Let’s Talk About ADHD and Overwhelm. I’m Behind In So Many Things!

Hi I’m Rick Green. Let’s talk about
overwhelm. Ugh. You’ve felt it everyone has, whether you have ADHD or not, but
talk with some ADHD specialists and it’s clear we are more prone to feeling
swamped, drained, even drowning in our thoughts and stuff, in commitments.
There’s a reason those of us with ADHD can become overwhelmed it’s called ADHD. You may have heard the term executive function disorders, may not. Basically
executive functions are like what executives and managers would do at a
large company. If you think of your brain as a large company, so the executives do
the planning and the organizing, prioritizing, supply management, setting
goals, monitoring progress, costs, finance. Just making sure everything runs
smoothly. They don’t actually do the work but they make sure it’s all organized.
Executive function is probably a better description than an attention deficit
hyperactivity disorder at least for me because sometimes I have lots of focus
and attention. Even way too much and I’m focused on the wrong things and
sometimes I can be a bit hyperactive and other days feeling flat and half-asleep
and listless, and when I’m listless I can’t even make a list. So this isn’t
just a problem with attention distractions daydreaming or fidgeting
but it can be. It can also be a problem managing thoughts actions where your
body is in space your propio setec system it’s called. Then there’s the
internal distractions… like that year when I was a ballerina… and external
distractions. Managing the thousands of messages that are pouring into your
brain every second through your eyes and your ears what you see and hear and also
what you taste what you smell what you touch. That’s why those tags on clothing
can feel like a porcupine stabbing your neck, or noisy places, loud restaurants
bright lights. Executive function is about sorting through all of the signals
separating what’s crucial from the background chatter.
Right now you should be focused on what your child is saying but instead you’re
thinking about cheese. Prioritizing deciding what’s more
important. That script that’s due today or playing around on my model railroad.
and if executive functions are not a big strength of yours it can lead to chaos
and chaos becomes overwhelming, but with ADHD we get busy we like busy our brains
like busy they love busy our brains are wired to go looking for trouble for
drama danger excitement or opportunities.
Always on the alert or on the alert until we run out of gas and we hit the
wall and we sink into a torpor which we do more often than other people and
suddenly burnout overwhelm nap time! The rabbit not the tortoise, slow and steady wins the race? Yeah that’s okay I’ll try another race,
and once you’ve hit that wall and you’ve collapsed in a heap snoring away or
playing Sudoku instead of finishing the big assignment. What do you do? well at
some point you just keep playing Sudoku. OR take a short nap 10 to 30 minutes or
get some food another thing I learned about overwhelm was from taking courses with coach Linda Walker noticing my energy levels throughout the day. A lot
of us are up in the morning but flat by mid afternoon and then we get a kind of
a second wind in the evening which is why when I was doing a lot of live
theater I noticed that by 5:00 p.m. most days I thought I was coming down
with the flu, I didn’t think I could go on and then by 8:00 curtain time I was
alive alert ready to walk out on stage. I think my body knew what was coming and just took the time to knock me flat and store up some energy. There are other
ways to avoid overwhelm which is probably better than getting into
overwhelm and trying to dig your way out. Drink water, have snacks, take breaks, in
fact my Fitbit. I love this, it has me every hour get up and walk at least 250
steps and then it gives me a little cheer and I know I’m a grown adult it
shouldn’t matter. It does for some reason and here’s the big one and you’re not
going to like it because you have ADHD but
it’s under schedule. Plan to do less than you think you can. I know I know you have so much to do you need a long list of tasks. That’s exactly what I did for
decades creating long lists that I never got done and I kept doing that till my
coach asked does that work? oh? and don’t feel bad because big projects like I
don’t know home renovations or say making a blockbuster movie, usually goes
over budget in cost and in time. Think about that. Here are the best plannersaccountants production managers schedulers. The best in their field and
they can still dramatically overestimate how much they can get done in a day or
underestimate how much things are gonna cost, how long they’re gonna take how
many people will be required, the energy the reserves. I know under scheduling sounds restrictive and it can sometimes feel
restrictive. I’d rather do this but it works for me. Enough about me, what about you? how do you manage overwhelm? or even prevent
life from reaching that state of mind boggling nerve rattling soul sucking
paralysis. Share in the comments below, or drop by the house and tell me… No
actually the place is a mess, comments are better. Please it’s always a mess
it’s on my list I should get to it. I better add it to the list. So if that wasn’t
the best thing you’ve ever seen in your life that’s okay. Hi I’m Rick green
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  1. Hi, so recently i got diagnosed with ADD/ADHD or whatever. But im not that over active kid, but rather the quiet, hard to concentrate one. So i got given subscription to conserta. I went up in a 4 week period from a doze of 18 to 54 mg. But since its only 4 weeks ago i started i have some side effects like heart is bumping so hard (not quickly) i have hard to sleep and my whole body shakes around. I am also a bit dizzy, and apetite is COMPLETELY lost. Also my legs,shoulders and chest is shaking/vibrating. And typing on keyboard is a bit harder.

    The doctor told there are side effects when starting the medication. But i feel like its a bit too much change.

    So how was your/or other patients initial reaction to Methylphenidate, and especially the beginning of a 54 mg doze a day?

  2. I have no idea how to avoid overwhelm and burnout…lemme know if you hear something good. But I really need to know how in the heck you know about my Sudoku addiction…are you spying on me?! 😁

  3. I schedule things on a weekly basis using my Bullet Journal. I enjoy being creative and every Sunday/Monday I sit down and draw a new weekly spread and I plan my week.
    Since everything, EVERYTHING, takes time and effort I also write down “everyday” things on my daily to-do-lists, like taking a shower, eating breakfast, emptying the dish washer etc.
    If something extra, unplanned, happens I wrote this down as well. For example if my mother in law shows up and needs help with some computer emergency, I write that down. Because I need to keep track of my energy levels. And at the end of the day I always feel like I haven’t accomplished anything and I still have a thousand things to do, and then I can check my bullet journal and see all the things I actually managed to get done.
    Since I make a new weekly spread every week I change the layout and I don’t get bored, so I stick with my Bullet Journal 😎👍🏻

    I have no idea if I have said what I wanted to say, since during the process of writing this comment I have put down my phone three times because I got distracted.

    I hope this comment was to at least some use to someone 🤷🏻‍♀️

    And thanks for an awesome channel 🥰👌🏻

  4. Eeee my watch has little pixel fireworks when I’ve reached daily goals like steps or stairs. I wish it could be as encouraging as the Fitbit so it clapped when I did my 250 steps per hours. Mine just says move. And then inactivity cleared or something like that. Almost a bit rude! Even what was the video about again?

  5. I really need to bring this up……
    But did you know that certain foods can affect the way your meds work, or even interfere with them?
    Also I've heard red 🔴 dye(s) in some foods can affect their mood & behavior due to supposedly an allergic reaction. For me I don't think I'm allergic to any dyes, but citrus 🍋 fruits will affect the way my stimulate medicine works (and this goes for all stimulate meds) if I eat it in the morning or during the day. So if I want any, I like to wait till later on in the day when I know I have nothing else going on and I'm winding down for the evening. That's the best time for me to eat some.

  6. Yep, I'm overwhelmed. Especially on my days off! I'm trying the Mel Robbins 5,4,3,2,1 rule but I just can't get it together. Oh, and I'm always thinking about cheese! 🧀

  7. Yes, so true and good to understand all of this if you do not have add. My 14 yr old son currently has about 12 unfinished school projects. We live in the world of overwhelm. When he gets behind with assignments it is nearly impossible to get caught up again😖…even though he is extremely gifted. Sometimes I think this even compounds the situation in public school.😬🤪🙃

  8. It was one of the best things I have ever seen, even if I could not hear much because of the washing-machine spinning.
    Love those videos, this overwhenlming feeling is exactly how I felt over the past few years…

  9. I encounter the overwhelm frequently when I am in transition. Like now the kids just started school and I have my free time back to work on my YouTube channel and other creative projects, but there is so much to do and I don't know where to start and so many emails to catch up on and Halloween is coming up soon and I have lots of ideas for that, but never get everything done on time and then I behind for Thanksgiving projects as well as Christmas…. And oh the shopping! Right now I am looking for an app that will help me schedule my life. Everything is so much easier when there is a schedule.

  10. I've been extremely low energy this week. I need to finish a report that's already late and it seems everything is shinier than the damn thing. I planned all of thirsday around it, I took time off, I had the house to myself, and when I come to it's 7 pm and I've binged grey's anatomy all day, so I stay up untill 3 am, don't finish it and at 8am I'm a zombie. And then I feel guilty and anxious, which does not help my concentration at all!

  11. Where can I get help that's as detailed as what you're talking about here? Is there a better state for care? We can travel wherever is best.

  12. I always have very grandiose plans. I am sure that I can learn fluent Chinese in one month while working full time and studying in the university. I make rigorous plans and I usually don't manage to follow them more than an hour. I really enjoy dreaming and planning, and I have given myself a permission to do that. I can even follow my plans as long as I make them during my extra time. I have been learning Brazilian Portuguese since January and when I get passionate for a new language I tell myself that I can learn it. But only after I have studied Portuguese. I am super proud that I have been learning Portuguese 9 months because usually I manage to learn one language about two weeks (when the stars align).

  13. The less I schedule, the more I do. In my mind it goes something like this.. " Can I climb this mountain?.. no I can't. Might as well not try.. can I climb those five stairs?.. of course!.. that was easy.. oh, more stairs!" Positive reinforcement, and immediate feedback! The magic combo!

  14. I‘m moving next month. New place to live, new job, new everything.
    Plus, dealing with wrapping up my life here.
    And I had to buy a new car. I‘m running on pure adrenaline right now…panik is the driver. Just hoping to make it through until after the move…then I‘ll probably crash for at least two weeks. Oh man.
    It is amazing though, to realize, how much I can get done, if I really have to. I just wish, I could be that productive and have fun at the same time.

  15. Nice tip!! Breathing exercise helps me. I tell myself during that I don't have to do anything at this time. Just breathe relax. When stressed writing in journal helps me too and just focusing on feeling the emotion until it passes on it's own.

  16. Another thing is: setting out to do 1 small task that seems easily achievable to me. It jumpstarts my engine and then I get into action mode. I start to do more small tasks and then get to task I've been feeling anxious/stressed about. The small to dos increase my confidence.

  17. Ehh i know I'm spamming this comment section. But another thing: Trello => organization website + app i use to write down to-dos. I always have my phone with me so it works well. If I don't write to do's to buys down immediately they're gone.. And i do not know when they will arise in my brain again. So that app/website prevents a lot of stress regarding that too. I'm seriously in fucking love with it

  18. Waah.. it was YEARS since I wasnt swiming in a swamp and being overwhelmed. Its stressing. And then I get to overwhelmed, to many things so then I just do nothig… I need to learn how to organize. Sure I make lists.. lots of lists, in diferebt books, notepads, phone and.. then its just everywhere like my brain.. again. 😐😑 underschedule ok, thanks! I hope ill remeber, see I forget.. I shoulde write it down on my list..

  19. I'm listening to this while tidying up. I have adhd and aspergers and having audio to listen to really helps me get things done.

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