on there what the milligram egde is so and if you feel like it can kind of stir it up again so it doesn't stick to the side anyways so then I always try and get a big syringe so that there's a little bit of air at the top so that when you put the little plunger in that it doesn't like go and burst out on you it already did force out a little bit anyways so it's gonna probably do a little bit that you're getting the air out and then yeah sure that's the correct dose and I swipe that or give it to him okay Dee come here buddy let's jam how you can be a big boy take your own mess and Kay oh you want to show everybody how you can take your math in by yourself with a big boy see ya okay yep I see it no you showing off because he usually doesn't open his mouth a little more little bit more there you go that's the way to do it we take a drink j-dog moist nails he's lucky marshmellows yeah you got the good taste and stuff no yeasty is no diarrhea all right thanks for watching we'll see you next time on the green a bomb

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