King Dedede's Peep Addiction (Easter Special 2016)

oh it's cuddly here we go here we go didn't even card boil this and this one adds this one and threw it in here don't you think it's gonna break nah Wow guys I love dying yeah me too fine hey what are you guys talking about dying but you have so much to live for eggs Oh talk about diet well that's a little dark guys I'm hungry yeah yeah if you're hungry there is a little bit of food in the pantry let's see top drawer to the right okay listen the heck is this peeps what are those I'll tell you Pixar marshmallow candies sold in the United States in Canada that are shaped into chicks bunnies and other animals there are also different shapes used for various holidays peeps are used primarily to fill Easter baskets though recent advertising campaigns market the candy as peeps always in season as peace has since expanded to include Halloween Christmas and Valentine's Day since 2014 it has been available year-round with the introduction of peeps minis they remain from sugar corn syrup gelatin and various food dyes and I hate them gotta be only bought them because he's a fat paint gelatinous mass creating foodstuffs they must be good ah let's give these a try I might as well stick wanted know their mind and they're amazing I need more these things better go to Walmart and Target and all those other places oh my gosh nabbit is illegally selling my favorite snack where have I seen this before okay I'll take your whole inventory 20 bucks per peep don't you think it's a little steep it's called supply and demand now pay up here's my wallet I don't think they'll be enough well this here's my rope okay here you go oh that's not gonna be enough uh he's my soul worth anything uh you know what since I like you you can go and I will not take her soul soul because it's probably not worth much okay thank you Oh oops oh wow that's that's a lot of peeps King Dedede yeah how much might you read party like $50 no my life savings what why aren't you guys dying exiting let's just say somebody took them we can post up crack the eggs let's crack it on this movie you can use yo yo night show good idea DVD how did like 20 bucks worth of seats cost you your life savings did you turn to the black market again ah no I thought I'm going to straight he gave me them that's what the black market is stupid ah ker to me you don't even know what the white market is the white market what are you talking about one more Walmart shall miss you very much jelly bean jar uh-huh – the boy wants to me that's amount of processed sugar and gelatin is making me sick oh no it's gotta go can we eat these another mine everybody said goody hey Kirby did you hear that that king dedede's wanted for stealing pips share the key yeah yeah howdy I think we should alert the authorities no I would pay to hype so here's community's wallet here's a poem yeah go but gotta be there's no more money in DD these wallets he use it all on peeps remember – ah you spent all your money on pitch on I could spend it on people sorry Kirby I'd just like me and three other containers besides this one what it's amazing that you couldn't sort of vibe considering how much gelatin sugar and chemicals is going through your digestive system yeah I know when was the last time you had a drink of water water yeah water you know your sugar is not man and boy in it gonna be that's horrible we need a psychologist or something what's that about peeps no one's said anything about dates go away you need to get a job alive in a beard yeah I'm going to just believe me be okay all right I have an idea cubby follow me Oh peep with a moustache and little peeps what are you guys doing oh my gosh who are you I'm Bobby orange patent-pending and I am here to tell you that you've been hearing too many peeps and it's nice to stop I just ate the peeps and did I love the beeps – I hate street uh let me sick 12 plus 27 don't make me mad let's just say I ate a lot don't worry bro I haven't work addiction I feel you ah it's just nice thank you these are Waverly oh my gosh Carrie I can't believe you did that basil people people people people people Oh no please don't kill me I believe in three Jen's king DD if you eat too many of these chicks covered doc you will die you are here for encountered a Jean we gotta get this problem under control it's Easter for pete's sake stop it's Easter I almost forgot that we've been on the subject of peeps for so long I almost forgot this is an Easter Special why do you yes Peaks good they're good one item is it possible to not like it I don't like peeps economy yeah you're curvy you eat literally everything my way I don't have a stomach it is it's basically like it's a complete it's like space a separate it's galaxies inside okay so like Kirby said and didn't do we're interrogating now and you have to answer all of our questions first question why do men have nipples I actually don't know banjo next question guys got any questions like lifelong questions you've always wanted to answer already what's the meaning of life the meaning of life is a Dominion you Bulls guys I look yeah you know why you're looking at me like that Oh could be if you had a neck I would strangle you don't worry I'll point out


  1. The united peeps of amarica awards🇱🇷🏁🚮🚻🚸🛃🚷🚱🚯🚭🚳⚠⛤⛿🐤🐣🐥🐤🐤

  2. When meta knight said:

    it made my face red with Laughter!! XD
    Black Market
    White Market they are both Racist to each other

  3. 9:30
    Waddle Dee:
    don't eat the peep
    Don't eat the peep
    Ok you ate the peep

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