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do you have any addiction so it's like candy videogames stuff you done yeah some reason I can't sleep without him so it's kind of addiction doesn't sound so bad hi hey Micah hi what's your name my name is Toby she nice to meet you what are we gonna talk about answer my question okay all right um so I guess we're going to talk about young kids in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction addiction yeah means like you're addicted to it so you have to be with it every time yeah yeah I can't live without it yeah it's like your power source yes alcoholism so that's do you know what alcohol is basically growing up to drink it yeah drugs drink it yeah so alcoholism is being addicted to alcohol yeah were you addicted to alcohol it was wasn't he yeah so that means you stopped I did stop yeah um why did you stop getting addicted to it basically my life became unmanageable it started out fun doing drinking alcohol but it kind of yes LOI drew me away from things that mattered most to me like friends and family definitely took away from school I took away from that ability to just like show up and do like all the homework and stuff yeah say you like instead I'm just gonna go do my thing yeah yup exactly how old were you I was nine years old when I first smoked marijuana yeah nine years old nine years old that means you're like in third grade yeah I never saw a young kid like me or like anybody yeah do that I've never ever in my life for seven years I've never saw that yeah did you feel good when you did yeah to be honest that dude it started out very fun and after a few years of experience he experiencing and experimenting with drugs and alcohol it he didn't start to feel as good why did you want to get addicted to it I didn't want to get addicted to it I started out drinking and doing drugs not having a clue that I'd get addicted I kind of just figured I'd try now little did I know very quickly I got addicted to him how does marijuana make you feel I guess at times it made me feel very giggly and made me laugh a lot maybe made me feel I guess like comfortable and relaxed yeah completely different the laughing and giggling that's just weird when you stopped were you like stopped the first time I stopped yeah and they call like the pink cloud where yours like life's great but then I fell back into drinking alcohol again too then and the second time I tried to stop again wasn't so fun it was a lot it was a lot harder to stay sober and be have fun but I slowly learned how to do you learn I learned how to stay sober yeah I wasn't able to learn it on my own I'd have like peers like older people with that have stayed sober for a long time kind of show me how to and teach me how to maintain sobriety a big thing is this recovery high school going to it's a high school where they help you recover yeah instead of like math science they just uh well know so it's it's actually a school and we still have all those subjects right but uh all the students that go there are sober and in recovery and at the end each day we like talk about how sobriety is going and how recovery is going yeah it's a helpful I never heard of that yeah and did you recover or did you um I'm recovering definitely not recovered but so you're still we're coming yeah I mean I'll be recovering for the rest of my life but I mean I'm not I'm a lot different than I used to be been sober for two years so changed a lot in the past two days but that's a long time for me too it's two years well you help other people say yeah I will that's my plan uh do you yes exactly I'm going to try to pass it on that's very kind thank you sharing the story of drugs I'll just call it drugs Landau no you're welcome bye see you Mike let's meet you alright


  1. Oof now I realize how drugs are addicting just tell me if it's close but it's basically like porn you see it once and cant keep seeing it, it happened to me but I never knew that it was similar to drugs and stuff so now I know I said I would do weed and smoke atleast once but now I know how easy it is to stay addicted

  2. I love how Micah emphasized “were” when he said he was addicted. I feel like that’s really validating

  3. I wanna be part of this show cuz to meet people with different experiences lmao I am 19 tho.😂😂😂

  4. When I hearded 9 I was like WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS DUDE! WHATTTT!!! then I tried to chill and I fell asleep 6 am and here I am finishing the video

  5. Oh sweet Micah ❤️ Very good kid, I hope he always stays like this, he’s gonna get all the girls…Or boys. I don’t judge 😘

  6. Im not gonna lie, I’m a huge marijuana supporter but none years old? That’s way too much. My minimum age for just trying it, 17 years old. Smoking regularly is ok in my book at 17-18+.

  7. Does it sound weird that I would really want to talk to him ? I don't know.. Is there a way to contact him ? I don't think so huh

  8. Micah is so nice and smart it’s hard to find kids like taht these days whoever is raising him is doing a good job

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