Lawsuit filed against pharmaceutical companies over opioid crisis

their seat belts on and not putting the seat belts on their IT. THE BILL GOES TO THE FULL HOUSE FOR CONSIDERATION. EMILY SEVERAL PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES ARE IN COURT TODAY, AFTER NUMEROUS COUNTIES IN UTAH FILED A LAWSUIT OVER OPIOIDS. DAVIS COUNTY IS SEEKING RELIEF INCLUDING STATUTORY AND DAMAGES FOR COSTS INCURRED AS A RESULT OF THE OPIOID CRISIS. DAMAGES INCLUDE INCREASED COSTS OF OPIOID TREATMENT AND PREVENTION PROGRAMS, FIRST RESPONDERS AND EMERGENCY SERVICES, AND LAW ENFORCEMENT. 4:52-5:20 “the bottom line is citizens of every county and state has been injured by opioids and the defendants that we are going to sue they deserve if this doesn’t get settled to have a jury in their particular counties hear what we claim opioids and the manufactures and the distributors have done to injury and kill people and which was avoidable and we need to stop.” EMILY ACCORDING TO THE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH… UTAH HAS RANKED IN THE TOP 10 IN THE

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