Let’s Talk About Drugs VS Medicine

– Let’s talk about pharmaceuticals. And let’s talk about the P-H in the pharm. And let’s talk about
the regular farm, the F. They’re the other side, they’re
telling you what they are, right?
(slow upbeat music) Now, by no means am I, by this video, am I telling you to stop
taking your medication. You should consult a doctor to find out how you could wean yourself off of it if you want to wean yourself off of it. A lot of people talk about medication. Not wanting to wean yourself off of it, they’re just talking about it, but they’re not really
willing to do the work, because in order to do the
work you gotta get healthy. You got to clean your body out. You have to replace it
with certain things. Nature has medication as
well that’s actually wired to go into your body,
your body adapts to it, it adapts to your body, it
meshes, it fuses with your body. Imagine you were Lamborghini, your Lamborghini’s in the garage. Now you know your Lamborghini only takes a certain amount of synthetic oil right? But you put regular oil, what
happens to your Lamborghini? It’s a expensive looking
piece of your trash now. Because you ruined the engine. Well a lot of y’all are
ruining your engines. Drugs, which produce chemical
reactions in the body, first have no nutritional value at all, unlike if you were about
to take herbal formula or medicine which does and
compliments your body’s genetic and biological make up. First things first, before we get started, make sure you like, comment, subscribe and if you feel this video
brings any value to your life, if you feel like this video, you know, you want to see more videos like this, leave it in the comment
section ’cause otherwise I don’t know what you want. You know, at the end of the day, drugs, when they go into your body,
they act with excessive force to yank the body back to health. If they ever do that,
without needing drugs at all. The strain upon a body will
eventually tear at the body’s functions, especially those
of the sexual organs first. For these reasons, the
long-term use of drugs negates their effectiveness as a side effect. For this, you can have
more drugs prescribed. Like I said, as a side effect,
it creates a new sickness in the body because of the
distressed state you’re in. Drugs, on a short-term basis, do have their effectiveness
very temporarily. Say if you had a super big migraine, you probably gonna take
it, you’re probably gonna take a Advil, you’re probably
gonna take some Ibuprofen, there’s probably a reason
why you have a headache. When I had my Achilles injury
and I had to wear that cast, I’mma be real with y’all, I
had to take blood thinners so I didn’t get a blood clot in my leg because it was not circulating, and I hated it with this in my body, but I did it temporarily and
I got right back off of it as soon as I possibly could,
soon as the cast came off in three weeks, I was off that stuff. If someone in moderation
were to consume alcohol, it wouldn’t do enough damage
to the body for the long term. But if someone were to
drink alcohol every day to the point where they become alcoholic or even before that, it would first severely damage the liver. Someone to the point where
their body has become so dependent on the alcohol,
stopping it, for an alcoholic, can even kill you, so you
gotta kind of wean off of it like you, like you do medication. Open your mind to herbal
things that will be able to, be able to help you out, you
know, you can plant things around your house, you have
to open up a book because, you know, the more you
know, the more you grow. The more you value your life,
the more you bring things into your life that have
value, remember that. So if you value your life,
you’re gonna bring things like this into your life that have value, because nature is already
designed to help and heal you, just in case you get sick
in this avatar vessel that we live in today. Now, how about this, y’all. For y’all marijuana smokers. Regular smoking of
marijuana or anything else that produces smoke weakens the liver, and smoking two or more blunts in a day can destroy around 10% of
liver function a month. If the liver filters out
toxic particles of smoke off the blood, with
difficulties, it gets poisoned in the process, and the
liver cannot fully recover after such damage unless it is given help through the use of herbs and foods that, which can regenerate your liver. At the end of the day, it
doesn’t matter how sick you are. If you catch it fast enough,
you’ll be able to reverse whatever’s going on with you. I’ve been sick, I’ve been
hurt, and I’ve been able to regenerate every ailment
that I’ve dealt with. When you deal with these
diseases in a body, and you take the medication
and the drugs off the rip, just not, without doing research, you put your body into a distressed state because if you can’t
pronounce the medication, what makes you think your body can? I just want you to open your mind a bit and understand what these
things are doing to your body, then what these things
can do to your body, because there are really
no side effects for herbs, just by taking too much, you
probably can get a stomachache or something like that, and
there are some more serious ones out there, like you take too
much and possibly kill you or combine with certain
things that possibly kill you, but there, those aren’t the
ones that you normally see in the stores, something the
companies don’t really sell, they sell the ones that
are, they come from foods, just extracted in a way where
we can put it in capsules now. So, I mean, if you want to
open your mind, open your mind, but if you don’t, you don’t,
but I enlightened you today, I hope that you got
something from this video, this is a very serious video,
there’s a lot of people out here really struggling on medications and they don’t feel like
they know what to do. If you’re that person, make
sure you open your mind, open your, open some
books and educate yourself on where you want to start. People are always asking
me “where do I start?” You start with that first idea,
what did you want to know, what you gonna know today. Besides that, like, comment, subscribe, if you feel like this video’s
about your life in any way, please leave a comment, like, subscribe, what you gotta do with the
notification, I love y’all, I’mma see y’all soon, peace.


  1. Coach Reggie could you give us a recap possibly on vaccines not just the vaccines that are aggressively damaging our children but they're talkin about bringing out new vaccines for adults as a part of healthy people 2020 forced vaccinations for adults could you look into that

  2. Reggie where can you I get the video clips like you show in your videos? Is there a software or something I need to purchase? Would appreciate the knowledge. And great video also people must discover the natural things right in front of us daily and stop feeding off of meds.

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