Kim Jong-un visits Chinese pharmaceutical factory in Beijing’s Econ, Tech Area

opening the second day of his trip to
China North Korean leader Kim jong-un visited the economic and technological
development area in Beijing this morning he specifically took a look around a
factory there that produces products for China’s pharmaceutical company tong tong
tong and kim stayed for 20 to 30 minutes before returning to his accommodation
they died at eye state guesthouse watchers say the North Korean leaders
factory visit shows his will to enhance the regime’s industrial sectors also his
visit to the economic and technological development area highlights Kim’s focus
on economic development

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  1. Besides Intellectual Property theft, I believe Chinese stole something here. Completely differ from what US intended or have in mind, capturing the China mind more difficult than fox hunting. From ideology of taking a piece everything on their soil, forced tech transfer/socialism, they jus took a bite I think

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