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hey it's me Tempe and today I am jumping beans indoor play space in bellevue redmond washington and this is gonna be so much fun come on this play space so much fun but first thing we have to do is take off our shoes so here's one shoe look here it's two shoes all right let's find a cubby let's see how about this one bye bye oh look at this place I wonder what we're gonna learn about today there's so many colorful balls whoa look at the color of these balls so looks like we have three colors we have white we have green and we also have yellow what is this ah interesting it's the same color is this bull green whoa yeah it's a piece of broccoli hey why don't we learn about vegetables today yeah broccoli is a vegetable check it out oh it looks so silly look has a little stem on the bottom and then it's kind of like hair on top let's taste it YUM broccoli is really healthy and it's really tasty let's go find some more vegetables around here all right watch your blocks let's make a really tall tower one that's a really tall tower whoa look at this big orange wall blue letters hey let's spell it out BL I PPI what is that spell do you know what that spells yeah it spells my name speaking of this orange wall there is some orange vegetables yeah do you know what vegetable this is huh it's really orange and it's not an orange though this isn't carrot let's try it out carrots are really healthy and they're really good for our eyes okay let's set these carrots down and find another vegetable [Applause] [Applause] keep coming slide hello is anyone out there I don't see anyone hello no one's home look in here a lot of blocks it's kind of like a block house see this is my kitchen right here cooking some food Oh in my bedroom I'm gonna go to bed no time for sleep babe we need to find some vegetables hey you see this color it's the color green and I see some green blocks over there with some green vegetables Oh some more vegetables do you know what these are huh kinda looks like the shape of a boat and it's the color green huh these are snap peas snap peas are so tasty have you ever tried a snap pea before so tasty and healthy let's go find some more vegetables come on whoa looks like a swing whoa this sweet seat is the color yellow do you know of the food that's the color yellow and it kind of looks like this yeah a banana banana is a fruit so sweet healthy and tasty but we're here looking for vegetables let's go up whoa all right hold on tight we have to go over this thing I wonder how we're gonna do it I know how really carefully hey let's go this way Oh some steps what color are these green purple orange green purple orange what's the next color yeah green purple orange look right here whoa we landed next to some vegetables these are interesting looking oh this one's red Oh what color is this one yeah it's orange let's try it yeah these are peppers yeah I'm really tasty you should try some peppers some time hmm I really like them hmm okay let's see let's put these away for now we'll keep them right here stay right here okay don't move don't want to get eaten a little more look at this time across I won't touch the bottom kind of like punch it back some more vegetables do you see the slide the go down to the ball at the top of the slide throw is another vegetable huh the green slide had another green vegetable on it do you know what this is yeah this is celery sometimes I like to put peanut butter on them and then raisins on top yum but for now I'll just try celery as it is [Applause] pretty tasty you can get creative with celery it's really healthy and pretty tasty okay let's keep the celery right here Wow we go down the slide will you come down the slide with me okay I have an idea let's have you go first and then I'll go second ready you go in that was so much fun learning about vegetables with you ha I really like vegetables if you have never tried a vegetable you should try one they're really tasty and really healthy well like I said this is the end of this video but if you want to watch more of my videos all you have to do is search for my name do you know my name yeah it's flippy let's spell it together BL I PP I flippy good job see you soon bye bye hey grownups do you have Instagram awesome you and I should become friends at blippi official

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