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story time about Steven’s delivery and by Steven we meet dos DOS is Stevens
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referring to our son as you saw in the last video there was some ratchet girl
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this story throughout my pregnancy is like a meat-free diet and like a
meat-free diet I don’t know I’m not sure what I ate but I do remember that I was
the most pickiest eater that was a second first week when I hit 35 weeks I
was just so over being pregnant my whole entire pregnancy I just did not enjoy it
most girls they enjoy being pregnant as a brace and you know they just love it
but I for some reason that was just not me I just I wanted my pregnancy done so
II knew it by 35 weeks I was just so over in my pregnancy was along nine
months but also to be fair it was also a short amount of time wasn’t it like it
seemed like it went by so fast you didn’t love them we did a lot of stuff
and you know my pregnancy did not stop us from having a great time we went out
we went to festivals we would we traveled we went everywhere like if we
just nothing let us to stop us from having fun we did it until I can’t move
the ice so when I when I have like a belly we had our fun metaphor
we made it happen by the time we hit 35 weeks I was so over being pregnant I
just I couldn’t move anymore I was in so much pain a lot of churches a lot of
cherries cheesecake I just needed my cheesecake I just a lot of cherries like
I we were on our way to the hospital we stopped by nation the world’s greatest
pies and I got my cherry cheesecake there’s a fridge in the room at the
hospital so I was able to store that the rest of the Cherokee cheesecake but it
didn’t matter you know I was pregnant I was eating 40% I miss it is a myth by
the way you’re never eating for two never eating for two you never want to
go over 3,000 calories when you’re pregnant by the way you’ll thank me
later additional 500 calories that’s all it is
an additional 500 calories so at 35 weeks I ordered the red raspberry leaf
tea and it was supposed to strengthen your uterus that way it can help
contract your muscles and you’ll end up at the hospital sooner he’s trying to
look up everything on Google how to pop out that baby sooner at 36 weeks
she’s tried everything it just didn’t work so I tried the raspberry leaf tea
they might work for you I tried try this out if you are 35 weeks
pregnant right now I’m watching this video Tonya is a new mother she had a
tight cervix and that thing wouldn’t want to open up
for nothing until she got hit with the epidural pretty much you said stressed out the
game that her service went open up her shit everybody actually snapped her with
that girl and then that thing was going do what you got to do Primrose teas and
oils whatever floats your boat makes you happy makes you sleep better today
because let me tell you I could not sleep comfortable at all with all that
baby way at the end of my pregnancy towards the end of my pregnancy the
weight of the baby it was just torture all my ribs
literally before we left to the hospital I washed all the bottles I was up at
like 4:00 a.m. to wash everything to make sure everything was packed in our
bag I honestly I couldn’t sleep because I was in so much pain it would it hurt
to sleep I couldn’t sleep made sure everything was ready and I won’t Steven
after news that it’s Erica and before any we made it to the
hospital we made a pit stop that nation got some pie got some breakfast I wanted
to make sure I wanted to make sure that my stomach was full and his was too
especially his because I already knew that I would get food but I renew at the
same time that he wouldn’t she didn’t want to eat though because she didn’t
want she felt like she was gonna do the
pushing push out the baby shit herself yeah I thought it was like it don’t even
matter everybody she had that energy to push though she
needed a good hearty breakfast she was worried about food worrying about like
pooping them look cute we check into the hospital wait we were waiting for how
long but then when a nurse comes to us and they tell us to pick out our room
and no kidding you I picked the most random room ever I but something kind of
told me to pick it but I was just being super random I picked this random room
and the guy goes well what do you know this was the room that was assigned to
you now we were just like what it was just it was so crazy yeah she picked the
right board I picked the right room universes well the universe has spoken
they prepped me up and they put the hook up IV which by the way was so painful
when they were putting IV the nurse gave me her hand and I held her hand and then
she goes okay I’m gonna need my hand back I was squeezing it so hard I fell
like I’m so sorry so then that’s when the doctors ordered they gave me
pitocin and pitocin is supposed to help induce contractions whoever I was on
pitocin for two days and I was walking up and down the hallways because they
told me that walking would help they also had me bounce up and down a
bouncing ball they had me on the peanuts ball none of it helped by the end of day
two I was in so much pain medicine that they had me clicking for no longer work
it I was in so much pain that I was screaming and this was overnight I had
zero sleep from the day prior just because of the pain from the pitocin and
that pain slowly built up and it just it just it was worse it was like the worst
pain ever I don’t again the nurse she felt so bad for me that she became kind
of my advocate and she went to the front desk and spoke to the doctor and she
really pushed for an epidural now keep in mind for it in order for you to get
an epidural I was told that I had to be at least 3 centimeters dilated before
receiving an epidural and I was at 1 1 centimeter night I stayed at one for the
entire time that was just as far as I could go the doctor finally agreed and
begins me the epidural they had science that’s what ends up happening bitchy
girl as soon as that they hit me with the epidural and the nurse she kind of
hits his practice she said that hopefully with that pa’dar
little help relax my muscles meaning that I will dial eight more and sure
enough within hours I was four centimeters dilated the next thing you
know I was at six and eight and then the next thing you know it was time to push
they gave me that patrol around 4:30 5 o’clock in the morning and by 4:00 for an afternoon I was already pushing I
gave birth to Stephen at 5:30 I have the worst memory I gave birth to Stephen at
around 5:30 between the pushes Stephen was a great he played a great role in it
because he kept telling me when a push how long the push but also he gave me
that extra push so the rule of thumb was generally three pushes but he gave me
that extra push give that fourth push during that contraction so they make you
hold each push for ten seconds then they move on to the next push so they do
three of those and Stephen would push for an extra push of ten seconds and you
know and the nurses were impressed with that there were like love I thank him
every day because I couldn’t have done it without him and this is forgiven in
today’s video please let me know what your pregnancy and delivery story is
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  1. I love you guys! Such a cute family and I can’t get enough of Dos aka baby Steven! 💕😭💕😭❤️❤️❤️

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