Lambi umar ka asli raaz | This can increase lifespan of even hearts

if you want to know about health and have health concerns then subscribe to my channel and hit the bell icon you'll be notified about all upcoming videos hello hello everyone how are you today are dr. Pallonji and you're watching doctor education so those though hikmah paid up up so he cos hey on my channel hamari is portal made to say hamas a connect of the hey arch hamas about craig a cardiovascular disease heart k very hard TV marisa up can see but shakti have prevented Coshocton a walking see me throught chennai bus catechol here but i get walking is not a big problem bro not a big issue you can walk but walking cues are moving here why and how walking will prevent cardiovascular disease its World Health one walking day right they said they weren't walking they queue queue as didn't even ELISA ready queue up a heart to exercise his about their right obviously walking some Co but I walking is guiding you and cardio is it's basically for your part not just for weight loss weight loss head cardio severe loss both eyes and Kouros I quit or I need about cardio birthing tub basically light weight exercise color and light weight low intensity exercises Misurata apana fact used as a fuel basically you use 80 90 percent of your fat percentage of count of energy user above facts here i but basic copper bath our jewelry a fat loss skin hang motor paper clinically her hull other of Buckley huija the hair so he heart health a physical benefit over no doubt but Livonia to heart where is kombucha harcum harcum would happen that is one factor but then your heart needs exercise more than anything right you need to give your heart of workout workout a kick out a regular workout say of 'no heart attack a chance over a period of years time conquer thing Cassie they hit hard Nakata a thin basic kookiness a to her heart to blood supply cut the edges make a arteries go under across Lawson's cholesterol blah platelet aggregation smoking symmetry tobacco Motaba insult diabetes in some cheese okay Vanessa Maha pay cholesterol jama'at I have canis a block Athena Kavita came heart attack Tata or Agora could he become a hermit Asita Toby a comer Chabad heart key appreciate Lee Kum Kee Nozomi we're in Tehran a should I just make him up the blockage Hawkeye so blockage purush Sarita hammock in heart will attack at the HECO Elsa many data Bhutan he would shot ahead it's lee iaccoca that's all time TK z our journey so heart a caste muscle enemy sharp societal theorist namely t Ciriaco musubi or exercise karate party Hatake Jo the half will be blockage for a hip-hopper natural bypass burning focusing on ekabo rain so the hit Joffrey Kathy Park we pipeline Hui Rus block furniture whatta ya nahi hota to the panic of louis-auguste alternative rock is negative number any japonica flow Zara a chart ahead to nahi kidney stone rota any heart is it an acid proper exercise routine at the airport attacking chances come without them right cooking hopper flow a child iPhone cuff lower try exercise yeah yeah arteries who exercise meandering hambo baba could be about pondering in which the infinity P but that was lame carry comment I have baseline heart rate ways that we'd become like that CH is the balls are the mere exercise Nick anyway canto one token to walk run to Jim Caviezel Nia basically today became a other up exercise that thing up me body code Alicia recourses peace minute Kelly agreement this minute Killian a move bigger than the book coffee at this minute Kelly get 30 minutes if you are moving your body in a day that is enough for your heart health no big deal Oh buddy back to an Hecky chaja code diabetes hey Chacko already hot he be merry hey uh which activity – Karissa whoo Scalia Papa dr. Cicero butter and cook it on a low key away I depending upon your name this thing Likud exercises important walking is an exercise job be not ginger I do not tiny McCauley Buena say Mohammed Lakers up there because he has a vagina – maybe bathroom gonna have to walk Kirk a Java other office Muhammad are at the Walker kajabi so you every single person walks right unless there is a separate or something but then walks so walking kuru behind a marooned okay walking naked me a massive each any working a Robotnik is lift mutlu stairs low whoa Alexei's mo better a go exercise it yeah haha walking come here so walking is like a physical activity or physical activity of challenging karate and the way exercise Dorothy so what happens when you actually exercise here when you do a physical activity they are walking curtain number one thing too about the obvious cheese you burn your calories consequently's other than walking may update fact use of them because the all body has limited stores of carbohydrate 1020 percent carbohydrate or 80 90 percent parts are out there I will say energy with the up to Walker negative dr. breath you are walking and you are getting the energy together so up is certainly extra calories of next rounds of next wasn't loose caring achieve a healthy weight meaning a tmartn who's overweight una not make major this head heart attack up but show me to move in with a habit change will go heart attack that is cosa hey buddy before that the thicker those retreat you're walking up the liquor a regular walking boqueria government pressure look he kept taking moderate dignity obviously brisk walk walking Briscoe namitha bris any fast food is he challenging go naked nothing is something is better than nothing which nature was to go right and brisk walking city 30 to 60 minutes and Java third in Omaha Kathy right other up 30 to 60-minute most of the days we walk up there a of TV south of the you may to help the haka baseline blood pressure mission of Mecca high blood pressure a comedian is her heart attack up everybody knows high blood pressure itself who say silent killer Buddha hey I was parallel cinema chop-socky can write aa video so many to pick right so hip Walker effector T sir wanna factors of walking shark Camilla go ahead the reduction in stress Kisco stress management calm karna Malibu conquer a shot issue DeLuca relationship karpachev a loco but joka Bob of family McCoy tomorrow's carnage on Akita nice dress tattoo Niamey right hunter k traffic memory signal you may to solicit America a traffic jam car stress pollution etc etc etc milliwatts or news or other to attention so this is the attention stress come down nigga at Chattanooga a walking walking is a proven stress buster right or give both important heavy stress both benefactor her heart disease may be stress up he hard ho Athena became walking signal but never walk around it have better compared to Burgundy if baseline curtain say I get a can birthday at the a stress civil-law hotter body idea la guitarra Helena lagaathaar exercise Cappadonna is not good for your heart chop isn't it okay to kiss it don't pop it out pop that is the thing so stress the new stuff they head walking jumpy I could tangle a walk or not hair sorry I think just more familiar Walker that curse up to the other one burger not over bigger to then coming on to the fourth point walking sir cholesterol levels come with that Gina kind of cholesterol separation high cholesterol bad cholesterol LDL cholesterol Georgia who's a Telugu police rolls Jackie Akiko UNICEF blockers ahead so that causes blockage in your heart so whose could prevent chemically a walking cricketer crushed or come over no doubt you could have bought a factor he a lava walking sale blood sugar control with a path to a point shut appoint walking sale blood I put even thyroid in my first birth i body community better booty hair walking me even your hormones yet balance your mood gets better depression may find ah anxiety may finer it needs you know me Phaedra hiking member tommy said Afghan dolphins secrete work there so walking is very good walking or rather exercise in any exercise is good walking in at least push soccer at least walked over who says I'm occur septum to dance and low bite shelah go hiking picture is our moderate physical physical activity can look game hero sports halo tennis golf which we hello so assuming hello Greg army re had yeah gardening Carlo to occurs acting career you have a bath for any healthy October's ethnographer he are police physical activity came in Oh moderate moderators man my knee them staring at the Hillman Highgarden Lala Lala funicula right Walker met so awesome mind such a challenge open-ended in hand that's the idea here right who scale our up corner target this mannequin up actually monitor the matchup they had to skinny target heart rate dignity Agra man Legion up to name Bissell can be sulky in Sanko the Walker the edge of exercise starting up to 100 to 170 kakuka heart rate vs. die or he approaches south of yoga to heart rate okay 85 say Lake a 140 tak pernah China becomes accomplished slippery range a canning outlawed not basic heart rate hot 100 to 140 hundred to 140 lock ethnic attract an IQ from say come buddy 100 to 140 kph maybe he can shake Ibaka kabocha heart Makaha manly jrk heart – a hey patch the capacity in the same team desoky branches okay so mark is a gay or a donor same thickness a yeah yeah take a cake Missouri hey those signals are we headed this year's area a bouquet that I have my vision gave us your hair you have a block over here you ugly bitch human block over here they are born right he had already have dog did a video eby's % v ty disperser this after personally recicled a sea person to operate meanwhile though in sauna in some baccarat he regularly concern push Nikola sedentary lifestyle Butare I so Johnson baccarat have a slowly slowly ski through pressure piranha job a blocked artery continuously pressure piranha Parramatta Chaya Mushka branches of theme oh sorry Jessica Shahi ever see Lee kun-hee muskie Francesco da the who a paid yaha the do sister of solicitor of CRA go buddy go to jaii yeah Yokosuka of Sigma's head who do silikov Sasha Buryatia Pierre Baja jaha's moon key requirements Lully camera slowly camera all sake block or a mahaki requirement didn't you happy to see us on stage idea walking say England many Italia does the minimum tie get teased in Minamata is common Eola Dennis Costello basado be a potentially continuous walking zalgar yet he slay woken you up me pinch at me I'm a rules cursor who charting takes a science in a body when Tina fitness of Hannover xanthomata naughty heart Prevention hygge continuous exercise to occur mechanic job regular cursor Kim vocally again up regularly of name of hizmet for such a Kawasaki her go hunt amoeba to occupy which he freely of the heart with he Greg especially fatigue Ranga Cupid see cranky with doe hunt a minibar other bola hey Agora Pat hey saga there bet they have the Dogon teammate but her do complete CD callow Barbara same at him at him heat signature oh oh who's casita that man's Rooney or Walker has only had the walking say yay Booga you Hatake do loco attack whatever gender mocha hard comes on at the same mood ethology push ring and CHF environment CHF is congestive heart failure congestive heart failure totally alert topic an aching heart failure Kubota angle may be taught it down hot fear come under heavy heart key to pumping power head it barmy George is not learned after house to bunker the Houghton of Nakata so it is heart failure Makaha right yeah we have to say AHA 30% he also or an abyss % Yeti service person to be heart is program karate since Anka so harder to come come terror that means heart pumping power come here means heart to massage cocoon Sangeeta yeah a bummer and damage okay Yahoo massage you had held a heya abnormal shape okay so it's condition may be regular exercise the hot counter Keo grab a loop to run locket are smoking captain attain a cigarette would it be thinner or exercise stuff he will exercise cable disabled children cable exercise your disabilities been exercised one who's been Shire would go look up Sasha budaya having a heart attack Julie so that is one important factor which you need to think keep walking q on Kittanning our shock I see situations where NASA of Harika walking key capacity under ya-hoo-ee be my health or walking through her Piatt licking his come on Louie knee up Karenina it's hard to be a heavy duty happy capacity it's me up here burnish month I would need to exercise with neither walking up carrying out regular you see he sees yeah a peekaboo Agata be hearty problems prevented applying it so that is very very important topic here of walking they say after event it'll certainly be Maria Ortega thing right so that is all in short about walking and this so thank you so much for watching up Maria Posada you


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