Kitchen Redo: Farmhouse Cabinets With White Paint + Wallpaper | Karen + Mina from “Good Bones”

So we’re going through some things that you might find in your kitchen that are somebody else’s failure. Yeah. So–
Our cabinets are always way worse failures than this. Oh yeah.
This could be fixable. And this actually isn’t that bad. Some of you might have this and you did this on purpose so we’re not judging you, all right? (laughing) No, so this doesn’t actually, this is just a base cabinet. So, whether you don’t like your cabinets or they’re okay and you just wanna freshen them up, you can use contact paper or wallpaper in any pattern. This is kind of a country–
This is very– This is like beadboard.
Cute. Right. And at home, I would use contact cement– You don’t put it on with double stick tape like we’re doing. Just for the–
Keepin the studio clean.
Contact cement. Contact cement or wallpaper adhesive, one or the other. Gotcha. But what an inexpensive cool way– Yes.
To brighten up your kitchen and change it seasonally if you wanted to. And then you can paint it any color you want–
Very cool. We’re just goin with white. And so, you’re gonna paint your beadboard… Hopefully I don’t get this paint on me ’cause that’s my… And not on you. Oh I don’t care. It’s standard operating procedure. New Yorkers wear black everyday because we don’t show stains. (audience laughing) No.
Yes. So whatever color you want, mix it up, get some new cabinet hardware– I love that. And you pretty much have new kitchen cabinets. It’s no money. Simple, yeah. And this is what the cabinet looks like when it’s done and you put it back up on the wall. (audience applauding) (chiming) (audience applauding)

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