Let’s Play Don’t Starve Shipwrecked ★ Boomer YEAH! – Part 12 (DLC Gameplay)

now hold up hold up I did it i can
assume i dnt no meat though manager gave me no meat welcome back everybody to Falcon plays
don’t starve shipwrecked I’m not entirely sure how I been surviving the
last few episodes but it’s been kind of really really difficult just by the
hairs of my chinny chin chin is there’s not even a little three pigs reference
little three pigs three little pigs and I’m see men treat their but I was more
of a rest of the second I can grow beards largely any kind of pains me
every single day of my life that’s neither here nor there I took a look at
the items that need to be crafted based on your advice and actually have a lot
of the items required to do it right here in now however it is during a rainy
meaning more than likely under and I’ve been told is well by you guys that you
know Thunder Thunder Thundercats hole that’s needed but I’ve been to let under
consider everything on my face on fire so we don’t want that happening I need a
lightning rod however the lightning rod requires three gold nuggets only have
two and it’s right now training so if I hang
out of my base I’ve been told that you know strike me as in a burn everything
down so we have to probably leave here for a while so let’s get into will be
here meanwhile his happens though I do have a
little bit of the things you can do and more importantly be getting a parasol up
and running because it is raining so I’ma get wet over here so I’m gonna pick
up all these pedals and try to make myself and Paris are here for a little
while at the very least it isn’t lol miss any wages actually finding a bit of
it seemed he told you everything on fire now which is fine if you under 10 burned
down all the trees of here that’s ok go into you’re doing your favorite summer
charcoal from you don’t I’m not ruling out I kind of got ok I think we should
be able to now make the pair so absolutely no cost me two weeks that’s
ok I D carousel is underway and warm me up or at least keep me to mines along
but at least for now its shell I’m looking for one piece of gold and
unfortunately I don’t think you can find it here I’m gonna give it a try but I
get the feeling that we cannot acquired as lightning run the silent we have to
go somewhere else but the problem is already kind of starving so we have to
wonder where the other make it happen here as you can see no gold at all know
goldin are here as a kind of worried about well if lightning would stop and
go back to my business kind of ignored here for a while the only problem is
again the fact that we had this number now may very well so I’m gonna keep away
from my island maybe there is indeed run back in old Katy Perry’s lightning leave
it alone if you want to burn with some minor burns Street is 949 instead I
really I’m just looking around here but it’s not know I could still hear it easily but if
these monkeys are trying to kill him anyway mascara is right here you might have to
die for your delicious food who you know lied as such we just try to bring on the
mideast reason maybe they’ll give me some bananas that’s one way to survive
your for now goes into this rain and undergoes ok biggest reason to come down over here
you give me more monkey I’m gonna have to beat you down if you don’t stop
falling down a monkey man I’ve been told if you give them a cabin and he’ll stop
losing your shit son of a beach flags again 23 you might actually two months and it
that’s ok be good hopefully make do by doing that monkey man I will attack you
if you don’t leave me alone for a while if we’re gonna be putting on East reason
to replant them I’ve been told otherwise I’ll kiss you know tree God over here
and just chat me up we’re going really well as a Paris equipment and hopefully
try to find some more bananas bananas is what I need snakes are under loose right now this
one here seems relatively kind of a big guy trying to hopefully find some I’m
starving as he could easily see bananas even eggs like to go back home here lightning please stop like if you would
just get off my balls are getting out of here may be based not be too worried
about you burning everything down which is what you want to do I’m fully aware
of how this plane this game plays out so we have a board to act field ok I’m
gonna have to unfortunately do this one had meetings for the Hunger purpose maybe it’s not now maybe it has its like
that’s fine lightning has stopped apparently ok
great now that stopped we need the lighting was an abuse case McGrath said I know I should have some
grass here and I think we should be fine with this food for the rest of the night
now I have a soggy panel’s report mortgage Peterson case grass should be
over here dresses right here and we need so very
fine structure the hay while I’m not sure what the how to use them when you
get some in a bypass in you know what we should prolly set up the same canceled
280 is going on again stand on me I should have enough stand
to make the sand castle and we made this kind of close to here yes I can get the
boost and hopefully do some more equipment stuff it stopped raining at
the very least that’s that’s partially alright okay let’s go ahead and make
some room recently step number one we need a lot of this too drying racks
Street wings into charcoal we have two twigs only got to be more maybe in my doing here nope tonight I’m ready twig things down here one more elitist
are you know what it’s it’s a full moon yeah you know what I could go out at
night during a full moon is not a problem ok I forgot all about that yes told me I
could travel at night when is a full moon roof ok I’m going down still a
little bit but at least it’s me some travel here snake no known for months in an area now I’m trying to find somewhere to
understand listen to is coming up through here now
if I need some bamboo I’m gonna break down your house but he turned to a bad
guy this is what happens after a while until he turns into this in a formal wear big
but he’s going to be easy to dodge I don’t unlock and I can and I don’t
extensively damaged the moment but this is a big meat if I’m right which is good
because he could definitely see already are baby buggy blitz okay will we worked
out quite well I forgot all about that I thought I had somehow left like months
ago he just grabbed it and eat it because he can turn to wear to give him
some months until I go back over here we have enough branches for the drying rack
as a matter of fact now wears a drying rack add it’s my other serbian like
survival maybe it would be survival it makes sense it says three twigs to char
gonna have a shark was not on my position at the moment and three rope
which we do have charcoal it should be right in here for the party but I just
to make sure the drying rack Baby place throughout the day so many marriages
have to be green I don’t tell me I can’t I can place you
in sandy areas are dog shit right there your kind of really close to the shore
here which is kind of worries me a little bit let me come over here and
I’ve been told you this big meet you actually in a crock pot is probably even
better but at the moment I need to just get some food in my system here so we’re
gonna go ahead and cook here can thank you so much the same castle so driving
record set up three cut stone 6 charcoal and six weeks we have seven shark was a
matter of fact we don’t have enough two weeks that’s gonna be a problem I’m
ready group here really quickly be men’s or they’re hanging out that already
let’s see so crock pot into it gets more to its
not gonna happen here whatsoever so you probably have to travel somewhere else
to acquire those where is some Twix area fire mad over here basically one of the
islands where we got one of the treasures at any time too far
unfortunately what about Monkey Island still mad at me Lata grass here not
enough to ease you know what we gotta get really terrible you know world in
terms of twigs yeah I mean just some over here a straight sound it’s gonna be
kind of almost the same miss some here too I guess you could come down here
there seems to be enough 12345 might not be too bad down over here will probably give that a
try for the to examine the bug net so we can do that when you said we also need
to ensure their ground two traps birdcage require six gold nugget so we
can get them up and running the football how it can be done though so we need
pics can in a row they’ve been told so let’s go here and make myself another
rope and we had to pick synergy equipped so we’re in the third by army be an
insight it should be up now alrighty good this will be damage
reduction by a lot now the other thing I could probably try to get is the
boomerang member we talked about that and it required charcoal at the time and
energy I would also likely twigs and just about everything else seems to
regard the moment itself is actually bored ok make a board and we do have
silk over here alrighty and make boomerang now hold up
hold up I did it i dnt no meat tho gambino meet at some scenes like this
right here for now hunger is ok for the most part let’s go
ahead and that’s the only seats behind twins we do know its lead the severe in
on you and Amy palm trees on the fly till you were hanging out of here shocker and seashells are just lazy
writing here charcoal I don’t need you at the moment
so I’ll just leave you in here and we’re going to travel right now we have
weapons over here tools of the trade appears to be needed and seeds over here
could be left alone with the grassy stuff going on here visiting dark pretty
soon look at how short my days are now this is redonkulous ok we are gonna go
right now so we feel more secure believe tweaks to make a lot more that things
happen so let’s zoom on out here I’m gonna get on my boat and we’re gonna
come down through there now if I needed to make this on the fly can I do it and
what I’m talking about is the pirate had travel and find out I’m talking about
the little light torch and twigs nope not gonna be able to be done because we
have no twigs that severe lack of twigs and matter of fact which also requires
two weeks ago so regardless of which we do need to come down on jellyfish going
to come down over there and do our business from here no i’m looking up at the laptop over to
see what the items in looking for RBC your comments here so you need to pay
attention to what’s happening here fishman’s over here is we’re going right
this week Island alrighty well we have a long this attack now which should help
us out with the monkeys to write and they’ll drop morsels and I’ll piss him
off and everything like that but the very least we’ll get more nor and we got
some morsels at the same time so I’m feeling a little bit better now which is
something I feel like I see all the time like you know we would have really tough
patch and then I’ll be late I feel good now and I’ll feel scared and I’ll feel
good an ongoing process what is this is
really dark well as gonna towards having first rain or adequately able to get the
twiggs required for the camps liar cause this island is not seem safe to me right
now but as long as we have to wait until their fire now be a more secure hunger
isn’t much of a concern but remember that you have any food honest to cook on
the sly let’s make some cocoa here in the flame no no I just want to quit I’m
really upset that you can kill two birds are some momentary meet at the very
least whatever man wind coco please it’s almost night time but we have to excel
in a country at night so we’re trying to avoid under fire now under fire now and then
we’ll do the rest of it Empire empire books Empire we have blogs yes we have lots as well
to make the boards to keep it nice and during nighttime shoots we’re five mins
left over to usable the manufacturer probably crafted the gold acts but I’ve
been trying to see the gold as well for the well for the lightning rod which we
need him you also need for the birthday so eager for a few things here now it’s
refine Falcon Falcon what campfire without completely is it
yet its ok I just had one recently won a game playing I’m just a bit surprised I
guess full moons last night I mean I dyed it was only 10 maybe starting
island alrighty I feel more secure video here where it all started to really
examine the debris they washed up with here already this is fine I guess what
it could do is Elise and make the torch so maybe they won’t affect my sanity
during out about traveling here at night when the Sun night I’m going to happen
know this is basically part of the system at this point but I’m trying to
collect autographs now which is something that early on my first game I
ignored but we need the salon for road construction be really important down
the line so he takes her up to now we’re up to nine twinkies ok hunger is getting
down there a little bit but we have some coke was here to make part of regulars wondering if there was
something in there to be used but apparently no is to Kates twigs you know
what found in since we need him back home
anyway let’s bring along its technology should be doing a keep forgetting the
fact how important it is to harvest his game late harvest items and taken back
home so you have an easier travel so I don’t have to gets his and mushroom over
their growing what in the world blew my street is going to be a problem I god
something interesting to say the least getting hungry to Paris let’s go ahead
and drop here for a second or two lewd dude was about to happen now I need a
time now just find no rain rain rain go get some food and it’s let’s get some large in grass that’s fine we have those
here intercede for now let’s go ahead and
cook the cool cool one just sitting here for a second or two sanity you don’t really worry me too
much at the moment but later on for now and so this is cool let’s also go ahead bad boys blue cap not sure about when or
if I should he tied for second place quickly take a ladder map of here I’m
trying to figure out if we could try to remember where there was some gold I
mean over here I’m pretty sure we got all the gold was available when I’m
hoping for is to get 10 goals we have to read and then we have like protection
against D did under back home which is something that’s really concerning to me
because normally when it starts you know like he starts hitting the ground up to
start moving around and dodging otherwise instead of burning everything
on my home base of here so I think we wrap it up here I’m gonna go down to
this island I’m pretty sure you guys mentioned in one of the lip earlier
episode Commons that there was another rocket and I must have probably missed
and that’s the case that’s pretty good at the same time as a budget which is
here so that even before we go back home to do some more building it’s kinda
really imperative to get a lot of two weeks and have them ready ready up and
running right soon we might hopefully find some cold here too so let’s wrap it
up here for an agency opened it comes up I will catch you next time


  1. raw blue mushroom = recover health but loses sanity// Cooked green mushroom = recover sanity but loses 1 health// Red Mushroom = bad mush, loses health and sanity

  2. Gold! Gold! Gold! Gold! Gold! Gold! Gold! Gold! Gold! Gold!
    (Not just a reminder that Gold is important but also a favorite drinking song for Dwarves) 🙂

  3. I like how the wind stole your parasol and you didnt even notice lol
    This game really loves to fuck you over
    I died at day 35,just before the winter ended i almost broke the fing keyboard lol

  4. Oh dear, I'm a bit worried about your food supplies. especially since hard times be coming.
    Also do you know how to catch the boomerang? If you don't catch it it'll hurt you. You've got to hold space when its coming back to you. c:

  5. Get a fishing pole and learn to make fishsticks. They have huge hunger and hp stats. Winter's coming. This is gonna get interesting.

  6. Why does YouTube hate you so damn much Falcon?! I have it set to send me notifications when you post a new video and it never sends me a damn thing! Who'd you piss off? Pissing people off is usually my job ( Mom did always tell me to do what I'm good at )

  7. Hey Falcon – I just realized that I never gave you a real info dump about the game. I used to play "don't starve together" with my ex and salty memories have prevented me from getting into the shipwrecked expansion – the Karken could be coming and I would have no idea – but all the base stuff is still there so here goes. Just skip to the last line if you would rather not have a giant chunk of advice. I just figure if I am going to see you die, I want to see you die to new content at least. You are actually making me like the game again, which is awesome, so hopefully not for a while 🙂

    First, I wanted to make sure I wasn't talking out of my ass so I have to admit – I checked the wiki to make sure that none of my advice would get you killed and I found out something really interesting. You would already be frozen to death in the base game! There is no winter on these tropical islands, you get hail and monsoon season instead. Judging my the little ice clumps that popped up on screen and the extreme wind you would be slowly freezing to death with no stockpile of food this or next episode – except that you can't freeze to death in this expansion. Huzzah!

    General advice tho:

    Tree farms are great and save you time if you don't want to just use pigs to massively deforest everything. One row for growing as big as they can and dropping two seeds, one row for burning because charcoal is easier and it makes it half as likely you will run into some kind of tree guardian.

    You need stone fire circles. At least one in your proper base and one far enough away that when flaming or structure crushing enemies might show up you can sleep where your food is not. You also might want to plant one tree right next to your stone fire circles and leave it alone, since that will help keep the rain off.

    Unequip your weapon and hold down crtl to give the monkeys a smack on the ass when they get close. No reason not to since they can be annoying and it doesn’t waste weapon durability.

    Pigs are useful and great, as long as they are far enough away that you won't run into trouble on full moon nights. It's worth building five pig houses just so you can mass recruit them in the morning with a monster meat bribe and chop down all the wood in the forest with them – or demolish level three spider nests before they become a big big problem. If you smash those pig heads on sticks that you saw a while ago with a hammer you should have no trouble getting the pigskins to make it happen. And while you are there you should know that circle will also rez you once if you die, so you should probably build a fire pit and a chest with tools and supplies next to it so that it actually matters.

    With your pig army click a spider nest while unarmed and holding crtl and then click away to unleash pig on spider violence without endangering yourself. Stay close without a weapon on and mash space to grab any meat that drops before the pigs can, or the spiders, whoever wins you are a winner – as long as you have good armour and are ready to run if the winner is the spiders, or one of the pigs goes hairy.

    Sanity problems? Pigs fix that. Bribe a pig close to the afternoon and keep it with you by lighting a fire early. When dark hits the pig will fall asleep and you can creep up and gently wrap your arms around its hairy oily flesh, gently caressing it's deeply slumbering form. (Like me with my ex!) But with the pigmen it actually makes you feel better because being close to them restores sanity, and they only stay in one place when they are sleeping.

    If you have a spear and immediately auto-attack when a pig starts to turn you will kill it before it finishes. Armour is advisable for those with less than perfect timing. Werepigs drop two meat and one pig skin every time, normal pigs usually drop one meat and one pig skin. Sometimes only one or the other. It CAN be worth it, but personally it always just cost me half my health after I eventually messed it up.

    It's advisable to cull the pigs once in a while – to let new pigs that have not eaten monster flesh spawn in. Three pigs are as good as five for almost everything, and once you bribe them you can unleash them on their pig brothers and hang out nearby mashing space.

    You can put hats that are almost worn out on pigs. Just for fun. The only one that does anything I know of is the pigskin helmet – but that gets into the territory of being subtly disturbing.

    It's worth smashing new things with a hammer, and if you smash your old science machine now that you have the alchemy engine you will get a gold back. Hammers are good in general.

    Have seeds or petals that are almost rotten? Let em rot. Rot is as good as poop for fertilizing berry bushes and grass that you move, and you need more berry bushes and grass in your life.

    Side note, if you wait until bushes get that "double berry" look to harvest them you will never need to smear poop on them again.

    Monster meat is GREAT because once you have a crockpot and traps you can get a ton of spider meat all at once, three pieces per day per nest at least, just by taunting the spiders and running away past the traps. It's also not horrible dried, you can eat dried monster meat for about half your meals and keep your health at roughly the same level, AND you can feed cooked monster meat to a bird and just eat the eggs if you want. Doing this repeatedly might get boring on camera though, and I know that's a consideration, so if you are feeling up to it you can smash spiders to death instead. A football helmet and even the worst armour go a long way towards helping with this, or a pig army (as mentioned previously.)

    The ice clumps you see showing up can be used as filler in any of the recipes, so if you manage a crockpot you are going to do great this season.

    Crockpot Recipes:
    Stick, two fillers, small or monster meat. – Kebab, cheap.
    Three fillers, small or monster meat – Meatball, like a kebab but for when you are low on sticks.

    Fish, stick, monster meat, monster meat (or filler filler) – Fish Stick. Only a decent food to aim for if you have the monster meat for it AND your base is next to a fishing hole, people love it because you can farm fish like mad (but that's not as fun on camera, and I know that's a consideration.)

    Dragonfruit, any three filler – Dragonfruit pie. The filler can be three sticks here, or even two monster meat and one stick, because dragonfruit can't become wet goop and monster lasagna can't have a stick in it. Dragonfruit Pie is amazing, and worth building extensive farms just to feed enough Dragonfruit to a caged bird that they drop enough seeds to replant it indefinitely.

    I think that was about it. Oh! And the large furry beasts that eat grass are definitely called grazers. Don't believe the haters if they say otherwise.

    TLDR: Molest pigmen, you won't regret it.

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