Lake Erie College Physician Assistant Program

so why Lake Erie College we have a very
specific mission and that’s to recruit exemplary students who are ready to
become physician assistants that we envision will be taking care of us in the
future one of the main things that I really enjoy about the curriculum is the
module based learning it really helps you think through the process of how I’m
supposed to diagnose the patient what labs are most important to run it also
gets us ready for the PANCE so even though it is difficult we have to
remember that this is just to better us as physicians assistants and then we are
able to take that test that we will pass it the first time over the last two
years we have graduated classes that each student 100 percent pass rate the
first time of the PANCE exam 100 percent retention rate and 100 percent pass
rates what we’re looking for in a student is someone who is compassionate who’s
demonstrated that really dedication to service we do a lot
of things outside the classroom one is giving back to the community so we do a
lot of volunteer projects that are actually very fun we go to victory
gallop which helps children with invisible diseases we have campus-wide
health challenge which helps us mentally physically and emotionally like stay on
top of our tasks our focus is on students and teaching while research is
important our personal research is not the primary goal here we want students
to be successful as future leaders as physician assistants and we also
participate in PA Olympics which is really fun and we’re very competitive so
it brings out the fun side of us as well we have some of the best world-class
faculty you can imagine every single faculty member actively practice
medicine in addition they have over 70 years of clinical practice and 40 years
of PA education experience we have a very small faculty to student ratio with
better than ten to one where we have very small lab groups and then we also
have labs with that professor so it gives us more one-on-one time with the
professors and we have a family-like atmosphere here at Lake Erie in our
classroom the students are very close the faculty are very
close we have an open-door policy and we want someone who’s really going to be
comfortable here and add to the classroom in a unique way in addition we have
made sure our curriculum is modern as well as our technology we have a
renovated PA suite with brand-new technology including anatomage table
virtual dissection software and board-quality examination software and at
the end it’s reinforced with PBL so they give us a case and as students we work
together and we have to solve the problems what we ground our students and
service leadership and the use of evidence-based medicine and our goal is
for service of our community here in Northeast Ohio

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