LG Health in the News: Dr. Madhavi Reddy discusses pain killer addiction (WGAL)

coverage you can count on continues this is news 8 at 11 in HD painkiller nation new concerns tonight that we are addicted to popping pills it is the top story this thursday night if you took a little something tonight you’re not alone doctors say we are downing painkillers sixteen times more than we were just 10 years ago tonight news 8’s Pete Muntean talk to the experts about what’s going on Pete Janelle the numbers don’t lie hospitals pharmacies and physicians gave out more than 100 tons of the key ingredient in pain killers it’s codone in 2010 put that in perspective that is enough to give nearly 45 milligram tablets of percocet and 24 5 milligram tablets of vicodin to every man woman and child in the United States doctors say that that is a dangerous trend this is music to an annex ears but not to doctors we are prescribing more medications over the past decade it has really escalated mana be ready is a pain management physician at Lancaster General Health Campus she says when it comes to painkiller abuse doctors are the gatekeepers these days they spend more time talking with their patients deciding if a prescription is the right treatment it’s not a surprise at all and in fact many practices have now tailored their the way we prescribe these medications there’s a lot more monitoring that goes on now warming very very high rate of drug use among the people that shouldn’t be having it but pharmacists like Charlie smithgall have seen the number of prescriptions spike more dock in a box clinics have popped up making it hard to know what is legitimate a lot of the painkillers are using larger quantities all the time and younger people are getting them and you just have to be careful one way doctors have been fighting the trend they’ve begun prescribing different types of drugs to make patients less prone to becoming addicted we try to get people off of the short-acting medicines that they end up having to take every three to four hours because you are more likely to kind of develop that craving the problem of it is is the honest people that have pain or the ones are going to pay the price in the future there’s no stereotype it could be the 70 some year old retired senior citizen or it could be the 30 year old minister and may not be the person who comes in with that tattoos and smokes and you think oh my gosh you know and this is the person I’m afraid of that will become addicted some of those warning signs to look out for you here’s somebody you know is becoming a pain killer addict he or she may be taking the medication more frequently than recommended also taking pills for another reason besides pain such as depression and taking medication that was prescribed for another person is another telltale sign Chanel we set up a link to our website wgal.com a questionnaire that doctors used to tell if you’re at risk when everybody just wants to feel better all right thank you p

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