Lean muscle supplements stack – Is there any?

HI, I’m Dawid Geler, Trec Team Athlete and I’m former Irish Bodybuilding Overall Champion. What would be the best lean
muscle supplement stack? Well first of all you should think about the good
quality products good supplements like a Whey isolate for example that will be
highly recommended for all girls. because a lot of protein right there would be very sensitive for gluten for lactose So make sure to pick the right
whey protein shake would not make you bloated and keep your nice and flat
tummy Guys you always would have a lot of benefits from the whey isolate because this is the fastest absorption Whey protein. I really like that one
not make you bloated at all and they help me to digest my protein after
the training very very fast You can also treat that as your replacement meal girls So make sure to pick the right protein. Well If You trying to build lean muscle Guys especially You can throw into your whey protein shake some good source of carbs Vitargo which is a low glycemic index carbs, but very fast rebuild your glycogen in the muscle. help You to build your muscles lean especially If You are afraid to put some fat, If You afraid to having carbs in your diet and post-workout shake Make sure to pick Vitargo and guarantee You guys It won’t make You fat. Also as a good slow release energy You can use It during the training If You need extra energy, If You need extra strength Vitargo would be the perfect form of carbs. Girls If You trying to keep It lean You could use some l-carnitine before training. Adn treat it as a energy source but also help You to speed-up your metabolism and burn your bodyfat with more results during the training So You can keep your body lean, You can build your muscles lean Guys remember, lean protein, good quality products maybe some Vitargo guys if You need extra strength and some l-carnitnie before training, could keep your body lean. Guys If You would have any more question Leave comments down below. or stay tuned for more content.


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