Lauren Craig – MSc Physician Associate Studies Student

So I worked in surgery back in the states
and I had seen how PAs worked over there both in the operating theatre but then also beyond
how they got to see patients before during and after through the whole surgical experience
and that was really impressive to me and it was something I wanted to have for myself
so I knew that in order to further my career from being a surgical technologist to having
a more involved role in healthcare I wanted to go and be a PA this programme essentially allows you to help
setup your career so that you have a voice in how that happens for the future so that
I found very exciting which is why I chose to come to Scotland rather than stay in the
states I thought the role of a PA was incredible
I thought that you were able to engage with so many different people with so many different
backgrounds you got to find out their story and you also got to see how you could make
something a little bit easier for them but you also not only for the patient but you
get to help your healthcare professionals So I chose Aberdeen because there were a lot
of really attractive aspects of the programme here so I knew I wanted to have exposure to
surgery I knew I wanted to have exposure to orthopedics and to general medicine and this
programme particularly offered a huge breadth of different options that you could work in
so that coupled with being able to work in different environments so some of my placements
will be in Aberdeen which is wonderful because it’s the third largest hospital that’s a healthcare
teaching hospital in all of Europe which is really cool and then some of my other placements
will also be in Inverness in Skye and in Tain which is another little place further up further
up that I never would have known about so I’m really excited about that

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