Kidney Disease Treatment – How I increased my GFR and improved my kidney function Part 2 of 2

six months ago today I was diagnosed with stage 5 chronic kidney disease and told that I had zero chance of getting better well they were wrong this is part 2 of 10 things that I have done to help improve my kidneys and beat kidney disease coming right up hello kidney warriors James here your favorite kidney health coach giving you my experiences from the point of view from an actual kidney patient and this is part 2 of my two-part video on the 10 things that I have done that I feel were the most impactful for getting me from stage 5 all the way up to stage 4 now if you haven't subscribed to my youtube channel make sure and subscribe now slash dad wise TV and click that little bell icon that way you get a notification every single time I upload a new video and now to today's topic part two number six I did things that could help or improve my kidney recovery now this includes I get light exercise I do 30 minutes a day of walking the recommendation I was told was do it at least five days a week for 30 minutes I do it seven days a week if the weather's bad if it's raining I get it inside I'll go to the gym I'll walk on the treadmill I don't do anything tough I'm not running or sprinting occasionally I'll do some jogging but I'm getting my thirty minutes of light exercise aerobic exercise every single day I'm also drinking water only water I'm drinking the right amount of water that my doctor recommends for me for me it's one half of my body weight take that number and then drink that number in ounces and some people get confused by that formula from time to time it's just one of many formulas to calculate how much water you need and yours may vary your doctor may give you a different number but for example if you're in 100 60 pound male you're gonna divide that 1/16 half that's 80 daily target is 80 ounces a day that's the formula I followed it has worked great for me in the beginning it was tough but it helped prevent constipation and keep things flowing and keep things working I also started intermittent fasting to help me accelerate my weight loss as well as to give my kidneys a break so that they're not fighting against a constant digestive system that's pumping in new things into my blood that way they didn't you know they kind of get a break they can play catch-up intermittent fasting is not as hard as it may seem or as hard as it may sound you're doing it already to a point hopefully you're not eating while you sleep you go to bed you sleep so what I've done is my last meal is done by 6:00 p.m. my first meal is usually around noon now I could have it as early as 10:00 but I've shrank my window of when I eat and get all my chloric intake for the day into a small window right there the rest of day all I'm drinking is water no sugar no sweeteners nothing like that during those and that has helped my body to have a time to catch up and I feel that that was really really helpful especially at helping me at sleeping now I have a video about it and has a lot of tips but kind of to summarize them you want to eat your fat your healthy fat at your last meal at dinner that'll help hold you over throughout the night and the carbs I personally limit them greatly but I try to eat those earlier the carbs that I get for the day and by doing that not only am i helping my kidneys help with my sleep number seven I definitely got on top my weight and managed it and started losing weight now when I was Stage five and four I stuck to that renal diet that kidney friendly diet I ate from the foods that in that list you can download from my website which is compiled by working with multiple dieticians and getting a list from other places that here-here's certain foods I may not have thought about I stuck to that list now that list does include a number of items that are high carb that have sugar in them and those are marked with an asterisk for those that are diabetic greatly limit or avoid those items I also limited or avoided those items to a pretty good extent not completely occasionally I you know I did keep a box of Hot Tamales here at my desk and occasionally I would get that metallic taste in my mouth you guys know which one I'm talking about I'd pop one Hot Tamale I didn't eat a whole box didn't need a handful of them I would just reach for one of those every so often and it was a great way to cover up because you're not fixing that to cover up that taste as I was adjusting to my diet and getting used to what I should eat and when I should eat it but I you know the walking the eating the renal diet helped me to start dropping pounds and losing weight the drinking the water helped me with that and I've also now switched as I made it to stage 3 I switched to a modified keto diet that still kidney friendly and the weight has just been dropping off at an unbelievable rate matter of fact just yesterday I was like yeah let me find a better picture of myself for my profile at work on the computer when people are chatting with me and I was looking at my current headshot professionally taken and comparing it to just something I shot with my phone real quick and boy you can see a difference in my face I have a jawline you know it's not all the way there 100% stick that's to make sure right here but I have drastically changed in the last six months and weight loss managed my way getting it in you know I my nephrologist says it doesn't have a direct correlation to my kidney performance but I know it's good for me overall it's good for my heart and every time I have a massive drop in my weight in between labs you know if I've lost one pound or there was a point Ross pretty steady for almost a month I was kind of staying in the same weight my GFR didn't move that much my crack knee level stayed and this may just be coincidence but every time I have dropped a lot of weight a cracking level has dropped and in my mind I feel there is a connection between the some correlation right there we'll see next month when I get my labs done after the first 45 days on this modified ketogenic diet where they are now I've lost a ton of weight I've been told the ketogenic diet is going to greatly improve my GFR by lowering my creatinine we'll see I don't know number eight I keep stress at bay now with my primary care physician this was probably the number one thing that he was and always is concerned about is stress it's the first question he always asked me how's the stress doing how is work how is life now when you have a chronic illness like kidney disease especially when you're diagnosed the thoughts that go through your mind the scariness the emotional rollercoaster and it's something you never want anybody else to have to go through I was worried what about my job you know am I gonna be able to work if I go on dialysis I have a high energy high-stress job I travel I can't do that if I have to go in three days a week hook up to a machine and then I'm exhausted after that for the rest of the day am I gonna continue to feel fatigued am I gonna continue to feel sick when I eat or you're just that occasional nausea you get just for being alive when you have kidney disease who's gonna pay the mortgage who's gonna pay the car payments who's gonna pay all the bills am I gonna pay for treatment all of that went through my mind and that is a lot of stress my primary care physician he focused on the beginning on looking let's get you on the right diet and he told me things he helped me to manage the stress to not worry as much because that puts so much stress on your body and it can derail your path down your strata you're using your strategy to get better don't let stress get to you and there's a lot of stress out there even you go out to the the many support groups that are out there especially on Facebook a lot of them you may see some people having really tough times with their kidney disease and that may make you start to think oh my goodness is that gonna be me can that happen to me don't focus on that focus on the positive focus what you can do focus on what you can control what you can try to improve okay set minor goals and work towards achieving those that get you all the way to where you want to go in the beginning I set a goal pretty much one year January 2020 I want to be at stage two and number nine I look forward to getting my labs I love seeing my labs I would do them more often if my insurance would be okay with it let me go every week and get blood done like I did in the beginning now I'm gonna be honest here there is a little bit of hesitation every time you're waiting for your results I still have that it's completely normal but once I see them for me every time I've got my labs things have improved now there was once where my GFR was stuck at I think twenty nine for two labs in a row and I was like oh it didn't go up what's wrong am I done but other things improved and then it got going up the next one and improving from there so I've also used my labs to guide me to help me both ask questions know what to do so with all your labs you have a standard range and then there's a middle the ideal spot or the what they typically say is the ideal spot that you want to be I made it a goal with every lab to keep everything get it and then keep it within the standard range anything that was too high or too low I asked why why is that too high why is that too low what do I need to do to get that where it needs to be by the next lab how do I do that tell me doctor what exactly do I need to do I want this thing fixed I want this one in the middle by my next labs in the beginning I was doing labs multiple times a week then weekly then every other week and now is kind of spanning a month or more for my labs and I just look forward to them I use them as a guide for seeing the progress I put them into Excel all my results and I track them in a graph so I exceed things going down that are supposed to go down I see things going up that are supposed to go up and I see things staying flat that are supposed to be flat right there in the standard range and that helps motivate me to see that I am making progress and number 10 keep learning now there is so much to learn about chronic kidney disease in any other illnesses you may be fighting for me I just started reading books I started reading actual research papers I reached out to scientists and doctors all around the world whenever I see any of my doctors I pre send them a list of questions that I want to discuss and I let them have time to research it then we get in there I go over each and every question what is the answer I question everything and not in a bad way I do it to learn if they say you need to do this I say why if they say this is high and it's bad why I want to know and they know that I'm not questioning their capabilities or their education I'm trying to better educate myself so I understand the importance of everything so I can take the right actions I also then use two questions you know what do i do how do I change that and how being very important how exactly I don't settle for eat a better diet eat a renal diet no no no no no how do I eat a renal diet what can I eat how often do I eat are there hours I shouldn't eat should I drink when I eat should I drink before I eat I went into the nitty-gritty details to better educate myself to better learn so that I understood all the challenges that my body currently faces and those may evolve as you go through different stages of kidney disease so that I you know with that education I had the motivation okay that's why I can't do that that's really bad let me not do that and I stuck to things and I keep learning even today I am learning learning learning I'm watching other videos on YouTube there's lots of great doctors out there sharing information it may not be about kidney disease directly but I watch them and learn more about the keto diet what's working and learn how certain organs work how salt impacts your body the difference is between salt so much stuff because even though you may think oh my doctor says X there's still a lot of conflict out there and there's so much stuff that even the doctors are still learning and what they tell you today may not be the same thing at six months or a year and it's not just because they learned something new but also you're changing I'm changing I'm getting better my diet was extremely strict in the very beginning through stage 5 for all the weight I got stage 3 now I have a kind of more relaxed diet on doing a modified keto diet there is no way that my doctors would allow me to do this when I was stage 5 and stage 5 the focus was that's good to stage 4 let's not need dialysis at stage 4 it was okay you're on the border let's page 5 let's get you the middle of stage 4 then let's get you the other end of stage 4 all right let's get you over the line and to stage 3 those micro goals that I mentioned earlier at every stage I learned and I share an information and depending on where you are what works for you and the strategy will change it will it's nothing that might change it will change so some of you may think well my doctor said this it's different than what you say so whatever your doctor said that's what you need to do because they know you and they have the education experience to treat you they know your strategy now if your doctor doesn't have a strategy they're just winging it and saying oh we did the blood work I'll see you in six months I'll see you in a year and run for the hills away from that doctor that's for sure you need a doctor that is going to work with you set up a strategy helped teach you and help push you so there we go the 10 things that I feel were the most impactful for getting me from the edge of dialysis stage 5 up into and through stage 4 and across the line into stage 3 what I do now is still very similar to that but there have been modifications along the way and now my strategy is getting through stage 3 up to stage 2 I've been doing this now for only six months but look at how much I've changed look how much better I've gone you guys can see it you can hear it in my voice you can see it my energy level let me tell you I'm actually kind of tired I just did too back-to-back and you know it's just me sitting here talking it is pretty exhausting and these videos may end up only being 15 probably 20 minutes each this takes hours for every 20-minute video there's probably an hour and a half a recording and then I go through and edit it down and get the right nuggets and where I don't mispronounce things believe me there one day I'm gonna launch a blooper reel you guys are just gonna laugh hysterically of me fumbling over some of these medical terms where I just get things all tongue-twisted or I just go off on a tangent and I almost did it right then and there anyway please share this video with anyone you know who has kidney disease or is that risk of kidney disease let's get this information out there to help them know you're not alone and you don't have to settle for a transplant and dialysis it may not always be possible to improve your kidney health but I was told I had zero chance after spending a week in the ICU and look at me getting better and better and better and that original nephrologist that was there who told me I had zero chance I've visited her a few times since to show her hey look here's how I'm doing you got to be careful when you tell patients they have zero chance of getting better it's it's demoralizing and it's heartbreaking please don't do the I'm trying to encourage her to give people hope she told me you know you're doing it all wrong but don't change keep doing if it's working for you getting better she was just taught a different method a different strategy what she was taught stage one through three don't say anything to the patient let them coast through it and stage four try to slow it down and start preparing them for dialysis and at Stage five and you over those money making dialysis centers that are popping up everywhere now there's nothing wrong with dialysis if you need dialysis that's a solution that keeps you alive until you can get a transplant and there are some people who have been able to get off of dialysis and improve and work their way up to you know stage 4 stage 3 I've even read a book the one who made it all the way to stage 2 fantastic anyone on dialysis I wish that could happen to you but some people it's just not possible you know there's too much kidney damage or there's other illnesses fighting against your it's genetic there's you know not everyone can improve but everyone deserves the chance to fight kidney disease not to accept losing what do I say losing is not an option now I'm gonna remind you guys again if you have not subscribed to my youtube channel go ahead please subscribe to it click that little bill icon that way you get a notification every time I upload a brand new video and if you haven't visited dad vise my website true it is loaded with all sorts of information now YouTube is the best place to get the latest and the greatest and by clicking that Bell icon you get a notification every time I upload something so it's easy to find there is so much stuff it is getting hard to organize it there on my website to make it easy to go and find things or to know what's the latest and the greatest that I have shared now you can also join me on facebook slash dad vise TV I try to stay up with the comments as best I can but as things are growing there's more and more questions being asked more comments and of course more the internet trolls the internet bullies getting in the way that I have to kind of push through to find all the comments but please if you if you need some inspiration if you need some encouragement reach out to me if you have a question feel free to ask the question now one thing I have a question for all of you one thing I love to know where are you from if you're here on on YouTube watch this tell me your city and state in the comment I love to find out I one day if I'm in a city I may post that love to meet people we'll go out for a kidney friendly snack or meal someplace just get to see each other chit chat see how things are going we are a community we're here for each other we're here to support each other and here to motivate each other all right until the next video have a great one I'll see you later


  1. Hi, my last comment has become and essay. Sorry. I thought it would help others. I've only been on a strict diet for nearly a month. I've lost weight, I'm sleeping better, i have more energy and my skin isn't weeping (eczema)and is healing. The white coating on my tongue is clearing (good sign). My diet is no sugar in any form including fruit, no meat, no dairy, no nightshade vegetables, no wheat, nothing deep fried or canned. No ready meals. I will continue this for 3 months and slowly introduce some foods back (but only home cooked food) slowly but will not eat them every day. Fizzy drinks are number 1 disguised killers. 8 tea spoons of sugar in 1 glass. If i were to make a glass of drink and put 8 teaspoons of sugar, i would be frowned upon. The amount of salt in crisps (chips)? Sweets, candy?. Yet our children are consuming them everyday. My 14 year old said "how can you not eat sugar, sugar is energy". I explained to my son that carbohydrates turns to glucose which is used as energy. Many people around the world are not on a western diet and doing well. The western diet is catching on in other countries, if only they truely knew the effects. I know my diet is strict but I've had enough, my quality of life is very poor. I didn't have a good diet growing up but at the age of 15 changed my diet. Cooked every meal from scratch and no takeouts, i was healthy and happy but the one thing that did come back was fizzy drink, almost every day. Not knowing i had narrow ureters that were burdening my kidneys, this was dangerous.

  2. Thank you for all the information. My renal consultant doesn't give me advise on diet. After asking a few times he said, no coffee, less tea and no fizzy drink. That was because i kept on questioning him. But as always he sees me for 2 to 3 mins. I already knew about sugar and caffeine. I wanted more advise on diet. I know diet is key for all desease. I've always had a good diet due to food allergy. My right kidney isn't working and my left kidney at 30%. I also suffer from severe eczema. I'm from the uk. Before i was diagnosed with ckd i suffered for 7 years, within those years i declined to be bed ridden. These are the symptoms that i had over the 7 years. Severe eczema, burning skin, oozing skin that dripped constantly, loss body movement due to severe eczema, loss of memory, difficulty in engaging in simple conversation, metallic taste, insomnia, constipation and soiling myself, anxiety and depression. I only had 3 hours of broken sleep. I spent 3 to 4 hours in the bath for some relieve. My doctor gave me antibiotics constantly for months and diagnosed me with my externally symtoms. It got really bad for the last 3 years of those 7 years. My doctor in the beginning did do a blood test and said all my vitamins and mineral are very low. At the end of 7 years i had a constant pain on the left side of my abdomen. Went to A&E, after taking bloods they told me my right kidney is dead and my left kidney working at 3%. After all the tests they didn't know why i have ckd. They took my history from birth and said it's most likely i was born with narrow ureters. I've had a nephrostomy tube put in my left kidney and know it's at 30% for the past 4 years. The nephrostomy is out, it's still at 30%. Recently had a scan but i haven't been given the result. I have started a strict diet, not been long. I will continue with this strict diet for 3 months and see what happens. Hope its good for me. I hope all those who have chronic illnesses find ease.

  3. Hi James…. I love these last few videos. Thank you for sharing. listening to what worked for you, I noticed you’ve never mentioned baking soda as one of the things that helped you. If you don’t mind… please give me your feed back on what it does to the kidneys. I’m seeing a lot of post and sites that says it helped but I’m also getting conflicting responses that it’s not good for you also. Any feed back is greatly appreciated.

  4. What surprised me is learning how Impersonal dialysis is. I always thought medical was highly individual, but at dialysis, regardless of the age, weight, and medical issues of each client…. we All get three days a week! I have heard of folks getting two days a week, but never met one. Even worse, if a holiday occurs on a dialysis day, they will ask me to go to dialysis two days in a role to achieve the three days within that holiday week. I do not understand why I need dialysis the day after just receiving it.. My question is… you speak of stages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. As you move from 5 to 4 to 3 to 2…. does your prescription for dialysis EVER decrease? It appears dialysis is a no/off switch…. you either don't need it or you need the maximum! No in between …. regardless of the medical conditions you offer. This does not make sense to me … someone please advise me.

  5. Santa Ana, CA Love your videos. Was diagnosed in January 2019. I feel like I'm always trying to find out information and getting nowhere other than your program. I have no idea what to eat so I'm eating more or less a plant based diet. My problem is low protein and anemia. I'm one of 4 sisters and out of all of us 3 are A 3 kidney disease. Our Grandfather passed from kidney cancer.

  6. I’ve enjoyed your support and encouragement. You are doing us a great service. I’m still have trouble with hunger pains.

  7. Im 48 years old. My Uncle sorta forced me to get a check up and Im glad he did. I have been in relatively good shape most of my life…a tad overweight (187)according to BMI charts which I never believed. However, blood test showed everything was in normal range except 3 things. (Creatinine 1.34, eGFR 54,Hemoglobin ACL 1.57) As you’ve stated in your earlier videos I have been to both primary doctor(he says “its nothing to be alarmed about”) My nephrologist(says “just stay off red meat and eat chicken and turkey, oh and watch your salt”) They are not treating this seriously nor giving me any resources to work with. Can you give me some more specifics so I dont have to scour the internet. Like which university should I try first? One friend who had a kidney transplant told me just eat everything in moderation.(That is a broad statement) I need specifics: How many oz of meat to eat a day? Should I be concerned about wheat products at this stage? what should be my view of gluten or soy and such matters? I’d like a caring professional to speak to my specific individual situation(since my research says that this is critical). If you have any more resources you can share Im happy to start the search. Thanks for your words of encouragement.

  8. It has been a blessing finding you and your support and tips…They have truly helped me so much, especially the diet tips Thanks you so much….Keep up the GREAT SUPPORT

  9. You may have to do a Q & A live stream when it is harder to answer individual questions on Facebook & YouTube. You could even read questions from your past videos from the comment section and answer them all in one video 🙂 I have joined your Facebook Page that way I get the notification from both FB & YouTube. 🙂

  10. James, Not only have I seen the difference with your weight but you even look healthier. You look more rested as well. The dark circles around your eyes are fading. You are getting healthier from the inside & outside. It is great to see. Fantastic that you have a Doctor that will allow you to send your questions in well before your appointment. I wish all Doctors to be like that. I have recently found a great Doctor and I look forward to my appointments with him. He is happy to work with me to get me healthy again. He has a positive attitude too. He is the 5th Doctor so it took a while to find him but so glad I did. The other Doctors had that attitude that it was the end of the line for me. They can keep that attitude away from me as I have bigger plans for my future. Thanks for another great video.

  11. I admire your honesty. learning so much from you. my prayers to you , i know that you will go to a stage 2! and you will be Victorious!

  12. Yeah, I agree. I put on 40lbs after I quit smoking. When my weight was down my labs were all good. BUT smoking isn't good for anyone and after heart surgury, it was time to wake up. Long story short, just started the Keto diet Mondayso I'm headed in the right direction. Thanks, for taking the time to share and am blessed to find your channel. Have A Good One!

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