Libra feels vs action June 2019 Forbidden fruit, their medicine

hello Libra welcome to your fields versus action spread for June 2019 I just want to quickly say thank you so much to all your likes comments subscribes welcome any new subscribers thank you so much for tuning in and being here with me I really do appreciate it yeah I really do appreciate all the love and support you guys are awesome so thank you for being here again or welcome to my channel firstly the meditative messages okay starting with the meditative messages I heard it is safe for you to be open it is safe for you to be open or it is safe for you to love and be loved it is safe and whether that be just in general or whether that be with a specific person a specific love interest and counter your partner crush someone that you've just crossed paths with whoever this person is it is safe for you to love it is safe to be open with this person or this could just be in general feeling safe within yourself feeling secure feeling secure and safe to be yourself and to be your fullest expression of who you are not letting anything hold you back from being your raw authentic self okay in general it is safe for you to love and be loved and you are lovable and yeah you are safe to be that person nothing more nothing less just it is safe to beat you I did also see a woman – or like some kind of a snake on her shoulders and she's really seductive and she had the snake slithering down her arms and posing all very seductive like so the feelings that I was feeling when I saw that image was you could be tapping into your more sexual side sexual fantasies or you could just be really tuning into your feminine energy really being more seductive you could be trying to tempt someone you could pee you could have your eye on someone and you're trying to seduce them if you are the Libra male you could be tempted by someone like this you could be very tempted by someone you could have a partner but you're feeling tempted by some woman okay they could be seducing nu or Libra you are this seductive woman okay I heard someone thinks that you are of the biddin fruit okay they're looking at you like you're a forbidden fruit I might even title this video forbidden fruit before her did your energy it was so funny because I didn't really know that I was going to be doing you guys because I have to look down and see like what order I'm gonna do them in I have a way that I figured out and I was really feeling your energy I was like I'm sorry 'only for energy what's going on is there something going on with Libra like placements is there something going on planetary planetary yeah I don't know but I was really feeling the Libra energy and I was really cuz I was really confused I was really indecisive if I was trying to plan out my day and what I wanted to do and I kept humming and airing whether I should do this video or not and and I kept changing my mind and then I was gonna do this and I was gonna do that and then I was gonna do this and then I was gonna do that not I could not make my mind up and I was like oh my god I'm being a typical Libra right now not all of you are like that but yeah I don't know maybe some of you are writing your element during this time or at or leading up to the month of June cause this is for June I don't know but it was um and then when I looked through my videos I was like oh it's actually time to do libras really that's that's what I'm doing next time I think this reading was meant to be sorry Libra getting into it three cards here on my left your right for you and how you feel towards someone special crush partner ex-boyfriend girlfriend wife husband person potentially meeting whoever someone special to you three cards for your special person on my right your left and how they feel towards you Libra the spread that I pull in the middle I'm going to read it as then towards you okay but it can also be vice versa I do find most of the time not all the time but most of the time the feminine energy is usually on my left your right and the masculine energy is usually on my right your left and the masculine energy is usually the spread that I pull in the middle okay so if you are a Libra masculine you will probably find that you resonate more on this side and the spread that I pull in the middle is talking about you not taking that that is way too many cards all right Libra three cards for Libra and how they feel towards the special person three cards and how Libra feels towards their special person three cards see three cards and how Libra feels towards a special person for June 2019 love abounds number one new beginning in love Libra really feeling unconditional love maybe it's that you're feeling safer than what you ever had before previously going like maybe this is what you're needing to hear now because it is still may that you need to be open that it saves for you to be open and loved and receive love right and maybe moving into June this is exactly the energy that is going on you're feeling safe and secure to be yourself and to love and give and receive I feel like if you have been having anxieties recently or even currently I feel like that shifting moving into June simply love okay so you do have a genuine person here okay it's simply love look at all this green color okay this is heart chakra energy this is the purest form of love it is safe for you – lovely person definitely safe for you to love this person this person loves you unconditionally or you love this person unconditionally yeah and it's it's a pure kind of love number so number one for new beginnings in love number six six is for relationship thanks for balance it's for peace it's for harmony within your relationship and simple love's simply love or simple love is the purest form of love it's easy it's light it's free love and freedom go together so well and a lot of people don't understand that concept they think that love means possession I possess you your mind I own you no simply love simple love is free it's pure and it is unconditional and it's simple it doesn't make you feel heavy it doesn't make you feel tied down it doesn't make you obsess okay obsession is not love number two spread your wings you are on a very spiritual path here Libra okay this could be a twin flame not one that you you know it's like a pure it's a pure maybe it's a real twin flame or you know it's very healthy for you it's very healing this this love this relationship is very very healing you are on a spiritual path here this is a divine connection very much so you spread your wings it's free love is free spread your wings freedom and you're feeling free and open and unconditional you're in a really good state of being mentally emotionally physically everything is just in alignment for you and is coming together really nicely and number two now four loves partnerships okay you're moving in the right direction if you've met someone new keep going you can trust this person you're on the right path finally you know if it's been a long time coming you're finally on the right path if you're already in a relationship perhaps they are already it's already your person the one that's going to go into the finish line you're going to stay together definitely on the right path I mean this is for June so let's take a look and see what libras love interest has what is the feelings towards their Libra what is libras love interest special person how do they feel towards their Libra please for June 2019 I feel like everything is just falling into place for you Libra you're feeling more independent free powerful knowing your power and just living life you're not you're not stressing obsessing you're not codependent you're just feeling free spiritually here and you know I think that you have a lot of trust and a lot of faith at least in the month of June you're going to be going to a much higher ground so if you're struggling right now that we are in May you know better times are ahead you're really going to have everything become clear everything's going to fall into place everything's going to be okay feeling connected feeling in alignment okay three cards for libras love interest in how they feel towards their Libra how do they feel towards their Libra teach okay they could be older than you okay they could feel that they will learn or are learning a lot from you or they want to add value to your life here they may feel that they are wiser than you if they're not older they may think that they are they may want to mold you let's see what the other cards are first before I jump ahead two more cards for libras love interest and how they feel towards their Libra choose your battles so they maybe being a little bit petty they may be going through some kinds of anger issues you know they may be going through something they may have a lot to learn this person they may think that they know better but they don't they could have a lot to learn when it comes to I don't know communication perhaps or not taking them I only want one card one more card for Libra and how they feel towards these opportunity beckons hmm with the number four and you've got this infinity symbol what goes around comes around it goes on it's never-ending it's infinite infinite sorry and they have a number for sorry I feel like they you know they see themselves with you for the rest of their life with the number four they think of the future they want to be able to offer you more I'm sort of looking at this guy and he's leaning over the balcony and he's looking it's like he's looking in the direction of his destiny he knows what's ahead of him he knows that and it's also green for the heart chakra he knows he loves you you know that you love this you know whoever this person is on this side knows that they are in love and once the future has got no plans of abandoned abandoning you or anything like that it's like they can see themselves with you for the rest of their life and that's what they want but I feel like they're Oh heart chakra so they do love there is love here okay but I feel like this person is going through something they may be going through some kind of self-worth issues they may want to be able to offer you and give you more that's what I'm feeling here so they may be taking it out on you a little bit but you're just so not moved by this Libra because you've got oh my god your energy is amazing like you are an amazing person just don't let anyone make you feel any different than amazing because love abounds simply love spread your wings like I feel that you you accept this person's light and dark side and I think that this person just feels really really comfortable to take their out on you because they love you because they're comfortable with you they sort of have a tendency to use you as a bit of a boxing bag punching bag whatever but not physically I mean I mean I would never support physical abuse but I feel like this person is definitely going through something maybe they need to wise up with the teach card maybe they've got like I said they've got a lot to learn they're going through some kind of challenge here with choose your battles going through some kind of challenge it could be to do with work money for some reason they are going through something that isn't making them feel good worthy whatever that is they could be going through some kind of a battle spiritually career money addictions even we'll have to get some more information on that but yeah I just I do see that that this person feels really comfortable with you and maybe taking it out on you they've got a bit of anger issues going on over here anger issues or they're just some some of them could think that they are better than you or that they they I don't know they could be feeling like they know better because they're the man and what would you know kind of thing I don't know it's some kind of a issue okay I'm gonna say that some kind of an issue but there's love here and you just need to keep being you Libra I know that you can't see these cards but you just need to keep being you being unconditional towards this person as you are and this person may be taking you for granted a little bit because they know that you love them could be that they're taking you for granted hmm okay you could be that you are more adventurous than this purse maybe this person is a bit stuck in their ways you're a bit more open and this person's a bit more narrow-minded needing to be more down-to-earth and open-minded being a little bit sort of like my don't stink kind of energy is what I'm getting over here so anyway let's take a look at what's going on in their mind when it comes to Libra let's see what actions they plan to take what actions I plan to take you for any and what is the outcome empress this is your energy Libra you know they look at you like this they do they do know your Worth they do respect you they do know your Worth they want this new beginning with you they want growth in the situation they're very attracted to you they think that yeah but this is also you know again this is what I'm getting the Empress is a very nurturing down-to-earth unconditionally loving person but sometimes people can take advantage of the Empress they can take advantage of their cover her kindness so just look out for that but you know you are the Empress I mean that's clear with the first three cards you can achieve anything that you want you can help this person to heal their heart to overcome their battles and challenges because you have the power you have the power this month you are the Empress although this person may be taking advantage you also have the power to redirect where this relationship is going or get it back on course or you have the power to heal this person maybe this is the person that is struggling to open up and feel safe to be loved to give love and receive love maybe you're feeling safe and open to express who you truly are and this person isn't so comfortable with you expressing so honestly and openly maybe this person is having issues with that because they are having issues to feel safe and secure to open up to give and receive and to know that they are lovable maybe they're the ones that are thinking that they're not lovable if they would open up and share too much maybe they don't like that they can't handle it when people are feeling comfortable within their element being yourself and this person may be throwing shade on you a little bit because they're deep down jealous because you are just yourself okay so you got Taurus Libra Sagittarius energy here now I feel like you are these persons medicine like definitely with the teach card like you're definitely teaching them how to feel more emotionally balanced within themselves to give and receive your teaching this person to give and receive the right amount of this the right amount of that you are definitely helping to balance this person's emotions I feel like this person is struggling to be present okay they're always looking forward into the future always forward thinking wanting more like just not feeling satisfied with where they're at currently for some reason well there's you're just going with the flow being present enjoying life and this person is like I'm not happy until I get this I'm not happy to look at that I won't be happy until I get this that like I want more again this person could be going through some self-worth issues maybe they feel like they don't own enough or they don't have enough or they're not ready or this person could be expecting something to go wrong or have expectations like things done a certain way when there's you're just like nah man chill I feel like this person for some of them not all may feel like they are always right that they know better I get that message again like their way is the be-all and end-all that their way is the only way they could put high expectations on themselves and that's why they reflect that to others but there's definitely some things that they need to look at within themselves okay it's something that's going on with them and it is not a reflection of you Libra it is not a reflection of you it is a reflection of them because they're suffering here on the inside I don't know what it is it's going to be different for each and every one of you but they are going through something on the inside Ace of Cups okay this is an opened healed heart chakra they're going to go within okay they are going to figure these things out they are going to start looking at themselves and I feel like it's because you don't move like you don't get affected by this person you are in your element you are open-hearted you are standing your ground but in a nurturing and compassionate way you are loving this person unconditionally and you are being compassionate I think that you are aware that this person I think that you are aware that it is not a reflection of you at least moving into the month of June you are aware that it is not a reflection of you and that it is you can see right through them Libra you see right through them you know their struggles and you are helping them by unconditionally loving them they're going to feel like it's them they're the ones that need to become open they're the ones that need to become open or if you're the Libra man or masculine you need to be open but you are helping this person to open their heart chakra and to loved and to love themselves unconditionally you're teaching this person unconditional love this I feel is fated because of this white dove I think it's a dove it's a gift from the universe it was fated soulmate energy here as well the Empress is the Divine Feminine again though for some of you this person could be older than you okay and they're stuck in their ways but I feel you help ground them and bring them back down to earth so let's see what are the other messages you are their medicine yep they return to a more balanced fair they're giving and receiving learning how to give and receive to give love and receive love a lot of cards well you know with the temperance and the six of Pentacles it's all about balance balance and harmony successful relationship okay we have the moon we have the moon I feel like it's this person really shining the light to see what's in the dark she got the Hermit card here with the moon it's like this person is really comes into the realization that they have been projecting they have been projecting onto you they realize that themselves you're not even telling this person anything you're not teaching this person anything you're just being you hi vibe compassionate and unconditionally loving and eventually what does that do that causes a natural balance within that person when you love someone unconditionally their dark side their lights I'm dark and light you know it helps create naturally a balance you don't even need to do anything you just need to love love conquers all and it brings about a natural catalyzation number three temperance manifestation it's some medicine it's it's alchemy and it brings this person back to their core back to their sin back to their balance they're finding their way out of the darkness they're going within they could be doing a lot of shadow work okay they could be going to a teacher a spiritual teacher a healer that could be seeking out a wise person to receive healing shadow work yeah it's like a it's like a it's like a death and rebirth for transformation it is it's but they're finding their way through the dark and they are looking at themselves Pisces energy here as well they're going Sagittarius Taurus Libra aha beautiful lovers this was destined to happen this is fated this is a deep spiritual connection this is what I was feeling in the very beginning brand-new beginning this definitely could be a twin flame okay it could be for some that you are in separation for some not all you could be in separation with this person and this person needs to go through their shadows they are looking at themselves they are aware I mean this is their mental thoughts and actions that they have towards you Libra so they are aware of this connection they are aware of the twin flame they come into the awareness of it or soulmate connections state connection they are aware of the bond o beautiful soulmate so make energy every time look soulmates you've got six of cups with the lovers so this could be a reconciliation this could be a union a brand new union with someone that you know is a Twin Flames soulmate or just someone that you know is in your destiny okay and it's coming about there's a new beginning here June 2019 new beginning renewal of love or an action like for some of you it's a reunion okay for some of you it is a reconciliation a reunion and for some of you it's just a union with a soulmate someone that you know and they know they know is their soulmate they know this moon card so it's talking more about intuition here with the Hermit they are going to be following their intuition and following their destiny the divine path Wow you are the Empress you are manifesting this you know you're going home alright what is the outcome please what is the outcome for Libra what's the outcome for Libra you know with these true cards are very close to the outcome so what does the outcome for June 2019 please you got Gemini energy care tree and prices forgot to say and cancer one more card please for the outcome with June 2019 victory success you will win them over they will win you over you are going to have a victory this is pretty much the outcome lovers card six of cups reconciliation and victory all right this union is yours it's faded it's it's you don't even need to try and you're not I think that in the month of June or leading up to June Libra you are not trying you're letting go and that God you have faith you're leaning into the universe you're leaning into the arms of the universe and yeah it's just you've got manifestation going on here Empress and it's yours it's already in the bag this union is yours Libra it's already in the bag this person is going to be listening to the intuition you are there medicine you've manifested this it's yours I don't even need to clarify that so let's pull a couple of why don't you Doreen Virtue angels Archangels cards for Libra in love month of June 2019 sorry if this isn't a reunion a union with a twin flame if this is someone that you're dating already in union with or relationship wins you know I feel like it's just like you're healing their heart in this relationship you are their medicine they are going through something and they have been projecting it onto you but you are their medicine prioritize Archangel Metatron focus on your highest priorities I will help you get organized and motivated and I think that that is exactly what you're doing yet you're not worried about it you let go and let God you're focused on your priorities some of you could be getting into alignment getting things in order because you know this union is coming you could be making plans plans to do things before this love comes in or planning to do things with this person things to look forward to but also you know that this is coming so you're getting prioritized you're getting your life in order because you are expecting this love it's coming in you know it so you're getting ready for it and same with this person this person is getting ready for it doing whatever necessary shadow work or whatever it is that they need to do angel therapy Archangel Raphael give your cares and worries to us angels and allow us to take your burdens yes so keep letting go Libra let go let God it is safe you are safe you are safe you are loved you are looked after you are secure angels are working with to co-create this and give any worries any anxieties and fears that come up along the way just give it to the angels and they I feel like this is what the Angels around you are already doing they are clearing your mental energy clearing your ego they're getting rid of any negative thoughts any anxieties that you were having or if you asked you're having because we are still in May these angels are helping to get you prepared for this Union this victory in this union the angels are helping to get you prepared they're helping your mind to get clear and prepared so that you can take on the world then that you can achieve anything and that's the energy that you're moving into in the month of May you you you letting go and let God with arms wide open you are learning to trust the universe Wow there's been some really good readings good energy going on at the moment right now so let's get a card of advice for Libra what's the advice for Libra from Alice the Wonderland sorry I know this reading went on a little bit too long I try to keep it as short as possible but sometimes she's just got to do what you got to do Alice the Wunderland shine bright like a candle beautiful let me show you this card communication is coming in – all right this card so much blue communication is coming shine bright like a candle number 36 you will make it through yes yeah so for some of you you could be struggling you could be having doubts you could be feeling a little bit stuck currently but the light is coming the Sun is going to return everything is going to be okay you're going to be shifting out of this energy and you're going to be feeling really good in the month of June okay are you gonna be feeling lighter free yeah just no possessiveness no obsessiveness you're going to be feeling really good so number 36 just hold in hold on hold in there I don't want to burn myself here you are changing all about you everything seems unfamiliar you are changing so much that you may be wondering if you will make it through this change you may like LSB thinking that if things keep going the way they are that you could go out like a candle and Endor together but Alice does not cease to exist simply because she is in an unpredictable situation and nor will you you have a bright and glorious light within you that will shine through all the changes in your life through every opportunity and perfect decision it will shine despite the mistakes and hurts you may experience yes the brightness within you is eternal and cannot be put out so easily so despite the times when you feel the darkness lies ahead know that the guiding light you seek is inside of you when you receive this card know that no matter how difficult or strange things seem to be and no matter how much your life is altering that you are bright and shining soul and you will continue to shine for a long time to come yes you may wonder what will become of you but do not torture yourself with necessary worries or contemplate disasters it is natural to feel a little anxious and to prepare for the worst preparation preparing your mind clearing negative thoughts filling it up with positive thoughts only whatever thoughts make you feel good prepare for the worst but trust this card again trust your light has a long time yet to shine in this world it will only grow brighter as your soul continues its marvelous journey through the Wonderland of existence sorry again Libra beautiful beautiful reading but again stay true to you do not be moved when people demonstrating not so favorable characteristics no matter what things may appear to be or appear to seem it's an illusion you know you you hold your own stay true to your knowing okay hold your own stay true to your knowing be your beautiful light and shiny self with arms wide open don't be moved keep going you know what's right you know what's wrong with you at least you know what's right for you stay true to you stay true to your higher self your knowing your alignment your love compassion knowing that you're a good person keep knowing that it isn't a reflection of you if this person is um reflecting okay stay true to you do not be moved and this person is going to be look if you don't give a reaction to this person and you stay you they're automatically going to look within ok they're automatically naturally going to look within themselves and stop projecting onto you that's power that is true power that is how you shift things that is how you manifest the desired outcome that you want with this person alright not being defensive not being in your head and overthinking what they said or what they did or how they showed up keep beaming your light baby keep beaming this light okay you are an amazing person so it's getting really long so I better love you and leave ya let me know if this resonated with you if it resonates please hit the thumbs up the like button and yeah if you'd like a personal reading just for your energy alone my details will be in the box below and I will speak to you guys all next month all the best libras stay strong namaste bye bye


  1. Absolutely right, is ridiculous…i am aware of important issues and my intension is to help everyone's unconditionally..but im not respected in a lots of ways. Amazing reading and i love it, ur interpretation of ur reading is spot on. Thank you, God bless.

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