Lamar Odom on addiction, getting clean, and the Kardashians


  1. Lamar and Khloe are meant to be together and will be together one day. When that happens it will be for the better of themselves and their children. Blessed!

  2. Jenny you have turned into an amazing interviewer but it's no surprise when you consider. I see a legend in the making!💎

  3. so nice to see him in a clear head space. great interview! I wish the best for Lamar and secretly hope him and Khloe will give it another go.

  4. God has serious plans in store for him to bring him back after 6 heart attacks and 12 strokes..there’s no way that was solely in the hands of those doctors. stories like this will save hundreds of suffering addicts out there and give them hope that your never too far gone! And I think it’s only a matter of time before him and khloe get their happy ending. Maybe she’s the one god was looking out for that night..

  5. Lamar might be an addict, a cheater and less successful and attractive then Tristan but you can’t say he didn’t truly love Khloe. Tristan lies from the start, I don’t believe he was ever even attracted to Khloe, let alone had any feelings for her. I remember Khloe saying they would always be soul mates but that doesn’t mean they have to be together and I agree with her. As a person who is in recovery myself It’s hard been abandoned or given up on but I can understand why people cut ties and walk away. It’s easy to say we wish they’d get back together but it’s hard to get over the damage caused during those times of using

  6. Great interview 👍 sounds like he’s still not over Khloe that he still has a soft spot for her inside of his heart ❤️ that’s so sweet I hope that one day they will reunite and get back together someday because those two were a perfect couple they were soulmates I prefer Lamar much better with her than that scumbag tristian Thompson . Khloe deserves better she’s an incredible person she has terrible taste when it comes to men boy she sure knows how to pick em. Lamar is the only who I approved of it’s too bad they didn’t work out but I am hopeless romantic I believe one day those two will find their way back to each other what those two have is so special . They had so much chemistry and passion their the definition of true love at its finest .

  7. great interview Jenny!!!!! You are getting better every interview. mmm Donnie, you lucky dog you. lol

  8. I love Lamar Odom. I wish him so much peace and blessings in these years to come. Stay strong King!

  9. He's really being authentic and open in this interview. So nice to see from him. This speaks volumes about the person conducting the interview.

  10. Omg his voice is so boring and monotone is he really complaining about doing interviews? Man,toughen up

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