Lauren Giraldo Unboxes the Sept. ’19 BeautyFIX Box

Hey, guys. It’s Lauren. Today, I’m gonna be unboxing the BeautyFIX
box by Dermstore—and, first of all, it’s gonna really fun ‘cause there’s lots of
little products that we get to see. And, second of all—I think you’re gonna
think it’s really cool because it’s a really dope way to consistently be, like,
swapping out new, awesome, trusted products at a price that’s really affordable and
realistic. So, if you subscribe, it’s $24.95. And wait ‘til you see the variety of everything
in there. It’s super dope. Let’s start the unboxing. Yay! So, in every one of these boxes, you’ll
get at least one full-size product. Sometimes, it’s two. Sometimes, it’s three—which is great. This one is the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair
Cream. This has been one of my favorite creams for
so long. I’m a big fan of First Aid Beauty. I trust them, and I love all their products. But this one, specifically, I use it on my
face or, like, all over my body. And it’s great for sensitive skin, and it’s
just super gentle, but it’s really—it’ll just change the texture of your skin. It’ll just take it from dry to, like, so
nice. And it just makes me feel so good. And, like, especially before bed, I just like
lathering it on, and I go to bed…. It’s good. I love this one. Um, we also got a big Bkr bottle. So, I mean, look: school’s about to start. Summer’s over. I don’t know what you did this summer, but
I did a couple things this summer, and I need to drink water. You know what I mean? Just, like, I went a little bit hard this
summer, and yeah. Now I need to be like consistently carrying
around my water for my skin, for my health, for my life. You know what I mean. So, yeah, school’s about to be back in session. We need our water. And it’s also good to just have for class. I mean, obviously. And it’s like a glass bottle. Bougie. We love her. So, we also have the Alterna Caviar CC Cream. It’s good for like 10 different things. It’s great for your hair. It’ll help you with your moisture. It’ll help with some heat protection, which
I just recently got into. I don’t know why it took me so long, but
I got a haircut, and the girl was like, “Do you do anything to protect your hair from
the heat when you style it?” and I was like, “No.” And then she basically told me that my hair
is broken and sad, so ever since then, I’ve been using products like this to take that
extra step to give my hair the love and attention that it deserves. And it’s been really great for me. So, products like this are amazing. Stuff like this, you can also leave it in
there like a mask. It’s just good to have something like this. It’s good to have something to give your
hair a little love. Next, we have the Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan
Oil. I’ve used this a million times, and it’s
good for your nails, it’s good for your hair, it’s good for your skin. It’s kinda just one of those products that
you can do whatever you want with, and it’s gonna be beneficial. And I just love this. I also really love Josie Maran. And, like Josie Maran’s whole thing is argan
oil. I think it’s the base of, like, literally
all their products. They just like love argan oil over there at
Josie Maran. And, uh, so do I. So, so will you. So, next, we have this TOCCA Florence eau
de parfum. I sprayed it on myself, and it’s so good. It’s like a light smell, and it’s super,
like—it just smells, like, really good, honestly. Let me read what it is, actually, before I
just start describing a fragrance in a way that’s just like, “It’s really good. It’s, like, so nice.” Let me—all right. It’s a Parisian sophisticate, Italian bergamot
and crushed violet petals, paired with rich gardenia, and sophisticated blonde woods. I mean, I don’t know what that means, either,
but it smells so good. It’s just, like—it has a nice, pretty
smell to it. Nothing too strong. It’s not like gonna make you choke. It’s not like three sprays of it’s like
“oh my gosh.” No, it’s amazing. It like actually smells, like, so perfect
and light, and I would, like, wear this anywhere—like, daytime, nighttime, and that kinda thing. Throw it on, you smell cute, you move on with
your day. Wow. So, we have the Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment. Guys, I use this so much. Murad is one of my favorite brands—to exist. I went to Murad, and I met with Dr. Murad,
himself. And he gave me a lot of life lessons when
I met him. He told me to eat my water, he told me to
live my inner child, like, I’m still inspired from that day we talked. But, anyways, I use Murad all the time, so
this is really good for repairing. On days that I go too crazy the night before
or something like that, I just kinda, like, put this on, and I feel new again. And this is great for, like, at night, too. It just feels so good. You wake up in the morning feeling so refreshed,
and your face and your skin is just, like, ready for what you gotta do to it. So, I’m really glad that this is in this
month’s box because—especially for September, you need a little Murad night enzyme. You know what I mean? You just do. Next, we have this Erno Laszlo hydrating toner. I’m a big fan of toners. I think when you use toners more frequently,
the makeup applies much better, and your skin just looks so much better. Like, more even complexion. Just, like, everything is better. And it’s one of my favorite steps in the
skin care routine. I just feel like it just feels nice to do
the toner, and it feels like you’re really cleaning, like, more than with some other
steps sometimes. I dunno. That’s just my opinion. I’m a big fan of toners. And this one’s a hydrating toner, so I’m
really excited to try this one. This is a very trusted brand, so I’m sure
I’m gonna love it. So, we have this Vichy LiftActiv Peptide-C.
And, let’s unbox this. I’m excited to see it. Ooh, wow. Yeah. Wow, that smells so good. So, this’ll give you 48-hour hydration,
which, I mean, come on. 48 hours of hydration. And it has vitamin C, which is really good
for the skin. I love products with vitamin C in them. I actually live for products with vitamin
C in them because it really just makes your skin look so beautiful, like so beautiful. I’m just a big fan of vitamin C when it
comes to skin care. And, yeah. This little baby right here. So, also in the box is this Verso Foaming
Cleanser. And I put it on my hand earlier just to give
it a little smell because I haven’t tried this product yet, and, oh, the smell of it,
is so good. And this is such a trusted brand, too, so
I know I’m gonna love the cleanser. But it’s very gentle, and I’m really excited
to use this because sometimes, I don’t want to exfoliate. Sometimes I don’t want to do a cleanser
that’s a little bit more harsh. Sometimes, I want something like this: a brand
I can trust, that is just gonna lightly wash my face and smell really good, too. All right, guys. That is what is inside of the September box. I’m really excited to use these throughout
September, and I can’t wait for next month’s box, too. But, for September, I feel like all these
products are exactly what I need, and with my new arsenal of products, I’m just ready. I’m ready for the next 30 days of my life
to slay.

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  1. Ipsy is giving five full size products for the same price. Furthermore, Beautyfix used to have at least three full-size products for the same price. Allure gives more full-size product for $15. They need to curate the box better. This is sad for me because they used to be my favorite box when they were quarterly, let you customize and give you a train case looking beauty ban with every order that said beautyfix on it. I discovered some of my favorite brands from that subscription. They changed the format and the name and went back to the name beautyfix but it is not like the old beautyfix. I am sorry to see my favorite box degenerate into this.

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