Lebanon VAMC reaching out to justice-involved Veterans

Project is called the Central Booking
Project It’s early identification identification of
justice-involved Veterans. it started about two years ago It was
prompted by a conversation that we had with the Lebanon County
District Attorney’s office When we wanted to start a Veteran’s
court here in Lebanon County. The question I had was how
are we identifying Veterans when they first enter the criminal
justice system? They agreed to add a question to their Central
booking intake sheet which simply stated. Did you Serve
in the military? And then those lists started coming being
sent to us here at the VA so that we could provide outreach to
those Veterans. It was quickly determined that a lot of the Veterans
that we were getting on that list were not yet enrolled
here at the Lebanon VA and therefore weren’t receiving services
for which they were eligible for so then we developed
this project. Since then we have outreach York County as well
their Central booking office now sends us weekly list of individuals
who identity as Veterans. We take that information we run
their socials through the database to determine their eligibility
for services if they’re not yet enrolled in the VA if they’re
not enrolled in the VA then we provide outreach to those
individuals to connect them to any service that they might be
eligible for through the VA after getting them enrolled for
health care The two counties that we have built
partnerships with the Central booking locations we have
been able to identify over a hundred Veterans, self identified
Veterans, through the Central Booking Project. Of those self-identified
Veterans I would say that we have identified at least
over 25 that are not yet enrolled here in VA health care
that could potentially be eligible for VA benefits. Additionally
Veterans Benefit Administration assistance as well.. I do feel
like there’s gonna be a positive impact on the Veterans
that we serve in that we’re going to be connecting Veterans
that in many cases, we wouldn’t have identified as potentially being
eligible for VA services If we hadn’t implemented this project.
Additionally, there are Veterans out there that don’t know
the services that are available to them. So we feel that
this is an opportunity to educate them on not only Veterans
health care services that are available to them, but also assistance
that might be provided or afforded to them through Veterans
Benefit Administration as well. So our goal is to expand through
our all of the nine counties that we cover here through the Lebanon
VA Medical Center with the next county on board being Dauphin

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