Korea’s medical field gains firm ground in Mongolia

Turning our attention back to Mongolia,…
modern ties with Korea go back to long before diplomatic relations were officially established.
It all started in the medical field. For a look at Seoul’s various medical exchanges
with Ulaanbaatar… which continue to the present day,… Connie Kim reports. “Korea and Mongolia have established diplomatic
ties in 1990 but their first exchange dates back to 1914 when a Korean doctor came to
Mongolia laying the foundation for further cooperation in the medical field.” His hard work and dedication have not been
forgotten at The Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences where Korea’s medical
services are actively being implemented. This baby has come with rashes on his chest
and arm,… and the doctor gives a diagnosis of linear morphea. Linear morphea is easily curable but can be
fatal for babies. “His head sometimes tilts to one side. I heard
there was a Korean doctor here, so I wanted to find out what was causing the problem.” Since signing a partnership agreement with
a Korean medical school Korean doctors have been coming here regularly to share technology
and train local doctors,… seeking to set up a similar medical system in Mongolia.
Korea is also looking to expand exports of Hanbang — a traditional Korean medicine-
to Mongolia. Acupuncture has been especially popular for
locals as patients say the effects are incomparable to any other treatment. “At first, I went to a Mongolian hospital
for acupuncture and was hospitalized for two weeks. But I didn’t feel any better. I heard
there was a Korean doctor here so I came for treatment.” “There are many similarities between Korean
and Mongolian oriental clinics. Acupuncture for Mongolians is a good fit and the herbal
medicine is of a high quality so the treatment at this clinic is very effective. After receiving
treatment here, patients say they feel much better.” Since this clinic opened more than a decade
ago, around 267-thousand patients have come here for treatment. This figure includes repeat
patients, but considering the population of Mongolia is only three million, it shows how
in-demand oriental medicine is here. The Korean medical system is on stable ground
in Mongolia, and doctors in Mongolia say the task now is to bring in more Korean physicians
regularly and bring in infrastructure to develop a long-term medical system fit for Mongolia.
Connie Kim, Arirang News, Ulaanbaatar.

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