Let’s Play Rimworld – Colonist List Update – Part 3 (Alpha 6)

everybody welcome back to Rimworld out the sick similar deals that the game going on over here so the state did today we’re gonna
focusing on trying to get the rooms up and running to a degree and then also I mention less epistle
Prosser doing some stone going so let’s go into production year and we will do Stonecutters table
luckily this is not require any electricity am aware of so prolly places that were
right about there and the next thing I would like to do
babysitting likely in the area but for an hour okay we have a cargo poder
here good we’ll pick this up %uh may brower stills looking for our
next semester an ex-president Jimmy Carter evenly what
is a third episode now and we serve an added anybody to our list here which is quite surprising honestly but we’ll see
what’s up by this is sleeping still miss dung beetle
is gonna have to die you know why it worries me is always
right there standing staring at us so Stephen by rented Batman hang out for a second good shooting
saving great shooting I’m greedy or you may
want to stop us some much in %um seriously impaired is in shock now good so I’m you’re free
to go you punch this guy’s lights out he’s
dead now you move about I will have his old of
Islam no game cell start Thursday what has been billed good
i think im ride really was actually really good at
crafting sell green Eagle you’re gonna probably go into crafting as our main
priority now hollings still in cleaning whenever you
can whenever it’s good I’m so you have you craft the in question here we have a gravel stone was
obviously cooking to you yeah it’s fine for now
okay cell go into stone cutters tables here and
we’ll see how far we have to Rome for some rocks here Sony zoom out and a bill make stone
blocks can’t figure this out and I would like
to grab dessert little stockmeyer at their is a good move the stock fell inside
back this week the school work out for now let’s see can I make this Laker for bit that now okay so simple by matters let me just on can
figure this out you like this fucking menus are here in
the way some lots okay this would weigh wire that much chance like it is kinda
packet in around them thing itself there that a crazy about
that ordeal whereby spread it out a little bit to possibly there would be kinda inside
over actual stockpile area when it from while but I mean it would encompass most others and yeah aunt okay and so yes we do we do a dumping stockpile write about a year this’ll be for rock
chance turn corpses of animal do rock chance
for now and it’ll be the 0 preferred area for
the rock Johnson that 0 no good nails 0 make some that now we
need a dumping area for that is using over there that’s nine %uh that or govern how we
still have a ideal space for on dumping zones but will do
that soon enough that man was your problem now the new
standing why logical mines the marble part of something else
all-star blase batons McSally getting involved and is
now says it helps I was them into sending around of was in El may earn is alright what’s your problem what do you need naked in darkness enough to grounds that
the ground sharing a bedroom i’m gay wong’s that turn off your shit
to do or what ward in constructing ours is not even
others mining or mine my mandela she was having a bad man
you’re but worry me in am an OK but of I A don’t understand why he is not
moving at all am I missing here it an OK nom I’m at a loss okay now seriously boys movie now not sure without is at
NAIAS really confusing I know I was kinda weird as well as
continuing hopefully when he wakes up he’ll start doing stuff
correctly Agatha no and I’m trying to get you guys off
the floor too many D’s rooms built things at Batman is a create now i sowwy just 18 hours in a stand around
and what the fuck and get it what is it so fucking movie
animated what what is it why would anyone go back
I don’t get it what what the flock the lessons are weird trade to know
where they’re as locker in optimism in not seem right to me seems relatively I’ll and happy condition yeah I don’t
get it what why do you at work I don’t bug him
all there is is moving out the mail okay that was we’re gonna continue
working on yes the Soko Adele a group address
people from crop to ambers everette nearby dirt agee
immediately them or so they would and they would have
spawned insider the map 0 okay like as a secondary itself no new area holy shit 0 okay and these are all lower okay we
does you know what I thought that we had a
really good un place but I guess we don’t we just had to unlock the address
on the map 0 so we’re gonna have to again and
switch over where r ideal Rooms edges and be holy shit we
just keep on doing is over and over that’s really interesting I kinda like
it you know I did sir it’s annoying but it makes sense so he
does this dude the other weapon he’s got a short bow
okay Batman let me have you goin’ starred merely attacking this day
before it gets too crazy with us and maybe renew your began to burn come
to the same over here Rd not admit colony turkey treatment
already is a good one hit 72 baby my dad has been seriously
impaired it was an over here are we not turn out good so we had our
first knockout BAM is impaired rails find out as hell system is here so is right leg is bruised origins
bruised and left lanes bruise he’s in medium bank moving as any kinda
bored they’ll rade so we can meet again after this dude we
have no room for him know which is the problem right now so what I’m gonna do is Batman you free
yourself from this predicament green Eagle you also do the
same job in terms of Gallagher the much help as the hell my might scar what every bite into bet you’re a dirty
fighter okay one sec ago as neighbors in a
really loud advise getting a jolt now already so what I’m thinking it do
probably relief as a damn even though he’s got impaired near has been revealed red cargo plus
their cargo another cargo season drop bio gets good when do we get
probably do with Batman is on or maybe anybody right now to be a weird rumor by Dash I really
don’t like it too much but mmm let’s cancel out this mining for now I’d
imagine and that maybe he is going mine over
here probably be on a better for as in which is cancel out this mine in my goal is it is kinda get the Zune here
soon as possible 0 good a batman is impaired right now it’s
a problem so I near he’s not gonna be working too fast because that injury so
you can you get a meal as soon as possible I let’s see so what are these has to be
said as the medical benefit ride listener he’ll be says a medical better
me to call in his bed now because I am now that it has no better sleep n soul
do asleep inside nearby right now this’ll be the medical bed not a really
good one but whatever and your mouse to do is a have mmm riney galanos constructing Stephen Stevenson have you go into mining as a one to give me a
hand in going to constructing really quickly turn a growing off for now I think we
have a enough food ominous a red Stephen EU need to comment and give them a hand
with his mining up okay so for time right now it’s like
action as is and as possible meanwhile we can also set up a little
bit Ave a door right here may be better after
kinda get that don’t it does seem that way
good the job then and we might as well also set up a bed in a year says we have a chance for
in now you go I’m an already sold %uh forget she will
get to you Getty I’m trying to anyway Stephen can
you prioritize working on that year now be the best thing right now ban you
continue in manages passed down is a sleeping right
there my man is a bed for you right here my
friend been said owner that men %uh Manos leave their wake up in go and see
if we have to your life Ren and I will get you heal
soon believe me we will our guy amateur gonna go to make a disc
at ICBM to wake up and builders right now good and we’ll set as a prisoner bed and
Stephen for you anything else caption is getting there you go axle and so we had the
chance to cash in as good as any kind a good now is either the any injuries he might
he does night listen to down right now but he is gonna
be kinda jacked there so I wonder bf2 can heal the prisoners to it’s really a question read yet to heal
it prisoners as well before you actually
start recording and never a doubt about that citizens are here a medical spahn for colin is used only
on mmm centers medical well as he gets it as
medical n for prisoner use got it got its still maybe we’ll take your this
dude I mean I think you’re a man or you know
any many doctors as a problem so what did doctor in like
a one right here and then bringing or dual one somebody really
impatient to average relevant skill patience go to a
medical bed if they need to receive treatment Sabbat made in your seat
remained rights are you going to one in that ok eight so it’s the others works out
batman is going to the bed excellent and then green Eagle might is healing out a excellent and then
scenes over here healing Batman damage received a college
women from Steven gathers is the poor quality treatment
for am green Eagle E well you know he’s a fucking prisoner
okay so ben has received poor quality to me
as well how are you now you still impaired in bruise bruise in Abruzzo K so keep it going for now though hall
that off right now and I guess we might as well also make it so that we can haul the stuff over here as well what is this when the Moses miners orbit
in front of the Sun nichols has begun as kind of unfortunate the center images
running on nothing but a solar panel right now our solar power I
should say but adding the battery should be more in other gonna keep us up and
running 0 already batman is a rare hauling bruised up in everything my boy was over
here just kinda like going to work so good job in you bad men I saw Gaga we might as well said this
bad boy up for recruitment as well that out to Eagle Elmo go the crazy
barely got there going my friend pain is severe seems to be getting worse red nammari will do a friendly Jan animal in yet medicine and get him some
medicine do I guess and will try to recruit him gets really
gets doctor night net so we all know nine yards a
game involved here hey I’m iguana I’d appreciate your email
fucking food in as a brahmana food out there should
release are moving it inside for the sermon as a yes I didn’t care before so we’ll
do maybe a stockpile rossellini I’m acts momentary one in here and it’ll be
for me. we have the meals one so have nothing but I’m foods in here on known I run now manufactured on and is up in turn is often it’ll be my
preferred area for real meat and veggies again get no
hearings which is cancelled out a ride they decide it’s a no meals outside oh I
know he’s fuckin & Sons being a shit now the only problem
we have now so I really a problem but now to think about another location
actually set up our base because you know isn’t in your room
so you’re next you know we open up the area down here soul on her back in step 1 no which is you know financials a place
actually set up a room so we hear how r stone blocks looking on 35 as a we had I don’t have a crafter
over here on been suspended why is that he doesn’t have a a crafter mmm crafting now we have really was a
crafter on I’m not entirely sure the problem is
here configure oh one last Sun RK do forever got it cell the faster to get that night we
might is actually be able to put some runs over here after all this now I wonder Batman sealing up
properly here gotta hurry dog now prisoners starts the on I Spain’s media now so he is getting an
appeal by asserts that ball they let me come and join us now sitting in
Starbucks taking thing here test and we moved all
the food over as well X and we have here is in the colony Pugsley Addams Pugsley
Addams old shit you might as well grab this stuff to
ride I mean the I don’t care about the bodies
but the clocks that can help us out on make an even striptease is down for some
natural stuff here excellent source get the silver picked up on and morse over here I noon my pistols here and the
stratosphere Leef pulling rank they have some clothing
okay so easily do one thing I’d and the we do Hall the bodies as well
just let me has driven down and then we will you know just in a I
guess the Burnham actually can burn I we have to
build agreement first gets picked up over here okay cell phone I love you to commit or
condone civility production crematorium
discredits outside to get its buyers will put it inside not really the best place ever met or
even people in your bed to have to do the cosmos a personal note is a problem
but I guess it’s gonna work out and cell bodies need to be moved I would say dumping stockpile somewhere
outside for now will make a quick one leg over here and this will be for nothing
but bodies cell on forbes’s year don’t allow the records
is human corpses animal corpses in Medina corpses on share at a workout and will make this
our preferred area for course they began to drag those bodies from down there in
here stir but now it’s an armor and some clothing because I think we’re still
naked Raven ride now is as a shared batman’s when it’s
Nick and unfortunately I ok segued into making a stone’s manages ran off to you try to sweet are gathered over here slattery
done Batman I mean have you I’ll solar flares going on that’s really
terrible Batman you come down and Dom in secret is leaving now near a you come
in all this fucker of 0 and greedy was sleeping Stevens over
here my on your own some stuff right now Steve a
new.com and.net grab this other dude up wide up isn’t really a priority for me
to get right now because they do already have some weapons the very least but it could be beneficial at some point
Savannah grab a meal after you need a man at his trip that
body Batman waiting for it to go to okay get cell Stephen in your favor strip this
dude and strip this dude and my friend what the fuck is this
author had was with the a poncho nice a racist even grab yourself does
pancho and sure very sad for had you deserve it you stripped after a now
Batman needs a shirt in a lot of stuff so let’s
see you could probably where the Duster right now am Batman to get the t-shirt and about our best are the are nervous finally other good sorry there are daily fine for us now to
still be more bodies under that would ban is going on pickup it does seem that way good for you then
Adams has been on a descending around there
good for you you show that fucking edge in the metals bus humidor ends up and running which is
fine because now I could do at a bill here too a burn a payroll 0 the not not marry now but soon I’d
imagine once again ala big amount even you create got him in
court since and will do basically all the corpses
arnett the senator at their 0 already I’ll near you run-up so goggles
when I was gonna this problem is over your character helped done right hand middle finger
this car that’s okay well and dots in darkness imprisoned his environment
yeah yeah I’ll well we have in all the
dresses up in their hands dirty in there too as well I can imagine E but I’m considering we’ve danger be
completely I would stop bitching about my friend just throwing it out there the main body
is excellent I think one of these bodies can still be stripped so do that could get well as as a scarab and scare that scales with a different the
other 10 was batman & man ran off to his big no more bodies
okay I see I see what you’re up to you them in
really quickly strip this person as well already cell now one day we probably
start solidifying our room sign as we have enough stone laws actually put up
some walls there’s a will do maybe this will be one room this doorway if I’m right yes so this will be the other room no that’s wrong as I write 12 yet yes read okay so we’ll have now
won and then we’ll do another stonewall its sole entry stone stone and then up there there okay and then all my netbook Mike’s cell and then my nurse and will mine that 0 in that’s good and will probably just set
up a.m. is certain to add the word for it with you ok attack immediately I’ll located immediately it for these dudes are okay that sermon could be a problem I guess but we do the
jury would take a turn on for this and never I’ll still have their guys will deal
with israeli an exceptional play goes out pretty well I hope me I’m still not really safer if you’re
really a lake on edge very uneasy with high so far but we’ll see how it works hope you guys
enjoyed it I will get you next in


  1. Short hint on doctoring. The better they are at this job the higher the healingchance and teh lower the chance on a permanent debuff so you should maybe train one or 2 docs and not a bunch of them (i know you only have 3 ppl..just for the future)
    And it helps with the bodyburning if you set it to "repeat" and not just "burn one body" 😛

  2. Might've messed up regarding the colonist list, I remember not seeing it beforehand at my first request and requested it again, I'm labeled as both number 303 and number 454. Sorry about that D:

  3. falcon , when the colonists are just standing and not doing anythingbut eat and sleep its a bug that i experienced in alpha 5 and it was sooo annoyng… like 3 of my people didn't do shit for like a day :/

  4. Was just looking at that list and dayum thats a lot of people u got there also following u on google now aswell would be nice if the favor could be returned 🙂

  5. Whew I'm on the list now 😀 I'll be in the colony by beta 8!

    the whole massive secret area was pretty interesting. 😮

    with the whole strange location shape this should be an interesting colony indeed. c:

  6. Seems odd that they're spacing out and standing still all the time… I wonder if there's a problem with their path finding after all the change to how map generation works.

  7. I am getting a strange feeling that Rimworld A6 is going to have a bunch of ass kicking in store for you.  It is going to make A5 seem like a cakewalk. Should have brought the artillery mod 😉

  8. Hey falcon my last character saw the last of the last colony but are u restating the list cuz batman is in this series

  9. Great colony so far! Btw, that scarab looks different because corpses can decay into skeletons now, make sure to butcher meat before it rots away

  10. Oh! Since there is new clothing items in the game, when it gets to where I join in the colony (I am number 327!) can you outfit me in communist style apparel? Like anything like Trenchcoats, military garb, fur hats, soldier helmets, officer caps, factory suspenders would be fantastic. Thanks in advance if possible.

  11. damn cliffhanger^^ ;D
    be carefull in fights^^ you can easly loose walking or working ability.
    10 knockouts in the last raid^^
    "woohooo new pawns for my colony"
    (5mins later) "fuck, working = none / walking = none"
    ten knockouts, zero recruit.

    now they all gonna starve to death in my gulag. "selling or execution is no option… my pawns will go crazy"


    tip: do not recruit them all or let them die. you will need them. if something happends to one of your crew, just click on warden. talking to a prisoner is a good way to calm down your peeps

  12. Just subscribed 😀 Seems like a cool channel with a good pick of games. Would love to be put on the list as "Grecio". Cheers!

  13. Decimus'  Log:
    I venture forth once more unto the desert, but this time with a little added help. A guard in his stupidity left his speeder bike unguarded outside the gates, so I helped myself. The dust storm was still raging so I couldn't move fast whatsoever but it still lessens my need to waste my valuable energy walking. After I was a safe distance away from the camp I looked back through my thermal goggles and saw the hot smoke rising above in the distance, I caused some real havoc back there, hurt a lot of people. I feel guilt for knocking that man unconscious, wrecking the camp, and for some odd reason I feel guilty for pulling that trigger. The shot hit the pirate in the head so I doubt he could ever survive, what a monster I am. I came to this planet looking for new opportunities in life, not to take someone's life! …even if it was that pirate scum…

  14. * I have finally infiltrated the tribe and will make my way to the crash site. I have changed my name until the voice will change it back. Galga had a shortbow, and a name but both will be helpful in my journey to the new compound *

  15. You actually can burn bodies if you have the Molotov cocktail weapon thingie.  It will set fire to the corpse and will burn up everything up to the bones and you wont have any negative effect for doing it with your colonists. 

  16. right at the of the video there when poor falcons colony is attacked, why would they do that he has nothing of value to them?!? LOL that's also bad luck XD

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