Lessons Learned – From American Healthcare System

good morning last week I took you through my journey through the healthcare maze quagmire so to speak it was a nightmare but I'm glad I did it I'm glad I did it I'm glad that I stood up for myself for my husband I'm glad that I called the doctor's out for over billing for not coding visits properly not coding blood work properly I'm glad I did it because I learned so much and I'm a curious girl and when I learn I pass my knowledge that I the things that I have acquired into my brain I share it with all of you so this show is going to be lessons learned from my adventure through the rabbit hole that is American healthcare in 2019 I got a comment from a viewer on YouTube and she said that recently she fired her doctor as well because the doctor wasn't listening to her that's lesson one if you are seeing a doctor and the doctor is not listening to you there's your sign if you walk into a doctor's office and you say you know I don't want prescription drugs there's got to be an alternative and the doctor says point blank I don't believe in supplements the doctor is married to farm a big pharma big prescription drugs there's your sign you need a new doctor you do you need to interview a doctor you need to say I don't want scripts if there's some other form of treatment I can have that doesn't require big pharma drugs with their horrific side effects we figured it out all you need to figure out alternative treatments for what ails you what your doctor says is wrong with you you need the internet that's all you need the phone the tablet the computer look it up doctor says you have this look it up and see if there are alternatives okay I will tell you that diabetes there are alternatives to prescriptions I know this for a fact my husband lowered his a1c by six points in three months without prescriptions because he was taking the prescription made him feel like a cancer patient made him feel horrible so he went to the Internet and if you think supplements are expensive well let me ask you this go into your pantry right now do you have cinnamon in your pantry most of you do cinnamon sprinkle it in your coffee sprinkle it over your whole-grain cereal sprinkle it over your whole grain toast whatever you're eating cinnamon lowers your blood sugar it's a beautiful spice ground cinnamon as long as you don't put it in a cinnamon bun like Cinnabon cinnamon pure cinnamon right here everyone probably has it in your pantry it's not expensive it lowers your blood sugar ginger is another spice ground ginger fresh ginger I don't use fresh ginger because it's a pain in the ass to peel but ground ginger lowers your blood sugar and here is the magic drug the magic one it's magic it's a spice it's called tumeric this is tumeric you see the yellowish orange color now I will give you this um if you get it on your counters you better wash it off right away it can stain but this is magic and it's not just for diabetes it lowers blood sugar but here's something else it does it is a digestif if you know what that means it helps with digestion as I have told all of you I have irritable bowel syndrome and I know this because I googled it I have never had a colonoscopy or an end up no doctor has ever said miss luciano you've got irritable bowel syndrome I know I have the herbal pal syndrome and I know what causes it and I know I have irritable bowel syndrome because I googled it I googled the home remedies things that are easy to get without a prescription without all the nasty sixteen foot snake up my ass I don't have to do that turmeric by the way when I put two more and I'll tell you how you use tumeric anywhere you want I sprinkle we sprinkled it in our soups when we have soup I put it I made a turkey breast the other day I sprinkled it on the turkey breast I put it on fish when I cook fish it's delicious first of all but even if you don't like the taste you can still use it and you can mask the taste with other spices like fat basil or oregano and you'll never know the tumeric is in there but you will know when you eat something that used to give you make your bow irritable and it isn't irritable anymore I've done it it works I'm gonna start carrying this in my purse when I go out to eat and whatever I will do in a restaurant I'm gonna sprinkle tumeric on it it's magic lowers the blood sugar and helps with your digestion you have acid reflux you put tumeric on your food and all I'm saying is this is me I don't have any issues when I use tumeric cheap simple easy and no side effects by the way now I want to put a disclaimer out here right now I am NOT a doctor I am not telling any of you not to see a doctor what I am Telling You is to talk to your doctor because here's the problem with doctors especially in my hometown they don't they're not the Masters of their universe anymore they are not the masters of their domain they are owned by corporations and the corporation's control them they control how they give you medical care whether you want to believe it or not it's true even these corporations will stop a doctor from changing jobs they will tell the doctor you are too valuable to this practice even if the doctor's name isn't on the practice they won't let him leave because it believes he can't take his patients with him because the corporation doesn't want to lose the income so a doctor is told by the corporation he can't even get a new job the corporation dictates how much time your doctor can spend with you because he's got to produce he's got to put billable hours in so when you go to a doctor that's owned by a corporation you might want to do some research talk to the doctor say look am i a corporate patient or am i your patient and who is your loyalty to your corporate bigwig bosses who are not doctors and never took an oath first do no harm or are you loyal to me your patient your customer there's your sign getting doctors to be honest with you well that's a different story you're gonna have to use your your little gray cells as mr. poirot always said and you're gonna have to use your instinct your gut feeling is my doctor listening so if you don't want prescription drugs and you know that your doctor really is into prescription drugs prescribes for every little thing there's your sign change doctors now let's talk about the the loudest door the squeaky door get soiled here's the problem and I get it so you're diagnosed with diabetes but you're telling your doctor well yeah but okay I have diabetes I get that but something else is going on and basically whatever else is going on I have leg pains my feet go numb I have burning in my legs I don't know and the doctor is like that's from the diabetes I'll see you in three months just take the script I gave you and I'll see you in three months the problem is here's the thing and I've talked to people who were diagnosed with diabetes and MS in the senior I understand that if part of diabetes for some people is leg pain or arm pain or whatever it's easy for a doctor who was in a hurry because he's got to see a lot of patients cause his corporate bosses tell him to to assume that anything that you're suffering is due to the big thing in the room the diabetes but that's not always the case and again there's your sign I understand why the doctor would do it but once again it's not always the case and in my situation personally it was definitely not the case first of all I talked to hundreds of diabetics none of them even those who had blood sugar way over the top real high they didn't have leg issues and it's like wow okay something else is going on now could a family doctor have said well you know this is kind of unusual maybe we should do an x-ray no didn't happen so here's my second advice to you my lesson talk to other people don't be ashamed over a nice dinner with another couple to say you know I'm going through this and lo and behold we did this and we were with another couple and the the husband of the other couple said oh my god I had the same issues I went to a chiropractor now see this is interesting because the new family doctor when my husband said you know my a 1c is now way lower than it ever has been it's good I still have leg issues and again tell your doctor everything because here's what happened with us last April a year ago this month my husband started a new job he used to work from home when he worked from home he was up walking down the steps to get a snack or lunch or a drink walking up and down the steps he was moving around now he is at a desk 8 hours a day and that started in April of last year his leg pain started in September so think about that what changed he always worked out when he works out he feels great his legs don't hurt when he sits still is when the legs hurt he told the doctors these things he told them still it's all diabetes it's all about the diabetes well turns out it's not and then of course you google it and the worst case scenario has come up so the second doctor the new doctor we went to he said maybe we should get an EMG now an EMG is a not so comfortable test where they stick needles into your muscles and test your nerves to see how they're responding problem with the EMG remember I told you the Affordable Care Act pays to diagnose you never pays for anything else well that's the truth so we did everything right we got the code we called the insurance company turns out this EMG thing is a hundred percent at our expects the insurance won't pay anything they'll put it toward our deductible and it would cost us 750 to a thousand dollars out of our pocket for this test problem with this test is if you are having this EMG done and at the time of the test you're not experiencing because it's not a constant thing the burning the numbness the EMG is gonna come back that there's nothing absolutely nothing wrong with you and then of course there's the scary thing IMG's test for ALS Lou Gehrig's disease that's a death sentence so now we're scared I'm terrified my god my husband might have ALS he doesn't he doesn't so here's the interesting part so we were faced with does he do this EMG do we pay a thousand dollars for a test that is not going to cure anything and may not even diagnose anything or well let's just see what happened what happened is on a Sunday my husband went online found a chiropractor in our area scheduled the appointment on a Sunday for last Tuesday now remember when I told you about the family doctor dr. Carter who overbilled us for 15 minutes and a writing of a prescription and I'll see you in three months three hundred and eighty dollars but 15 minutes of this guy's time and he did nothing for my husband my husband had to research everything I researched everything ourselves this chiropractic visit an hour and a half full x-rays x-rays of his neck and his lower back x-rays electrolysis because guess what we found out pinched nerve in the neck which by the way I have as well many of you have it pinched nerve and neck and lower back is out of alignment this is what's causing the leg pain the leg numbness not a diabetes not anything else nothing that requires an EMG for a thousand bucks so this chiropractic visit lasted an hour and a half guess what the bill was one hundred and five dollars and that includes the x-rays and the treatment Wow right Wow the guys with the MDS and the corporation hanging over their heads pulling their strings they over bill this is the best care that we have received from a medical professional and how sad that because medical doctors probably never recommend a chiropractor because again that takes money out of their pockets and they don't get their farm cred because there is no medic there's no pharmaceutical drugs being prescribed here so you see or ongoing course they're not going to say maybe you should see a chiropractor though we'll never you will never hear a medical doctor say that unless they really care about you and think that a chiropractor can help you I am so relieved right now I got to tell you because now yes you do have to go to a chiropractor um several times my husband went back last Thursday for another treatment that was $60 they tell you in advance what it's going to cost but also you want to talk about all the education the medical doctor dr. Kotter claimed to my insurance company he gave my husband in 15 minutes well this chiropractor for much less money gave my husband exercises to do here at home to help to make the treatments work better and eventually what's gonna happen and I do have experience with chiropractors I've been to them for my sinuses and for something I had with my wrist they it always works after several treatments my husband will go on what they call maintenance we're basically he'll be doing these exercises at home and he'll be getting a treatment maybe every every month and then if things start to act up again he will go in because in at least once a year to make sure he's still in alignment but again this is the cure or at least it's a way that I can get my husband back if anyone in December had bothered to mention go see a chiropractor think about this December was a long time ago almost six months and my husband's been suffering not with diabetes he never actually had any illness any physical issues because of his diabetes it was all because his back is out of alignment and he has a pinched nerve and that my friends is something all of us will experience as we get older as we are more sedentary we sit at a desk we hunched over when we type I do that after he came home from the chiropractor my husband said oh my gosh my neck doesn't crack when I move in anymore with just one treatment he already felt better after two medical doctors all these bills over $400 out-of-pocket in medical expenses all my husband actually needed to feel better was a chiropractor imagine that sure he needed to lose weight he needed to you know watch his a1c he will need to do that but remember this my friends the a1c was not what was causing him to not feel good and when you go to your doctor don't you go and expect to feel better after the visit instead of horse-like with that metformin my husband was on and he actually said felt like a cancer patient you don't expect to feel worse and if you do that means something was missed and there's something else wrong and you my friends sadly enough in America healthcare today you're the ones who have to do the investigation see I believe that doctors should be like Sherlock Holmes they should be curious as to why you have symptoms that you have they should be detectives but they don't have the time anymore they don't have the time to think outside the box just say yeah you know I don't understand why you're having this let's figure it out together you don't hear that anymore from medical doctors and it's so sad and it's scary now the lessons learned please understand that my husband's a very private person and by sharing this story I'm in some trouble it's not going to be very happy with me however I believe that the comments I've already gotten the messages I've gotten thanking me for doing this show are worth it I want to remind you that even though I lost the appeal fighting the overbilling and making others aware of it making the insurance company aware this family practice is over billing you and when doctors over bill insurance companies all of us suffer all of us except of course the doctor and the insurance company because what happens is our insurance premiums go up the insurance companies start cutting the amount of money they pay to the doctors because they know they're being overcharged and what happens is you and I the customers we get to pay the co-pays we get to pay whatever the doctor expects to get to continue their lavish lifestyle and the insurance says we're not paying it and the doctor says well I need my money well guess who ends up pay you got it you and me the customer but the doctors aren't gonna cancel their Country Club membership and the insurance company is not going to overpay a doctor who they know is charging too much for a procedure or an office visit and we are the ones that suffer so take that lesson if you take nothing else from these shows take that never be afraid to question a bill I know it's time-consuming but don't be afraid to do it let them know that you're not one of these people that's gonna blindly pay any bill that comes just because there's MD next to it or they say if you don't pay this in a certain amount of time we're sending you to collections or we're not gonna treat you anymore no you call because the second you call and tell them I'm disputing this bill they can't send you to collections for it I'm appealing the bill I'm not paying one dime of it until I get the appeal back they have to stop they are not allowed to send you to collections if you let them know usually you need to do it in writing I've done it over the phone and through email but let them know I'm disputing this bill you're not getting my money and also remember that if you do appeal a bill and you are lucky enough to win and you've already paid the bill that practice whoever you paid the bill to they owe you your money back period but don't be afraid don't think that like on Seinfeld you're gonna get problem patient put next to your your name if anything they will be a little more careful in the future because they know you're looking out you watch you go over every explanation of benefits you go over every bill you ask questions ahead of time which by the way is your right before you even walk into a doctor's office you can say what's the code what are you coding this visit as how much am I gonna have to pay you get on the phone with your insurance company this is the code the doctors telling me and if you don't like what you hear walk out walk out say I guess I have to find a new doctor cuz you're not coding this bill properly but you have that right as a customer I don't like the word patient as it requires it's like patients now you are a customer you pay so your doctor can live the lifestyle they've chosen you're paying their salaries you're paying their staffs salaries now you're paying a corporation to who doesn't give a about you because they don't know anything about you they see you as a number and a dollar sign so remember that again um some people even my own husband have been critical saying I don't know why you fought this so hard it was a fifty dollar bill well I first of all I love my husband if I didn't love my husband I would worried about it oh well whatever but I care so much about my husband he's a wonderful person he didn't deserve this treatment from the first doctor and he didn't deserve to suffer pain because these doctors don't think past farm drugs which my husband does not want to take and he's not taking I am very relieved to know that I'm gonna get my husband back the husband I had on December 17th 2018 before he saw doctor Cotter and all this nightmare started I'm going to get it back I'm so proud of him for doing the hard work the restricting his diet working out lowering his a1c without drugs without prescription drugs I'm proud of him good guy and now he's gonna be a good guy in perfect health again but not thanks to any medical doctor the reason that my husband is on his way to good health again to feeling like himself again is because he did the research we asked questions I asked questions we all did the research and we ended up finding the solution it's just that that it took all these months to do it so this has been my very personal journey and I thank you all for taking the time to listen to it I hope that in some way I have helped some of you or at least given you something to think about the next time you make that appointment with your family doctor who maybe should take family out of their title if they are owned by a corporation and the only way you will ever know for a fact that you're getting the care you deserve is when you use something that all of you have and is very important your voice your voice ask questions talk interview investigate and yes Google don't get freaked out just Google chances are you do not have MS or ALS or bone cancer he keeps scrolling you'll find out what's wrong with you I diagnosed myself with IBS and I know I'm right and I know how to take care of it myself without a prescription without all the fancy expensive tests I'm doing great my husband's doing great and while so many people come alone and say oh thank you to the doctors we can't thank the doctors because the doctors had very little to do with it we need to pat ourselves in the back thank ourselves for using our brains and our voices and our fingers on the computer I hope this show helped a lot of people again please I'm not a doctor so don't do anything that I have suggested without actually talking to your doctor but at least you can give it a try it means cinnamon isn't going to hurt you tumeric isn't gonna hurt your ginger isn't gonna hurt you so see when I tell you to do something I am actually taking the oath that doctors are supposed to take first do no harm and by the way all of these things the cinnamon the tumeric they can be used in accordance with with prescription drugs if you're on prescription drugs and you're happy with your drugs that's fine but it never hurts it's just a spice from what I've read it doesn't cause harm to anyone unless you're allergic to it and that's something you would have to figure out on your own but think of the drugs that you're prescribed if you are allergic to this drug well you don't know you're allergic to it until you take it because you've never taken it before so just some alternatives for those of you who like me are mistrusting of Big Pharma and the drugs and all those side effects that are sometimes worse than the illness they're supposed to maintain or cure so have a good rest of your day everybody thank you again for taking the time to watch my show and Thursday we're coming to the end of this season Thursday I am actually going to do a show it will be about health care again but it'll be about a little bit something different it's gonna be called the fear of socialized medicine so you can think about that until Thursday have a good day everybody political Paula is out

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