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Hey everyone, welcome to #SpinaBifida (intro music) A long time ago, I did a video on a DIY First Aid Kit. The purpose of that video was to create a first aid kit that was 100% latex free. I did it because for years I wasn’t able to find a first aid kit that didn’t have latex. But recently, I was a part of a TV pilot and they needed a first aid kit. And to my surprise, they found this! This is a “Well Strong” first aid kit. That’s it’s name. And it is 100% latex free. This is amazing for someone that has a latex allergy but also it’s great for everybody because you should have something that’s latex free. You never know who has an allergy. So it has things like gauze, sutures, tweezers, antiseptics, an emergency blanket. Pretty much anything you’ll need. This is an amazing first aid kit and I encourage all of you that if you have the funds, please purchase this. I was fortunate enough that it was gifted to me by the production team but you can find this first aid kit on Amazon. And I think it’s roughly, $20. Maybe a little bit more. And I know that’s pretty expensive but I think it’s kinda worth it for safety. But if you can’t afford that please check out my DIY video. And make your own! It’s simple, easy to customize, and it’s a pretty cheap alternative. And that’s it for #SpinaBifida. If you liked this video and want to help support me, please consider becoming a Patron on my Patreon page. You’ll be able to get cool perks like being able to Skype me get some videos a day before they come out. The link for that will be in the description below. And until next time, bye!


  1. Thanks for sharing! Latex allergy is definitely something that people often don't think about when it comes to SB – and definitely a topic for one of the future episodes on my channel. 🙂

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