Let’s chat about Medication & Withdrawl

hi everyone how are you doing it is Saturday in May it's I don't know anyway I have a special topic I want to cover today and that is withdrawal symptoms from a variety of medications that I've been on in my life okay so what do I want to start with let's maybe talk about the most recent experience I've had which is with my gabapentin I've been on gabapentin or it's also menacing or rotten for like seven eight years it's been a while I was put on that because I have migraine headaches and I also have him allegic migraines so I've been having trouble with other medications and we're gonna get to why I'm gonna explain all that why I ended up on gabapentin for migraines but out of everything it seemed to work the best it prevented them and then once I did get them it would help with the pain but every once in a while I'm a dummy and I take more than I have like I might take extra one night if my headaches really bad and I feel like my normal dose isn't working so there have been times in my life like recently that I've ran out early and when this happens I I have my own withdrawal experience now I've been told for multiple doctors that if I decided one day I wanted to up install the gabapentin that there would be no withdrawal but I think there is when you're used to something regulating your mood every day and it's not then guess what you're gonna have mood swings and sometimes for me they can be really intense but this last time that I ran out I decided to try something to help me and I like I usually use CBD but it's expensive and I go through it pretty quick it makes me really tired lots of but this time I chose to use finna Butte and so what I would do is I would take Finn of you and then I would wait about an hour to an hour and a half for it to kick in and then I would eat an edible it doesn't even have to be like a full serving just just however much you're comfortable with and I mean it not only did it put me in a good mood but it took away like the anxiety and all that good stuff so that worked out for me well but once I started taping taking my gabapentin again I noticed that it wasn't feeling the same it's weird how the brain works but let's move on to something else so one of the first prescriptions I was ever given for depression and my my grades when I was two the first for depression was paxil I think I got 10 milligrams once a day and then I even further back than that around the age of 15 or 16 I was given your set for pain for the migraines so at first I would just take them like normal no big deal my mom would keep an eye on bottle and stuff and somewhere along the line I heard someone say oh well if you take more you feel this way and such and such and I would even have people want to take my pills you know they would ask me for them so one day I decided to give it a try and the furia said it because it has caffeine in it but it also has it also has like some kind of sedative I it's a bar bitch would I think it's called BtoB at all and so it relaxes you but also gives you energy at the same time so it's really strange so if you sit down you could almost go to sleep but if you're up and moving you just it's really productive and it makes you feel really good and confident and you want to talk a lot but when you start to come down you get grumpy and really mean and really irritable I mean just had control so after like I got older I think I was in my mid-20s or something there was a time in my life when I started abusing him I was dating a guy who was like a DD and it was really hard to keep up with him and it's like I was trying too hard to be something that I wasn't and if you are said helped with that to just feel confident and be able to deal with the relationship because it was a very very stressful period of time in my life I think that was like at that point in my life I wasn't really able to eat anything without that sounds really gross but it's almost like I developed irritable bowel syndrome from stress hmm I lost a lot of weight too look not a lot but compared to what I am now I was skinny back then so eventually I got tired of it because they furis it would lead to fights and stuff and I told the doctor about it and he said well I have this thing called trim at all and I was hesitant you know or whatever so I gave it a try and I noticed on the days that you know I was in pain and I would have to take a pretty substantial dose that it was also making me feel good but in a different way it was very similar to like a narcotic euphoric kind of feeling so then I started on that going down that Hill so I don't I don't really think I had a withdrawal from the from the fioricet not that I can remember but the tramadol was awful so this is what would happen I would get my bottle like let's say I don't know a bottle of like 90 pills or something or it was more than that having but I think I was prescribed for a day for paint hmm and so instead of like dispersing the pills throughout the day I would take them all at once and eventually it would I would dose twice or whatever and so I would run out and then I would go through these withdrawals and they were terrible it's very similar to an antidepressant withdrawal if you've ever had you have like brain zaps but with this one it was like you look from side to side and it's like even though you're moving your head it's like your brain isn't catching up with the movement quickly and it just feels really strange and you just have to deal with this and deal with the body discomfort and all these other symptoms like loss of appetite remember it was very unpleasant so long story short these are the reasons that you should not abuse these pills back when I was on tramadol I think it was considered low risk for habitual use and was commonly prescribed like pretty recklessly so then that's that's how I got to what to neurontin or gabapentin that's how I ended up on that I started out small doses the doctor gave me like these little white pills that were 100 milligrams I think and I have like three of those a day and then you graduated me to 300 milligrams three times a day and I think I'm at the point where I might need more than that and I think I've been I'm like I've been told that it's okay if I increase the doses that it's not them we're like it's not the highest dose I'm not there yet but we'll see let's see I also wanted to talk about topamax for a minute I don't I wasn't on tokamaks long enough to have like withdrawal but man they don't they call that like the dumb pill so you take it and a couple hours later you just sir you become stupid like when you're talking it's like the wrong words come out of here mouths and then once I want to ask you a question it's like you don't know I don't know you just you become dumb and like you're aware of it that this is what's happening it's not like you're not aware of it but it's just really humiliating so I got off of that really quick and then it was on celexa I believe selects uh my mom's actually on that she I think she takes to a bedtime supposed to help you sleep I guess but anyway I was on it and it just made me so tired I felt better but I was so tired and I think it's meant more for people with anxiety then depression because celexa is I entered Debrecen uh I didn't mention that and topamax is for migraines it's so the way you take it is you know you take it every day and it's supposed to prevent the migraines I think it might also be for weight loss I'm not for sure though um let's see I'm twelve minutes in I'm gonna try hurry up and get done before fifteen minutes so when I was young earlier I was talking about paxil I was like 19 20 years old and I just got married moved into shit a little trailer trailer with a guy playing video games 24/7 and I started taking paxil because my father passed away and I was depressed and worse I had whatever and then I I was also getting the depo shot which I know misses with your hormones and it also takes all your sex drive so are not the devil shot with the paxil and so I was basically this vessel for my husband to use because I wasn't enjoying it it's like heaven that help your depression if you don't have a sex life anymore I don't know but it really mess with my head at this point in my life I'm actually sore went crazy for like a week straight and that's a really juicy story I can tell you if you're interested I actually was imagining people that weren't there and having conversations or remembering conversations that never happens mmm I would go to the door and think somebody was there I think is so crazy like someone knocked on the door I don't know it was awful it was terrible though I also used to take trazodone hit bedtime for sleep and then it just seemed like once upon a time and I mean it worked for the longest time and then I it just started to like affect me when I would wake up in the morning I would be so tired I like him right now because I was up at 5:30 this morning and then venlafaxine also known as effexor that medication seems like there's others but anyway that medication there's another medication it's really similar to it pristiq yeah so what happens with these is you you get those weird brain zaps and it's awful I tried to go off of the effexor when I was pregnant and I got down to like twelve point five milligrams but I couldn't go any lower than that because every single time I tried it's almost like that will go crazy I mean I was pregnant so it gave me a break the only reason I'm still on it on effexor is because I cannot stand the withdrawals isn't that silly but they say it's also good for anxiety anyway guys I think I'm about done I wanted to let you know that I've had three ketamine treatment so far and I have made videos or vlogs about my experiences but I'm having trouble getting them uploaded to the good ol YouTube so I'll keep trying trying to think if there's anything else oh yeah so often some citalopram I know it was on some tower print I don't even know what it is but I know I was on that because I remember it I'm not for sure what it was for but um and so laughs like zoloft will also give you the brain zaps I think but I don't think it says the head it's the others not for sure I mean out of those types of antidepressants I would say he's a lot was like the best one for me paxil was a no but I'm on Royal Beach right now it's a different type of antidepressant and it definitely is better for me but hopefully with the ketamine treatments I'll be able to become a new person for you who knows so that is that gasps and today if you remember is the two-year anniversary of Chris Cornell's passing so if you just want to have a moment of silence pull for him and for a poor little grumpy cat thank you guys bye

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