Kymia Arts – Something to Think About – Ep. 4: Spagyric vs. Essential Oil

We all know that the essence, the sulfur
the soul, the essential oil, when you’re making a spagyric, we know that it has
medicinal value and properties. But what medicinal value does the spirit or
the alcohol of a plant, and then the ash, the mineral, the salt body have? And why
is it that when you recombine these three, you get such a powerful medicine
as opposed to just something that you know, just an essential oil or an alcohol
tincture? Yeah so, the spirit of any plant, it’s essentially alcohol so when you
extract the spirit in the lab, you’re letting the plant ferment. Its putrifying
in solution and releasing the spirit and then that spirit later is distilled. And
we would look at that as alcohol, which is how alcohol got its name as spirits
from the alchemical tradition. But alcohol actually has medicinal value.
A lot of people bastardize it today and consume it just for like a party drug,
you know, but it used to be used medicinally. When you consume alcohol it
actually increases the amount of blood vessels from your lungs to your heart. It
connects your lungs and your heart so that your circulation can consume more
oxygen, alkalize your body, and keep yourself in a state of prime health. So
there’s that. Alcohol is also a carrier. It can easily pass through a lot of cell
membranes and if you’re making a spagyric, which is the oil, the liquor, and
the salt recombined, well that alcohol, that spirit is now going to pull that
oil into the system. So another example is, let’s say you’re only using an
essential oil for a medicine. Topically or internally. On average and essential
oil maybe has a couple hours of medicinal value before it’s burnt up or
excreted. If you were to put that oil back into the plant spirit, the medicinal
value will carry for another 24 hours. So you went from just a couple hours of
medicine, to 24 hours of medicinal value. Then if you finally
add the salts, which are the mineral content of the plant, that acts like an
electrolyte and it’s it’s the carrier to pull the oil into the cell past the cell
wall, because the cell wall looks at that mineral and it wants it and it pulls it
in and it takes with it the medicine and that’s when it can really begin to start
working on the DNA and shift you, mentally, emotionally, physically.
So once the salt is added back in and you complete the full spagyric, on
average you’re getting about 72 hours of medicinal value. So it’s drastically
increasing how long it stays in the body and how effective it becomes. When you
make a spagyric medicine, remember spagyrics are when you split the three
principles from your material: the sulfur, mercury, and salt. On a physical level
that would be the oil, the liquor, and the salt. When you split those three
principles and bring them back together, that’s what a spagyric medicine is.
spagyric medicines are so powerful that you only need to take one or two drops. It
increases the medicinal value of the plant up to 400 times. So you would
basically, if you were gonna take one, you know, tablespoon full of medicine from a
plant extract like a tincture, well one drop of a spagyric is like drinking 400
tablespoons of that plants tincture. It’s that powerful. So not only is it making
it last longer in the body, over 72 hours but it’s also, you only need a little bit,
and it becomes very very effective. That’s the power of the alchemical
process, is it takes something and it concentrates it and it really expresses
it to its fullest potential. So you’ll notice when you get a true spagyric, one that has actually separated the oil, fermented and separated the
spirit, calcined and separated the salts and recombine them, that spagyric
will almost always be clear in color, sometimes slightly green or yellow but
basically clear. And they come in little tiny vials because that little vial is a
year’s worth of medicine even if you were using it every single day. So there
is a lot of medicinal value in working with the
three principles of the plants, especially when you bring them back
together and make that full spagyric.


  1. Hey ! I have "The Hermetic and Alchemical Writings of Paracelsus" By Arthur Edward Waite. Can you explain more about Paracelsus ? Also the relation between him and Alchemy would be great !

  2. Wow. Thank you again!
    You're comprehensive explanations are so simplified that someone who's never even heard these terms used, like myself, can fully understand the value and deeper meaning of Spagyric medicine.

    Can you please tell us the alchemical term for separation/coagulation?

    I remember hearing author Alan Moore use this term before to describe the alchemical process of taking things apart and putting them back together. He refered to this using two latin words which I can't presently remember.

  3. Alcohol does not increase number of blood vessels. It expands the diameter of them.

    True alchemy has evolved to be more refined, and factual. It's just called science, now, as well.

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