Legalize Psychedelic Medicine

I think MDMA-assisted psychotherapy is one of the most important things that we need to be focusing on right now, in terms of mental health. It blows every other treatment
for PTSD out the water, and that’s pretty self-evident
with the results and data. What MDMA therapy, and the treatment, and the process, and everything
spurs in you is a blooming. It just made an enormous
impact on my daily life, and the ability to take care
of my little baby daughter, still. I think that while MDMA is incredible help as a treatment for PTSD, I don’t think it alone is enough. You have to definitely couple it with some type of intentional therapy. This has been the most effective
treatment I’ve ever done, and that was three years
ago since my last session, and I’m still in control of my life, and I can still feel, I can still relax, and
I’m so grateful for that. It’s helped me so much, and I want that same
kind of help available for other people. There are a lot of
people hurting out there. Everybody knows somebody
who’s traumatized. What I would mention was just veterans, and other active-duty service members, but there’s plenty of other
people that suffer from PTSD. You’ve got firefighters. You got law enforcement. You got rape victims. You got people that have been mugged. You got people with car crashes. So this really has the potential
to heal so many people. After going through the treatment myself, it’s so sad to me to think that there are so many people
out there suffering from PTSD that don’t have the access
now to what I have had. I think that it’s so important
that we have the research that we need to get MDMA legal, so that those people can
have that experience, and can finally be
brought into themselves. To know that we are preventing people from seeking the same treatment that I did to help me get my life back, hurts my heart so much. If we see that this is working, we don’t need to walk towards
it, we need to run towards it. My life is full of changes. I can feel love. I’m more alive with my kids,
I’m more here with my kids. I feel real. Now what I hear is, “You’re so much more yourself.” “You’re so much more alive.”


  1. Dr. Timothy Leary had achieved nominal results treating recidivist prisoners (repeat offenders) with LSD. He conducted small groups of two or three men , taking the same dose. Amazing really.

  2. Thank you MAPS for everything you do. This research will end up changing the world. I wish I can be involved in a treatment for depression in the future. I know the power of these medicines and they will improve the lives of many people.

  3. I met a young girl, she gave me a rainbow
    I met one man who was wounded in love
    I met another man who was wounded with hatred
    And it's a hard, it's a hard, it's a hard, it's a hard
    It's a hard rain's a-gonna fall
    (Bob Dylan)

    It's not only War that wounds the mind. Prisons are main offenders too.

  4. We do all we can, step by step,
    But more and more we should promote also off the legal label private therapy's to a people,

  5. this is wonderful. i will live in a world where centers for psychedelic medicine use will be everywhere. I am particularly interested in ayahuasca which would be a nice addition to the mdma therapy.

  6. I hope I can do this therapy someday. I need it badly. I've tried so many things to heal myself. This sounds so promising.

  7. You all are doing great work! Thank you for walking the hard road and fighting the good fight! If only some of the authority figures in power had the chance to experience the psychedelic perhaps they would change their minds… or their minds would change them lol. Once again Thank you for your research and outreach!

  8. Thank you maps for what you are doing to help these people . I was wondering if I may use some of the footage and insights on people to use in a non profit student film ? It would be very helpful and help me show how it has helped people . A response is greatly appreciated 🙏🏻

  9. Why not for treatment of depression?.I'm so tired of having to use military to get government to listen to needed treatment. It's not right but I understand.

  10. I can’t wait to attend the Psychedelic Science conference in April!!! As a young teenager I really wanted everyone around me to “open their eyes” after having a wonderful and profound experience. What I didn’t realize was that these suggestions were coming out of the mouth of an undereducated, young teenager. Now, being a student I am majoring in business with a minor in psychology. I want to take the steps necessary in being able to support this movement to my full potential. One thing to note is I Am A STUDENT. With that in mind, does anyone recommend certain stepping stones to for jumping into the world of legalizing psychedelics? Also I am considering taking classes or courses so that I may help/guide others in breaking down their anxiety/trauma responsibility with the aid of psychedelics. Any suggestions would be great appreciated! Can’t wait to se y’all soon in April!!

  11. im traumatized too i think after like 16 or 17 i just kept being in that trauma state and now im turning 23 and still there is no white or black days its only black

  12. maybe one day we can remove psycopaths/narcisists and sociopaths from society so as to eliminate the pain in the first place

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