Lehigh move-in day: First-year students and their parents get quizzed!

[MUSIC PLAYING] What are you– why are
you writing so much? [LAUGHTER] Don’t cheat off of mine. I’m not cheating off of you. What is it? Picking new friends. Yeah, pretty much. Oh! Oh, it’s close. Oh, God. Oh, man. [LAUGHTER] That, too. All right. We’ll catch up. We’re totally going to win. [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGHTER] [LAUGHTER] Yeah. Oh, man, that’s so sad. [LAUGHTER] Like puddles down here. Waves. [LAUGHTER] I’ll try more. Yeah! We’re so good, oh my God. What? Are you serious? That’s disgusting! That’s disgusting! No, that’s disgusting. You don’t even know
how to do laundry. [LAUGHTER] It’s never going to happen. No, I figured it out. Are you serious? Wow! Serious as a heart attack, babe. Wow. Those were her marching orders. Yeah, I had marching orders. Now you should ask
when do we really think she’s going to do laundry? Wow! [LAUGHTER] Wow, OK. [LAUGHTER] [LAUGHTER] We’re going to Wegmans. Very accurate. Literally, not even
going to get home. We’re going to Wegmans. One, two, three. [LAUGHTER] Text Chloe or cry. Cry. Did we line it up? [LAUGHTER] My family. No. Mommy, your cooking? Yeah. More than, like,
you, Daddy, Ashley? [LAUGHTER] [LAUGHTER] I love you. [LAUGHTER] Thanks, Dad.

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