Knocked out Teeth | First Aid

teeth it’s not uncommon for people to lose an entire tooth it might be that they were on a bicycle and someone opened the car door and they went flying into it or maybe a child was hit in the mouth by a swing or they ran into something if it’s an adult tooth and it has been lost in its entirety so that’s the route and everything and you’re able to to get hold of that tooth it can be replanted so first of all look at the casualty if they’ve lost a tooth and had a tooth knocked out there’s likely to be a lot of blood because faces are very vascular so if they’re injured there will be a lot of blood so get some clean on fluffy cloth and get them to bite on that you may find a wrapped ice pack is helpful as well to take down any immediate sweating so reassure them keep them calm and then if you can get hold of the tooth and put it in milk saliva or contact lens soaking solution and all those will keep the tooth alive so it can be really implanted in a dentist or at a Dental Hospital make sure you don’t touch the nerve plant or touch the tooth too much at all so just pop it into milk contact lens soaking solution or saliva you could pop it in the side of your mouth or just spit into a pot and take a tooth with the casualty along to the dentist or dental hospital and they should be able to really plant it you

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