KSAT 12 News at Noon: Sept. 13, 2018

we begin with late-breaking news for the fourth time in just over a week a bear County sheriff’s deputy has been arrested off duty detention deputy Joseph Martinez accused of causing a drunk driving crash overnight in soma officers found Martinez and a 2-door vehicle wrecked on i-35 north and some over by the forum shopping center sometime around 3:30 this morning he was already on unpaid administrative leave since April of this year for a prior unrelated incident Martinez is the 19th Barrow County sheriff’s deputy arrested so far this year chef Javier Salazar will provide more details about this latest arrest at a press conference we will let you know what time as soon as that information comes in anytime your weather authority keep an eye on hurricane Florence and their tropics Florence now a category 2 storm and it started to hit North Carolina we are watching the weather very closely here as well we have a system that’s not going to cause that much trouble but maybe a lot of rain mm-hmm yes we are watching the potential for some rain here across South Texas as some of that tropical moisture moves in so that’s this area here in the Gulf of Mexico still disorganized maybe getting a little more organized but the bottom line for us it is going to be rainfall that we’re concerned about and of course there’s also Florence which is the big story and right now it is getting a little bit closer to land let’s zoom in a bit they got tornado watch boxes in place across parts of North Carolina some of those outer bands start to work in and winds at this hour and are 105 miles per hour gusting to 125 so it has weakened a little bit but this is still a very dangerous storm it’s a big storm so that means storm surge is going to be an issue rainfall also an issue winds are gonna be around 100 miles per hour we think once it makes landfall it’s gonna stall out a little bit along the coast and then start to move north and as it moves slowly that’s when we’re concerned about rainfall there and then the Carolinas and there could be some big-time numbers disaster on the doorstep that’s how North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper describes hurricane Florence thousands of people have evacuated many others are trying to gather last minute supplies to write out the storm a crew at our sister station WLS is in North Carolina right now they drove around Wilmington earlier this morning and it’s a ghost town stores closed and boarded up as everyone prepares for the storm they did find one store open it workers there say it’s been chaos so why are they open when every other store seems to be closed we’re really out here to serve the community make sure everybody is well equipped we sell bulbs we sell flashlights we sell batteries we have backup systems so we really just want to make sure that everybody’s prepared everybody has what they need to have they plan to close but they may stay open a little longer if customers are still coming in and take a look at this hurricane Florence could pass over at least six nuclear plants through nuclear plants are in South Carolina three are in North Carolina and one in Southeast Virginia Duke Energy’s Brunswick plant near Wilmington has already been shut down Duke Energy which owns the sixth of the power plants in the Carolinas say they are designed to withstand hurricane conditions guys all right Justin thank you very much know you’ll be back in a few minutes with more on our weather system down in the Gulf a big story today 6-year legal battle between the city of San Antonio and the Hayes Street bridge restoration group it goes to the Supreme Court this after a judge in district judge denied the group’s request to delay construction permits for the property earlier this summer the Supreme Court heard arguments this morning over the sale of a lot adjacent to the Hay Street bridge that is the Texas Supreme Court the restoration group claims the city illegally sold the lot to a developer to build an apartment complex near the bridge rather than put a park in place that the group believes will not obstruct the view of the historic bridge the city however claims that building a park was never in its original contract with the group but do contend that there was never any contractual obligation on the part of the city to contractual obligation to the group to build the park or use the property for exactly we believe our obligations are limited to the document the memorandum however the restoration groups attorney argues that memorandum was not made clear enough members of the restoration group hoped that the court’s decision from the hearing will bring them back to square one with the city on an agreement that will be built on the lot of 803 North Cherry Street it’s still unclear when the Texas Supreme Court will announce its ruling on the case kids at 12 Sara Costa went to the Dignity neighborhood and spoke with residents about their thoughts on the bridge and proposed development I live about two blocks from the bridge I see I met Jerry and Lamar many times a week and and I you know I love I love seeing the bridge Lauren Bartholomew supports the proposed development in front of hay Street Bridge as long as there’s compromise from the developers development is good I think high-rise is not bad but why can’t they design it to not block the bridge the property in the middle of this controversy right behind me 803 North Cherry Street it sits right in front of the Hay Street bridge some argue that if a building tall enough is put on that property it’s gonna obstruct the view of the bridge and ruin the historic look of the area for them to build something that’s gonna obstruct the view this is the whole purpose from my understanding what the bridges for is the views and without that good is the bridge amanda Chivato works right next to the bridge and walks it daily another weekly bridge walker Teresa Barra who moved to the neighborhood in June I definitely feel like the bridge adds some character to the neighborhood and I enjoy looking at it and using it so I wouldn’t want to see anything that disrupted that Sara Costa case at 12news proving a 2.8 billion dollar budget for the city for the next fiscal year the council discussing the ins and outs of that budget this morning before then voting to approve it the fiscal year 2019 budget does not include an increase in property taxes 1.2 rather 1.2 six billion dollars makes up the general fund and streets and sidewalks account for a large chunk of that well just under 1 billion is part of a restricted funding project the council did approve some amendments to the original budget plan today some of the priciest items include adding three new code enforcement officers funding for mental health clinicians working with San Antonio Police Department and a program through Metro health to help local children manage asthma we have much more detailed breakdowns on what’s in that budget it’s on our website all you have to do is go to kake.com man who was hit by a car and killed on senator tonio Southside yesterday police tell us his name is John Marquis and he was 63 years old investigators say he was trying to cross southeast military drive near South pres around 12:30 yesterday afternoon when he was struck by a Chevy Malibu the color of that car was gray police say Marquis was not in a crosswalk and failed to yield the right of way to the traffic he was pronounced dead at the scene and while the driver did stop to help he was cited for not having insurance and not having an operator’s license a disturbing story now of a 13 year old girl sexually assaulted in the waiting room of the san antonio behavioral health care hospital it looks as though the 33 year old man accused of attacking her had been detained from mental health issues Maximino Manuel Reyes now charged with attempted aggravated sexual assault of a child investigators say that he was initially emergency detained for mental health issues but then was released to the hospital’s personnel they say he walked into a waiting room and receiving room where the 13 year old was sitting he sexually assaulted her then left the room then came back to expose himself to her and even tried to sexually assault her again the suspect finally left that girl later found curled up in the corner of the room that I as was seen and identified on video from cameras there as for the hospital we don’t know what if any repercussions they will face Hollywood Park police on the north side asking for your help to find a man who robbed a Starbucks at gunpoint today and he may be connected to other robberies as well police say he walked through the Starbucks off of Highway 281 just south of Mecca Drive around 5:00 this morning he was wearing a dark hoodie ball cap sunglasses and had his face covered he demanded money from the register and the safe and had employees put it in a small trash can for him he ran out of the store with cash and the good news no one was hurt police believe he may have also robbed taco cabanas and other Starbucks and other restaurants as well the center tonio robbery task force is assisting in the case if you have any information you’re asked to call Hollywood party detectives two one zero four nine four three five seven five up next case that community gearing up for a hunger action month at San Antonio area Chevy dealers how you can get involved to help the facility on oh and coming up in sports Leigh Ramirez will fill you in on some of the big changes this weekend in high school football that rain it’s coming yeah well this has a effect on some of the scheduling of high school football we got that for you you are loved one have been injured by commercial truck call me at four four four four four four four there’s only one number to remember for I Drive a truck I Drive a sports car I like SUVs find what you’re looking for in a select pre-owned vehicle for world car nissan and be protected i have a lifetime to select pre-owned vehicle with a lifetime warranty that’s just awesome you have many choices on where to buy pre-owned but if you’d like protection for a lifetime shop world world car is the place i scratch my skin until it bleeds I cover up my body so that nobody can see I don’t feel comfortable with people touching me these are the voices of psoriasis a research study is now underway in San Antonio to evaluate an investigational medication for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis qualified participants will receive all study related investigational medication and care at no cost as well as possible compensation for travel visit Oasis study calm or call two one zero two six three eleven hundred I’m Ted Cruz and I approve this message it’s better a roark think refusing to stand for the national anthem is disrespectful no I don’t think it’s disrespectful and I can think of nothing more American Texan Tim Lee stepped on a landmine in Vietnam in November where will you stand case that community partners sitting at with Senate sunny area chevy dealers this September for hunger action month they’re asking for your help to stuffed Silverado with donated food items for a for the San Antonio Food Bank case out 12 Katie Blake is live right now at brown Chevrolet in Devon Katie food and security is a big issue here in South Texas isn’t it yes the food bank their shelves are the lowest they’ve been in a decade and while it’s still pretty warm outside we need to think ahead to our colder months we want to make sure that those shelves are stocked for our colder months here in South Texas so that’s why we’re stuffing Silverados for the rest of the month it can go to any San Antonio area chevy dealer and drop off non-perishable food items canned goods so we’ve got a lot of different stuff here some things you may not think of tuna beans different kind of beans dry or canned beans different types of soup peas spam and David’s favorite Vienna sausages there’s some chicken noodle soup in the back and of course ramen this is all stuff that you walk by when you go to the grocery store to get your food for your for your household so this is easy just when you’re grabbing a box of cereal maybe grab one or two more one or two extra cans of soup and drop them off at any San Antonio area chevy dealer you’ll see these big bins and you can also put the food right in the bed of these beautiful Chevy Silverado trucks again this is for the rest of the month we want to make sure that the San Antonio Food Bank is fully stocked and ready to serve 16 counties across Southwest Texas guys back to you that’s a lot of buy you know sauces 16 counties work why do you call it like UNICEF okay we’re now looking live North Carolina off the fear there where things have dramatically changed from yesterday we now have a lot of wave action wind and the rain has begun Justin yeah Florence is starting to move in at least the outer bands are and that storms gonna make landfall looks like later tonight as a huge storm there on the East Coast meantime back in our neighborhood the aquifer now up 20 2.2 feet since Labor Day still going up up to six 64.5 today in the pollen count we have high counts of mold moderate counts of Fallout and low counts of ragweed talking tropics when we come back the 96 hour sale is back at Toyota Burnie 2018 Camrys only 89 88 89 88 for 96 hours only at Toyota Bernie eye 10 exit 543 and Bernie Toyota Bernie calm it’s finally here the Ross fall fashion event has the brand’s you want know yes oh yes prices like that handbag for weight how much for that cute jacket that says check me out at a price that makes you say check this out that yes for less find your new fall look at the Ross fall fashion event Ross has the trends you want and the brands you love and it feels even better when you find them for Less get to the Ross fall fashion event yes for let you hear it everywhere healthcare is changing how can we make sure it’s changing for the better how can cancer be treated more effectively and treatments for rare diseases be created how can finding a specialist be easier and getting a check-up be more convenient the physicians and nurses researchers and residents therapists and staff of UT Health San Antonio where hell and your why UT Health San Antonio meet Gina Ortiz Jones here’s her home in Washington DC just blocks from where Nancy Pelosi funnels money to Jones’s campaign down the street Jones collects cash from Washington special interests putting their agenda before Texas here’s Washington National Airport where Gina Ortiz Jones catches the plane for a quick visit to Texas to pander for your vote Gina Ortiz Jones she’s Washington’s candidate not ours NRC’s responsible for the content of this advertising only [Music] exit 543 and Bernie Toyota of Bernie com senator Nia Police getting ready to hold a property auction tonight they’re auctioning electronics like Beats headphones 60 inch and 55 inch televisions a PlayStation 4 and Xbox one a remote-controlled truck and I’ve got a whole lot more in the electronics department also on the auction block bicycles tools generators shoes jewelry expensive watches several sports jerseys including a framed Tim Duncan Jersey the viewing will start at 5:30 this evening at the VFW Post 81 96 that’s on the FW Boulevard done by Mission County Park on the south side the auction starts at 6:30 mother tells me 210 pumpkin gears might go for a pretty penny I tell you what they ought to be auctioning off umbrellas and galoshes and ring gear rain gear this is Florence this is the North Carolina coastline this shot a little bit different from the one we just showed you a minute ago actually looks like someone’s walking down a beautiful deserted Beach and it’s good that it’s deserted right imagine a riptide net thing yeah it’s gonna be significant I mean the storm surge is something that I’m keeping my eye out and that’s got to be a different area in North Carolina perhaps and we’re starting to see there you know I think that’s actually keep Hatteras but those first bands are starting to move through and you’re starting at those those gusty winds in forints it’s gonna be a newsmaker next couple days hopefully a lot of people hear the warning and got out and we may have a newsmaker here locally as well yes keeping an eye on possible flooding risks yes we’re gonna see some heavy rain although I will emphasize that we’re not really in danger of seeing any tropical winds or anything like that this is just gonna be a Rainmaker for us in speaking of rain take a look at the Drought Monitor so this was last week we had some areas that were an extreme drought we got those good rains remember we’ve had them all week now the drought has almost been erased here across South Texas very rarely does it happen that fast but that’s the situation we’re in and we’ve got some saturated grounds and that means any additional rain could pose a flooding threat so as you look at the Doppler radar right now we’ve got some late showers trying to work through the area we’ve seen some downpours here in San Antonio off and on and we’ll see these quick moving little showers throughout the rest of the afternoon and there is some tropical moisture starting to build off the coast and that will eventually surge in it looks like we’re going to tomorrow especially but a little line here starting to move towards you Valley County and these are some good downpours moving through Sabinal and eventually over towards the you Valley area and then that we’ve got some more heavy rain out in the Gulf of Mexico some of that tropical moisture starts to build they’re outside right now partly to mostly cloudy skies 80 degrees feels like 84 of course it is humid with northeasterly winds around 10 miles per hour we’re starting to see some mid-80s Gonzales over towards Pleasanton and we should be pretty close to where we were yesterday mid to even upper 80s in some cases so it will be warm there’s a look at Florence we can see it now on radar and there are those outer bands we were talking about starting to hit parts of North Carolina and that’s where we have that tornado watch box because oftentimes with these tropical systems you can get tornadoes to spin up winds right now at 105 miles per hour gusting to 125 it has weakened doesn’t have a well-defined eye but folks there can not let their guard down because this is a big storm and it will still create a significant storm surge winds near 100 miles per hour shouldn’t make landfall tonight but that would be early tomorrow morning as it affects parts of North Carolina in South Carolina it’ll dip to the south a little bit stall out that’s where it’s gonna dump a ton of rain and then eventually move off to the north and bring more rain there but it is the Carolinas that probably will see the bulk of the activity with Florence meantime in the Gulf of Mexico here’s what we’re watching and I will tell you there’s more thunderstorm activity now we may start to get some circulation here but it’s just running out of time bottom line with this it’s going to bring us tropical moisture it’s going to bring us rain this point we’re not too concerned about any sort of tropical development and here’s what our computer models are showing as we get into tomorrow morning some that moisture starts to work along the coast and then watch what happens by tomorrow afternoon that moisture swings in and we get some good downpours here that would be Friday afternoon and Friday evening that’ll continue over into Saturday as well as this moves off to our south we’ll get more good tropical downpours the favorite area for heavy rain on Saturday is gonna be off to the west and southwest of San Antonio and as we talk about rainfall potential we’re looking at two to four inches in some cases we could see more to that and more than that six to perhaps eight in localized areas but it does look like it’ll be a fairly widespread rainfall event and of course we talked about the saturated soil so that could cause flooding issue high temperature today right around 86 50% chance of rain tomorrow a 70% chance we’ll go 70% chance on Saturday – and then it becomes more isolated Sunday into Monday and clears out next week so the aquifer is only beginning to show those record highs could add more to it all right thank you so for a guy who didn’t play in the preseason at all missed half a last season he didn’t exactly have a first game so they got to get Zeke going don’t they they do mean they need to get deck and Zeke going but I think Zeke really holds the key to the Cowboys offense he only had 15 carries or 69 yards in the season open or so he needs to do better against the Giants Plus Texans quarterback deshaun Watson is ready to rebound are you ready to divorce now after many years of a troubled marriage we’ll help you get a better future go to attorney Stephen Benke at Behnke law comm for help thank you so much for being with us this morning everybody the good news on 281 it’s open for business northbound and southbound traffic moving quite well get the latest now what’s happening in the Gulf and of course the latest on Hurricane Florence not the winds that they’ve been worried about it’s all the loss the storm surge is gonna be great but it’s the rain after that we’re starting to see the effects from that disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico move on in here I’ll have the very latest on that heavy rain potential and does that mean a weekend washout 4:30 to 7:00 on good morning San Antonio I found their low posted prices hassle-free I got a great offer on my trade in world car Nissan is the place get a 20-18 frontier sv crew truck save over 5,000 now just 20 2020 18 row guesses save over 5,000 only 21,000 and every new nissan customer from war car nissan can say this shop online at work our nissan dotnet or stop on by world car for a lifetime these are the faces of the more than 300,000 people in this part of Texas who could lose their healthcare coverage because they have a pre-existing condition or will no longer be able to afford their premium all because we’ll heard put politics before us when he voted eight times to repeal the Affordable Care Act I’m Gina Ortiz Jones I approve this message and I will never put politics before you I think they’re pretty excited about it you know they’re looking forward to it it’s earlier than we expected but there’s a storm coming so last Friday night you know we took one on the champion didn’t come out play the way we wanted to even though I suppose be all Friday but we’re ready Kennedy able now play day earlier than expected in big board sports as well stage for 2018 home opener when they host a New York Giants on Sunday Night Football and even though the Cowboys were only able to score one touchdown against the Panthers Dallas is still a three and a half point favorites so how can the Cowboys get more yards especially in the running game where Ezekiel Elliott was held 269 yards rushing I think in the run game we worried we were closer but like I said we did a lot of stupid stuff we did a lot of stuff that put us back in and the chains just this simple simple stuff like it’s kind of you know it’s tough when in second and second team it’s a lot easier when it’s second a second a seventh we can’t give behind behind the sticks we got to come out establish that around and uh yeah I guess some early all right we’ll have highlights and live locker room interviews after the game during our one hour edition of an instant replay Sunday night now the Texans are looking to bounce back from their narrow 2720 defeat by the Patriots in New England when they face the Titans and Tennessee this Sunday quarterback deshaun Watson taking the blame for the loss after only going 17 of 34 for 176 yards but how is he feeling now after watching film of the game really just in the red zone we gotta capitalize in a red zone get on the same page with the receivers you know it uh and I just said you know it’s a team game it’s a team sport but for me as a quarterback I want to be on the same page but the receivers out of time and we just you know miss connected on some throws and it wasn’t on the same page so we’re gonna create that this we can move forward kick off Sunday in Tennessee is set for high noon and due to inclement weather the Kennedy Lions are one of several area football teams and move their game up to tonight the Lions will host Pettis tonight at 7:30 in their home opener instead of Friday night in anticipation of heavy rain now we caught up with the lines yesterday to get their thoughts the weather that we or was being forecasted had a lot to do with it just looking for the safety for our kids and the kids from Pettis just made us realize that you know err on the side of caution so that’s why we moved our game I think you’ll be different because we have day less of practice but I think we’re ready for the outcome in the challenge not many of us were expecting it but it something you got to do and football is you know you got to react you just so this is it being pushed forward today just got to react to it yes you do here’s a list of games rescheduled for tonight due to inclement weather Pettis versus Kennedy MacArthur versus Bernie champion Seguin and Central Catholic Floresville versus Carrizo springs and Cotulla versus dilly all those games scheduled for 7:30 tonight and of course we’ll keep an eye out and we’ll let you know if there’s more changes later on tonight you got to react to what happens on the football field I love that bite you gotta react react to the weather yep we’ll be right back Wainwright injury warriors winning planes the most money possible my accident caused a broken femur ankle ribs and shoulder play the lawyers won me 146,000 $955 call power lawyer Wainwright 88 88 88 a West Point graduate Joseph cops are served 20 years in the military to combat tours in Iraq 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of course there is an awards part of the problem rolling out the red carpet for illegal immigrants taxpayer-funded benefits sanctuary cities while voting against body armor for Texas sheriff’s patrolling the border talking about abolishing ice giving free reign to Mexican drug cartels lawless borders reckless politician that’s baked Oh Aurore Texans are is responsible for the content of this advertising Wainright injury lawyers fight to win most of the I’m doctor when a car pressing to the walk and fit me I had shoulder and knee injuries way ride got me two hundred and forty six thousand five hundred and ninety nine dollars Paul Wainwright injury lawyers now no no no San Antonio City Council has approved a two point eight billion dollar budget for the next fiscal year the latest on the boat and what the budget includes plus we’re tracking the tropics this is a live look out of North Carolina as hurricane Florence prepares to make landfall in the Carolinas many bracing for impact Hurricane Florence bearing down on the Carolinas a storm growing in size overnight and even though it has now been downgraded to a category two it is expected to still bring catastrophic rainfall and historic storm surge Wilmington is expecting wind gusts of up to 50 miles an hour later on today some people deciding to stay and stick it out ABC’s Natalie Brunell is monitoring the latest there the monster hurricane Florence a category 2 but ballooning in size now 500 miles across ready to wreak havoc please do not let your guard down this is a very dangerous storm we’re on the wrong side of this thing this storm will bring destruction to North Carolina a day ahead of landfall last-minute preps by residents and first responders we made decision a few days ago that we should get out hospitals moving quickly using specially equipped buses to get patients out of the storm zone protection of life is the absolute highest priority and that’s what we’re doing some along the coast refusing to leave we’re watching the news every day we’re keeping track of it the wrath of Florence about to be felt inland as well ABC’s amy robach visiting the town of Lumberton North Carolina 80 miles from the coast ravaged by hurricane Matthew two years ago residents heartbroken at the thought of losing their homes again no we know where it was lever water never in my life I thought I would ever go through something like that people don’t understand they don’t know the emotional toll it takes to literally lose everything in addition to catastrophic flooding authorities say millions of homes and businesses could go dark for weeks this morning power companies sending an army of tens of thousands of workers from 17 states Natalie Brunell ABC News Wilmington North Carolina and again hurricane Florence just downgraded to a category two storm it’s still expected to bring catastrophic flooding to southeast areas and made up as much as 40 inches of rain in North Carolina alone on the Lawrences path our Justin Hart is standing by with a look at that track track is kind of changed over the last couple of days but we do know it’s headed right for North Carolina though it is and it’s gonna bring a ton of rain in a lot of issues real quick before we jump into Florence I want to mention this we’ve just learned that Air Force Reserve hurricane hunter aircraft has is starting to make its way towards this disturbance in the Gulf the reason for that and we’ve tracked it for you here is that they want to check it out it’s still probably is going to stay fairly weak but it’s becoming a little better organized and we’re tracking the aircraft right there as it flies a little bit closer into this disturbance we’ll get a better idea of what’s going on still it’s just rainfall for us it’s not going to be a wind event or anything like that but they do want to get some better information and better data and that’s why they’re doing that okay let’s talk about Florence there it is still a very healthy storm a category two storm it’s weakened a little bit it took on some wind shear but it is huge it’s still going to create some big-time storm surge and that’s what they’re worried about in places like North Carolina right now winds are at 105 miles per hour dusting to 125 in the storm track takes it in North Carolina by tomorrow morning and then it’s sort of stalls a little bit as it moves south that’s going to produce a lot of heavy rain that eventually gets picked up and pushed back off to the north but this is going to be a huge weather maker for days to come there will be travel issues as well and then again we’re also watching the Gulf and that is expected that disturbance to develop expecting to bring us some good rain here for the next couple days we’re gonna detail that entire forecast for you coming up here in just a few minutes guys thank you the City Council approving a new 2.8 billion dollar budget for the next fiscal year it starts in just a few weeks on October 1st a Central’s Myra Arthur was in the council chambers for the discussion and the vote this morning she joins us now live from Maine Plaza to break down the portions of that budget and some of those changes made before the vote it’s a little different from how it was first built right yeah Ursula and David there are a few things that were certainly tweaked in this budget but I can tell you it was a big day big morning here in city council chambers there’s really a sense of relief and accomplishment among council members now that they have passed this huge budget that amasses so many of the needs that are of course vast that the city of San Antonio faces something that everybody’s going to want to take note of there is no increase to your property tax rates included in this budget now the value of your home may be going up but the tax rate that the city sets will not be affected by the budget that was passed here today streets and sidewalks making up a huge chunk of this 2.8 million dollar budget as they do every single year especially addressing what the city calls sidewalk gaps that exist in neighborhoods that’s areas where people walk through their neighborhood but they don’t have access to any sidewalks because they simply may not exist in those areas there’s one point two six billion dollars in the general fund of the budget just under a billion in restricted funds and about 690 million set aside for capital projects after the council approved the budget today city manager Cheryl Skelly said that this budget really addresses the priorities of the community infrastructure streets and sidewalk repairs drainage and we know we’ve had a lot of rain recently so continued improvements to support flooding and preventing flooding in our neighborhoods Public Safety is a priority and we’re focused on continuing those services that represent two-thirds of our general fund budget and as we mentioned there were some amendments made to the budget before it was passed today some of those include funding things like additional code enforcement officers three additional code enforcement officers mental health clinicians working with SAPD and creating a program through Metro health that would help local children manage their asthma that program is going to cost about seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars to facilitate now we’re going to list all of those amendments and the costs on our website throughout the day a little bit later on kc.com something that was a nice little boost before the council approved this 2.8 billion dollar budget they got an expect unexpected rather extra a little bit extra from CPS energy three million dollars that was something that they were not expecting a little more in revenue that came in this summer and we can all thank hot temperatures for that boost we are live in main plaza Myra Arthur case app 12 News certainly a big change of the weather from that Myra Thank You President Trump and the mayor of San Juan and a war of words after the president tweeted new estimates of nearly three thousand Puerto Rican deaths in hurricane Maria was inaccurate the mayor says President Trump though is delusional for rejecting the official conclusion that more than 2,900 people died because of Hurricane Maria the Governor of Puerto Rico says there should no there should be no more questions about the number of deaths meantime officials say hundreds of Puerto Ricans are struggling to find housing before federal hotels vouchers expire tomorrow last month a federal judge in Massachusetts denied an effort by FEMA to continue that voucher program just days after the CEO of CBS was forced to resign due to sexual misconduct allegations the head of 60 minutes is now out yet figure reportedly fired for sending a harsh text to a reporter at the network who was trying to cover the story of his misconduct allegations ABC’s Linda Lopez has the latest on the allegations and termination CBS reporter Jericka Duncan had the difficult job of reaching out to one of her network’s higher-ups for comment on sexual misconduct allegations against him that appeared in a New Yorker article earlier this week Jeff Fager the executive producer of 60 minutes was accused of groping a female CBS employee at a party the texts he sent to Duncan in response to her request for comments are the reason Fager says he was fired Duncan read the texts last night on the CBS Evening News fagor and a text said to me quote if you repeat these false accusations without any of your own reporting to back them up you will be held responsible for harming me be careful there are people who lost their jobs trying to harm me in a statement CBS says his firing was not directly related to the allegations in the press but that he violated company policy in a statement Fager responded I sent a text message to one of our own CBS reporters demanding that she be fair in covering the story my language was harsh and despite the fact that journalists received harsh demands for fairness all the time CBS did not like it on such note not result in termination after 36 years but it did Jeff Fager staunchly denies the New Yorker allegations and CBS now has two outside law firms investigating the reports Linda Lopez ABC News New York back here at home another bear County sheriff’s deputy has been arrested this is the fourth arrest in just over a week for the fourth time in just over a week that bear County Sheriff once again a bear County Sheriff has been arrested authorities say detention deputy Joseph Martinez was driving drunk and caused a crash in summer this happened on i-35 north and some around 3:30 this morning and officers found him in the wrecked vehicle they say he was already an unpaid administrative leave for the prior unrelated incident back in April so far this year Martinez is the 19th Barrett County sheriff’s deputy to be arrested a six-year legal battle between the city of San Antonio and the Hayes Street bridge restoration group going before the state Supreme Court this morning who contend that there was never any contractual obligation on the part of the city to contractual obligation to the group to build the park or to use the property for a point exactly we believe our obligations are limited to the document the memorandum the Supreme Court heard those arguments this morning over the sale of a lot adjacent to the Hay Street bridge the restoration group claims the city illegally sold a lot to a developer to build an apartment complex near the bridge rather than put a park in place that the group believes would not obstruct the view of that historic bridge the final ruling of the court has not been announced yet this morning we spoke with residents in the digna Witte neighborhood that surrounds the Hay Street bridge about how they feel about this proposed development going up in front of the bridge one resident Lauren Bartholomew said that she is for the development and even a high-rise as long as the developers are open to compromise that would not block the view of the bridge the residents say they’d rather have nothing at all I think this development is good I think high-rise is not bad but why can’t they design it to not block the bridge I definitely feel like the bridge adds some character to the neighborhood and I enjoy looking at it and using it so I wouldn’t want to see anything that disrupted that Theresa borrow says a dog park or a simple park would be a nicer way to complement the bridge she says she looks forward to the outcome one of the big games in high school football mother nature has not messed with this weekend Brennan to John J Lee Ramirez has a preview coming up in sports if you are loved one has been injured in an auto or truck accident call two one zero two two two 2288 or google carob and sha the 96 hour sale is back at Nissan er New Braunfels 14 888 buzz Altima 14 888 it all ends Monday night at Nissan a New Braunfels a35 exit 191 a new braunfels Nissan and New Braunfels calm four years ago I made some big promises and I worked every day to keep them here in Texas jobs are booming wages are rising and unemployment hit record lows schools are stronger high school graduation rates are at all-time highs families are safer we’re locking up thousands of dangerous that gang members we’ve achieved a lot now promise you one more thing we’re just getting started it got to the point where mom stopped using the phone she was so frustrated that she couldn’t hear thankfully I found the answer a CapTel caption telephone with your Sprint CapTel phone you hear what you can and read what you miss it’s operator assisted voice recognition so you see what your caller says word-for-word it’s just like using any other phone plus I can read what my caller says if you have hearing loss you can get a phone at no cost to you I love my 69 69 35 exit 191 in New Braunfels Nissan of New Braunfels dot-com this senator dia Food Bank in desperate need of donations and all month long case that in his community partners have been urging the public to donate non-perishable food items we have been encouraging the public to drop off their food donations San Antonio area Chevy dealers meteorologist katie blake live at brown Chevrolet and Devine Katie I’m hoping that Silverado is getting filled up this one looks really really impressive they have a nice display for us when we got here a ton of non perishable food items in the back of this Chevy Silverado truck and these are the kind of things that the San Antonio Food Bank desperately needs levels there at the food bank on their shelves lowest they’ve been in a decade so we really need to fill it back up here and there are so many different things that you can take peanut butter up there at the top twelve packs of ramen everybody loves ramen right and cereal some of these things you know I see these things that I’m like oh ok let me take those too some things you may not think of like spam Vienna sausages different kinds of canned soups and beans as well both in the can end in the bag as well and we have some rice back there too so there’s a lot of stuff that you’ll pass by in the grocery stores just grab some extra things and drop them off at any San Antonio area chevy dealer and this is going on for the rest of the month you’ll see nice big red bins in the dealerships and also you should see a Silverado truck as well and you can throw those non-perishable food items in the back so again this is for the rest of the month we want to help the San Antonio Food Bank get ready for our colder months here fill those shelves up because remember they service San Antonio and bear County but 15 other counties as well so a lot of our friends and neighbors that the San Antonio Food Bank depends on back to you guys get that Silverado filled up that’s a big bed and back of that truck good and this looks pretty good at their live cam right now there’s not a whole lot going on it looks like right now it’s so nice to see the Sun it’s like yesterday when I got off work and it actually it was bright and sunny everybody was just staring at the sky like what’s that going on you know what it makes it a lot warmer sticky outside but it is nice to see the sunny we’ve seen quite a bit of rain 11.1 four inches so far this month it’s basically half the rainfall for the year it’s twenty four point eight eight it’s the third wettest September ever and we’re likely going to add to that as we get into the weekend we’re gonna take a look coming up dump doubled in size it’s the number one complaint in my entire term of office tonight a defender’s investigation the actions taken by city county and state to force the operator of this dump to clean up and why he hasn’t I found the perfect card at a great price zero hassles zero stress just shopping ladies world car Hyundai is the place in a new 2018 Hyundai Elantra se4 only fourteen five or a Hyundai Tucson se for only 19 I’ve received this I have a lifetime warranty I have lifetime roadside assistance to shop online at World Car Hyundai north or stop audio you can be the lifetime warranty that’s like forever war car or a lifetime Ulysses his sister Molly Henry who’s seven I want to be there with them but more importantly I want to anticipate the question that they’re gonna ask me in the years to come when everything that mattered to us was on the line where were you let’s meet the pettiness the bigotry the anxiety that dominates so much of national life today with a courage a strength of big hearts that could only be born of Texas I’m Beto O’Rourke and I approve this message you know when you’re at Ross and that cute dress gets even cuter yes or when you can say yes to both well when you find that brand at that price are you kidding me that yes for less and that’s what Ross always has in store [Music] it feels even better when you find it for less at Ross yes for less [Music] in the spotlight actress Shannen Doherty is returning to television after a long battle with breast cancer the actress will be starring in a new film on lifetime it’s called no one would tell the film tackles issues such as mental health and suicide she’s best known for her television roles in the hit show Beverly Hills 90210 and charmed she has shared her real-life struggle with breast cancer after being diagnosed in 2015 her treatment included chemo radiation and surgery all right so let’s make this clear there’s just a little bitty itty bitty change in that system in the Gulf nothing major however yeah I’m gonna check it out yeah hurricane hunters are flying into that now when we say hurricane owners we don’t mean that it’s a hurricane what what they do this is what they do they fly into these systems even if they’re not well developed and to give us some more data so we can better forecast the system and just see where it’s at but the bottom line with the system in the Gulf is that it is just expected to be a Rainmaker for us and it’s gonna throw some moisture in our direction but we’ll get a little better idea of exactly where it’s gonna move and what winds look like right now we’ll talk about that in just a second I want to show you the radar because well that’s what’s going on right now we’ve got these showers starting to move in from the east and we’ll see these off and on quit moving showers in San Antonio through the rest of the afternoon and not everybody’s gonna get rain it’s one of those situations where they’ll pop up put down some rain and move right along and we’re gonna see that really not only in San Antonio but across the area we’re seeing some of those showers out near Sabinal Uvalde moving up towards Lake e we’re also seeing some additional development back out towards Hallett’s Ville you’re about to get a good shower there just southwest of Gonzales Nixon over towards Lavernia you’re also seeing a couple showers this afternoon and then as we look out in the Gulf of Mexico you see some healthier rain showers there’s good tropical moisture out there and it’s only going to increase as we go forward so that’s why we’re expecting some good tropical downpours next couple of days outside right now we are seeing some blue skies 80 degrees feels like 84 northeasterly winds at about 10 and temperatures have already made it into the when we are seeing some Sun 86 in Gonzales 83 right now and could to us still some 70s in the hill country Florence a big-time hurricane no longer a major hurricane but that doesn’t really mean much in this sense because it is so large it’s going to create a huge storm surge we’ve already got a tornado watch box there in North Carolina and it’s going to move onshore later tonight and likely put down a lot of rain right now Wednesday at 105 miles per hour gusting to 125 probably making landfall as a category 2 moving south stalling a bit putting down a ton of rain and then eventually getting picked up it looks like Sunday into Monday and moved out of there but still big-time problems expected on the East Coast and won’t be following that through the day meantime there is the Hurricane Hunters aircraft we’re actually tracking that as it flies into this system here in the Gulf latest they have winds at 20 miles per hour that’s not even near the center but just sort of gives you an idea that they are testing what’s out there and they’re gonna go get some data tell us what’s going on here again not expected to develop all that much further could have become a tropical depression yes but does that really matter not so much because basically for us it’s just going to give us rain it’s going to give us tropical moisture as this begins to move in our direction and how far south it goes will also play a big part on who gets the heaviest rain and who doesn’t some of these bands could set up and there could be some pockets of heavier rain but as we go into tomorrow we think there’s a good chance for some showers and storms and with so much moisture in the atmosphere these will be efficient rain producers as we get into Saturday I think the shift is probably a little bit further west does this thing moves into Mexico but everyone will have the shot to get some rain I think probably the best chances are gonna be San Antonio points to the south but 1 to 2 maybe 2 to 4 inches on average around the area with some pockets of heavier totals we could see 6 to 8 inches in some localized spots and of course we have saturated soils so there is going to be a flooding threat 86 degrees this afternoon 50% chance of rain as we go into tonight 74 30% a chance of rain and the 70% chance tomorrow 70% chance on Saturday bottom line here just be aware that there there could be some pockets where there may be a little bit of flooding it’s just something we have to keep Simon’s gonna a big factor and that is where these showers is from set up and you know I just want to be safe and avoid some of those areas that typically flood if that situation arises we are keeping a close eye on it here and I have found it Larry there’s code it was four seconds was right back even Democrats don’t trust Geena Ortiz Jones because when it comes to our local economy here’s what her fellow Democrat had to say about her support of Brack that will close vital military bases when I heard Gina say yes she would support a third round of brac I was really surprised because it it is unimaginable to me that anybody who wants to represent this district would ever be for brac it’s like playing Russian roulette with people’s jobs Gina Ortiz Jones and her plan will hurt our local communities and put our national security at risk will Hurd has served alongside our brave men and women overseas and here at home he will never gamble with the jobs of our nation’s heroes or our children’s safety we’ll heard works every day to strengthen our economy and keep these vital military bases open [Music] [Music] see the elephants tigers dogs Arial accent world record-holder human cannonball at their Shrine Circus enjoy the Magnificent elephants while you still can and make memories for a lifetime bring the family one and all to the Shrine Circus come see the elephants at the Shrine Circus this weekend at Joe Freeman Coliseum your case at Apple the information you need when you need it ranking news alerts that always link and win case that news is broadcasting live your case that app is streaming live local trusted and constantly updated your case that in partnership with in cearĂ¡ non-conference tests when they travel to Kansas State this Saturday afternoon to face the Wildcats that’s after they opened their 2018 season with back-to-back losses to Arizona State and Baylor but in the 3720 loss to the Baylor Bears a road runner showed signs of improvement especially starting quarterback Cordell Grundy transfer when 18 of 33 for 157 yards in the touchdown pass that got the Roadrunners within seven he settled in he settled in maybe week one he was kind of rushing things or he kind of was had a little anxiety but we – we got on the practice field and we got some things corrected and uh we came out this week and we looked a lot better he looked comfortable and I’m happy about that kickoff on saturday at Kansas State is set for 3 p.m. one of the big games and our big game covers just Friday night will feature the Brennan bears against the undefeated John Jay Mustangs the Bears still looking for their first one of the season after dropping their season opener to Reagan and then last week fallen to Warren meantime the Jay Mustangs have opened their season at 2 and O with wins against the Radle Johnson and Clark and they have one of the city’s best ball carriers and running back Jaylyn hastings who leads with 432 yards rushing and seven total touchdowns it’s a very important win but uh we still have to go out there and give it our all we’re going as hard as we can and practice we’re not letting not record affect us they’re really explosive team they have a great offense their quarterback Jacobs II know but I still believe in my team we have great athletes they have a lot of talent we’ve got to try to get our chemistry up and they were gonna get real kick off Friday night between Brennan and J is set for 7:30 p.m. now so far we have five games rescheduled for tonight due to bad weather expected Friday night we have pedis and Kennedy Mac and Bernie champion Seguin and Central Catholic Floresville versus Carrizo springs Cotulla and Billy will all play tonight and 7:30 and this just in to us number one Judson will not play this week their game at Harlingen Friday has been canceled Astros at the Tigers yesterday top five Alex Bregman smokes one down the left-field line and by the third baseman Jake Marisnick and George Springer scores Houston takes the lead for good three or two on Bregman double bottom eight now Astros leading five to four runner on first this ball is sent to bright but Springer makes a diving catch to end the inning while saving a run Astros win five to four Rangers at the Angels top three two outs to nothing angels Elvis Andrus singles a center field Mike Trout comes up throwing Robinson Chirinos digging for a home but he’s out at the plate and the Halos would lead 7 nothing and they beat the Rangers 8 to 1 and in the Texas League Championship Series the drillers beat the mission’s a game two last night six to five thanks to a walk-off wild pitch in the bottom of the ninth Game three is tomorrow night 7:05 at the wolf of course weather permitting now the missions are facing a must-win best of five so they gotta win three straight again well they’ve been there before yep know how to do it Justin and Harlingen canceled yeah Jetson at Harlingen tomorrow night canceled so more effects from the weather yeah the fed over to sa live in Market Square can you into the weekend is really gonna be high and dry so enjoy a rainy weekend at the movies how about for free we’re gonna tell you you can win a family four pack of tickets and it includes popcorn and drinks two of em not uh no no unless they take us hey there’s a good a family four pack dr. Brice wild joins us today and we because moving into fall and it’s cold and flu season I got some great tips about this thing yeah yeah we’re doing a medicine cabinet makeover so nothing wrong with some of these pharmaceutics if you need this over the can help but I’ve got some better advice for you all natural remedies that’s what’s coming up next I’m gonna tell you how to boost your immune system all naturally plus burn it in 30 we’re getting you fit with food with some easy breakfast ideas to ChaCha Chia and we are so into sewing with Abby’s attic sewing studio and we’ve got all sorts of other goodies on the show some great little tips that she has for that plus all of his tips yes all that more when ese live continues I have a lifetime warranty I have lifetime roadside assistance to world car Kia’s the place Lisa beautiful 2018 Kia Optima LX for only $1.99 a month our lease of 2019 Kia Sorento LX for 265 of them I found the process smooth and hassle-free I found that I wanted and got easy financing just like that I feel good knowing otherwise I wanted to shop online or visit any of the world car Kia stores in San Antonio our new braunfels world car for a lifetime meet Gina or teeth Jones here’s her home in Washington DC just blocks from where Nancy Pelosi funnels money to chose his campaign down the street Jones collects cash from Washington special interests putting their agenda before Texas and here’s Washington National Airport where Gina Ortiz Jones catches the plane for a quick visit to Texas to pander for your vote Gina Ortiz Jones she’s Washington’s candidate not ours NRCC is responsible for the content of this advertising the world never stops it’s constantly changing evolving moving forward and so are we introducing spectrum mobile built on America’s largest most reliable 4G LTE network combined with our ultra-fast nationwide Wi-Fi network choose from our unlimited data plan for $45 a line or our by the gig plan for $14 again call eight three three two zero two seven two eight three then enjoy a faster better connection with streaming surfing gaming or whatever you’re into all with unlimited talk and text and no contracts call eight three three two zero two seven two eight three the best network the best devices the best value switch to spectrum mobile today with our unlimited data plan for $45 line and save up to 40% on your mobile bill or get our by the gig plan and pay-as-you-go for $14 again all with unlimited talk and text call eight three three two zero two seven two eight three or visit spectrum mobile comm welcome back one last look at the radar we’re seeing some showers starting to move in from the east these will move into the San Antonio area these are quick passing showers they’re not gonna put down a lot of rain but you’ll see it may be a quick burst of some heavier rain it’s just I can add up too much but as we get into tomorrow and Saturday that’s when we could see more significant rain as tropical moisture starts to surge into the area about a 70% chance of rain tomorrow and Saturday two to four inches across the area will be possible good grief alright thank you Justin

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