Let’s Play HKG – Goldenrod Gym

No! It seduced my Quilava. [raygun firing] Hey, what’s up guys? Going to apologize in advance, but I’m using my shitty laptop mic. Um, I got one coming in the mail so hopefully we won’t have to deal with that for too long. Ooh! Did we talk to the medicine lady yet? Welcome. I have some that oth shops don’t hare. Okay. She sells floe, flore, fluff, and flue. [laughs] Great use of alliteration there, lady! [laughs] Recovering D isn’t easy… yeah. Isn’t that the truth? Hi pup. Dog just came into the room. All abnomal not recovering. WDKSG can recove two hund. And… Okay. Off to a great start here! Creepy old lady. Um… I guess we can just go to the gym. Yeah! Let’s just make sure we’re all healed up. Doggo, you are making a lot of noise right now. Guess the pup’s here to keep me company. Quick pit stop to the Pokemon Center. All right. Let’s do this. [humming background music] To the gym. Okay future cham. Ordin little Pokemon owner gather battle in playgrou. Active Pokemon. I wonder what makes it like, all the text cut off at the end of the text box. Really? Teacher sister like it. I don’t give yo. Okay. [sigh] Man… So I’ve got to rant about starting this let’s play, because it straight up just took me two hours to get all this set up. Um. I forget what all the attacks do. Um, So, I went to get the gamecube out, and then realized that literally all I had was the gamecube and the controller, I didn’t have the um the power cable or the a/v cables, so [giggles] um, I had to go out and buy some new ones, because I have no idea where mine are. They’re… they’re gone, I think they got lost in the move sometime. Um, So I go out and buy those, get back home, dig out my elgato, realize I have everything except the usb cable. So… Um. I have to go look for that, and I know I packed that cable. Oh, shit, I keep doing that. So I figure it’s probably out sitting in a box in the storage unit. So I drive over there, start digging through all the boxes of my shit, I don’t find it anywhere. So, I have to drive all the way to Best Buy and get a usb cable for that, and hope that the one I find fits, which luckily it does. And… Yup. Two hours later. We’re playing bootleg Pokemon. So that’s pretty much how my day has gone. Sister fail. Good. Do like this. This is going to be so easy. I wasn’t even paying attention that whole battle. I just absolutely had to rant. I’ll work hard. So how are you guys doing today? Hopefully better than I’ve been doing. I’ve got so much energy at the moment. I’m on my third cup of coffee for the day, and whoo man, it’s really hitting hard. What does drag do again? Okay, so pay day is claw. No good result. Oh, drag was low kick. I’ve got to make a spreadsheet of like what all these moves do, because I forget every time I play this game. Nope. I’m just gonna… Hm, we should probably go heal him before the next battle. Meowth is just Meow. [laughs] This is gonna be like, the bug type gym all over again. Okay? I don’t know what ball does… yeah sure. Let’s get rid of leep because it’s pretty much useless anyway. I never use the stat moves, really. Like, I don’t know. I just chip away at their health and hope that it works. Bad, sorry. Lais teach Pokemon attack skill. Useful information. All right, heading back. Into the giant Clefairy. I really hope Machop can solo this Miltank because… [laughs] that thing was not fun. Because jo be careful! Who’s Jo? I really should stop drinking all this coffee, but damn it’s so good. I fucking love coffee. Like, so many of my friends have tried to convert me to being a tea drinker, and I’m just not a tea person. I love coffee. Swear to god, Starbucks is like, the best thing ever invented, but also very expensive. And I really shouldn’t buy it as much as I do. Damn, son. Okay, I’m careless in. Mkay. Pokemon wolvd, what’s man or woma. I feel like I’m having a stroke this entire game. I like I than… or is that an L? I like L than lovely. But I have loveromd stro. Yeah, I think I’m having a stroke. It’s not just me though, is it? [laughs] Jig… Jiggo! I need to get a Jigglypuff and just name it Jiggo. God, this gym is so easy. Eh, yeah. Let’s just use another Pokemon just because. Um… Eh, Magum. My starter is always over-leveled. I’m still so mad that I had to teach him cut. Oh… you bitch. Damn. Well, let’s just hope he wakes up. Come on, Magum! You can do it, buddy. Seriously? All right, we’ll use cut. Magum po… what? Did… did it just say he was poisoned when he woke up? What- I don’t understand this game. Ooh yeah, quick attack. Excellent. I can just see that being useful in the future. Uh… Let’s leave him out. Ban! I have no idea what that was supposed to be. And there we go with the mask again. Well. Goodbye. No. All she has to say for herself. Siscer win, don’t hurry. Study after lose. Akaly. Whatever, lady. All right… I know I’m going to need to save my nuts for that Miltank. Do I have any potions… Uh… I have a feeling I should be saving it for the battle though. Um… I have a super potion. You know what, fuck it. Let’s just hop into it. Be… I hear you! You owe vay, okay! Let’s a cl! All right, let’s do this shit! Okay… well. I guess we take out the Clefairy first. Drag him to hell and back. Oh yes, the metronome. What the fuck was that? Wh- okay. Yup. Goodbye, son. Okay, Miltank is Mirut. Let’s see how much health we can chip away. Oh wonderful, it didn’t start with a rollout. Come on! Which has more power… um… I think this does. Stop! No! Fuck. Well that worked for all of two seconds. All right Magum. Now’s your time to shine. No! Yep, there’s the rollout. And of course, ground’s super effective against my starter. [groan] Shit! Oh! Sweet, it missed. Come on! I believe in you, buddy! Um… I guess quick attack. No- okay, it doesn’t do that much. Oh god. No! It seduced my Quilava! [gasp] Yes! Oh, Quilava, you are amazing! I guess my Quilava’s asexual. Good job, buddy. I knew I could believe in you. Well. You must have done to. Doesn’t she usually cry after the battle? No! Ha! Giving you ve- uevy good. Crying! Don’t ment. I’ll win next, a good. Give me my badge, bitch. Oh, what else? Oh, meh-deh. Sorry is regulav. Bacon want regular. Have a medal, thukt it ev- eve. This. Technology Here you on. Awesome. Crying, take it no limit. I don’t know why there’s an apostrophe there. Pokemon’s spivit skill. [laughs] Awesome! That really did not take long at all. Huh. Well. I guess… we get ready for the ghost gym next. Win? Very good. I’m a fan of this! That was the first full sentence we’ve had in a long time. Holy shit, it’s daytime. Let’s go heal up and then get the squirt bottle. We’re gonna catch a Sudowoodo. Mkay. Got to make sure right now I have poke balls before I forget. Mmm… I think I should buy some more. Okay, now we get the squirt bottle. Which was… up here, I think? Yeah, right in here. Which one gives it to you? They have responded. What? Uh… That was really creepy actually. This do the Pokemon of [laughing] wood getting in the way. Now give you if She just straight up gave me a lawn. All right, let’s just stuff some grass in my bag. Take wat to room 36. Not gonna lie, those girls kind of creep me out. All right, um… I think we’ve done everything in Goldenrod.

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