Legionnaires' disease diagnosed in two MDTA employees; I-895 toll booths automated as precaution

meantime for the second day in a row drivers passing through the harbor tunnel toll plaza are gonna find that the toll booths are unmanned to MDTA employees have been diagnosed with Legionnaires disease we have WMAR canoes mark Roper live at that site right now so mark what does this mean for drivers on 895 well the MDA administration building here is closed so you won't find anyone working at the toll booths but that doesn't mean that the toll plaza isn't open so drivers who usually pay cash you don't have to stop but that doesn't mean you still won't have to pay MDTA officials found out Monday night that two of its employees had been diagnosed with Legionnaires disease they're being treated while city and state health officials are out here doing tests to find out where it came from the Legionnaires disease is a type of bacterial pneumonia this bacteria can grow in water from sources like air conditioners humidifiers or faucets and someone can develop the disease from breathing the contaminated mist from those sources the MDTA is treating the water systems here as a precaution now and as you can see the e-zpass Center two bypasses here is also closed so if you already have one and use EZ Pass you just drive through the toll booth as you normally would but if you typically pay cash don't stop just keep driving video tolling we'll take a picture of your license plate and the end ETA we'll send you a bill those video tools generally come with a surcharge but since the booths are currently unmanned and there's no one to take those cash tolls the MD ta says that will waive the extra fee and those video tolls will come at the regular cash rate we are live in South Baltimore mark Roper WMAR 2 News

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