Korean Medicinal Herbs Farm, Ameegol (my WWOOF experience in Korea)

This is my first wwoof Farm in Korea. Ameegol Farm and Guest House near the DMZ zone Here is a map of the whole territory. And the first thing we’ll see is the main guest house Next is the relaxation area Complete greenhouse seedlings Be sure it’s all just for health Take the sun place And the campfire zone Outdoor dining area. Everything here in a tree with various pleasant trifles Do you know from what century these stones? Someone can tell you many stories These are guest rooms, including my 🙂 All that is needed in a full set From the window a view of the rice fields, hmmm…. as if you were in Bali In the room there is a kitchen for preparing breakfast Then there are spaces for group and corporate events I want a wedding in a place like this ^_^ Very cozy Let’s go for a walk This is Han-pil – the owner of this Farm and Guesthouse Good point of view Relaxation area, psss… be quietly – someone sleeping I don’t understand what kind of plants they are – but very edible! Garden trees, lakes and relaxation area too They said “Ko-ko-ko” A lot of cherry trees everywhere And so – if you want to eat go work… The work was wonderful, and the food is even more delicious Living room here with a lot of hand made staff It’s me – nice to meet you I full after dinner (speak Korean) And this is a secret room – a hobbit hole 🙂 Let’s see This is a room you can book There’s a lot of home-made wine here Night here should be very pleasant -_- ….sound like croaking frogs

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