life and medicine abroad episode 1

hey my name is Edward it’s time for us to go abroad [Music] ah it all cuz I had to fit always like a middleweight do it’s playing games with me anyways that it wasn’t you people better to hide or guys like I said my name’s Edison iris and today I presented you with the story of me abroad in a different country about three and a half years ago I got this amazing opportunity to study medicine abroad in the Dominican Republic specifically la Vega and I have not looked back since I’ll be prior to this I was like living pretty just not not really just just living a lifestyle that just really didn’t like wasn’t conducive to like the future and not very focused just working daring jobs to jump over placed in place and I finally in the city and finally in September of 2015 close to going into October I’m a decision about my parents to help me out to come to the American public and study medicine so I’ve been doing that ever since and has been amazing crazy sometimes scary experience Joey not very scary but just it’s intense sometimes great intent and I’ve been here ever since then and I finally got to a place in my career where I just felt like it would be so cool to document it let you guys see what it is the experience to live out here which is in a beautiful amazing country I can’t even you try to begin to put into words how an amazing experience has been the people that I’ve actually been able to meet the things I’ve been able to do here is just sad as well so my cousin Bobby he started vlogging and my sisters explained me to do this for ever since I’ve gotten out here but I just never felt like really organized so I decided to do an ounce with shout out to Bobby who kind of inspired me for that one and I started as well and I’m going to go ahead and start doing these vlogs what it is to study medicine on here maybe you know somebody that might want to study medicine that was born in the United States know some Spanish but just doesn’t know how to go about it so I’m pretty just gonna try to put all my experiences into these videos show you guys what it is to live out here hopefully you enjoy the experience hopefully you like the experience and if you do subscribe subscribe so what do we start – exactly September sometime September 2015 so since our 2015 I moved out here at late September I was turning October I lived in Santiago move to La Vega in around January where I actually started school and classes I didn’t speak I spoke Spanish I don’t know most of you dominican-american some Dominica Americas don’t speak as much Spanish as they should which is unfortunate not because I don’t my mom and dad to teach me and I did learn some Spanish I know how to speak very basic Spanish and communicating some reading skills but not on a college level and that’s really where the challenge came into play and it’s I just have to thank God I love everything else because I know I will not be able to be in this position of where I’m at right now without him so ggod so I came out here I started studying and it’s been such an amazing experience and I’m kind of kind of regret not regretting just like I should have probably done these blogs a lot earlier because it probably would’ve been a lot cooler for you guys to see the progression from that point to this point but God knows wait does and right now I’m at this point where once again to my pre clinicals in med school and I thought would just be a cool experience to show you guys what it’s about how it goes the daily life and routines here what it really is so you know I just post off my Instagram and it’s always the fun stuff but it’s never really like the actual life day-to-day so I decided to go ahead and start doing this vlog which I think it’s gonna be a cool experience for me and for you guys always remember like rate comment subscribe and yeah let’s get into it any questions like maybe you might know somebody that wants a study so I said like I said go ahead and leave your comments down on the comments section below or you can send me messages and whatever so you guys want to know exactly what process is to take it wasn’t that hard for me maybe because my friends have both Dominican and I really be prior to that it’d never be really visited public three times is what I visited it before once when I was like two seven and then the last time was when I was 14 and then this time when I stayed for good to study medicine it’s been a beautiful experience I study here in la Vega and I should say I would Spanish I probably yeah la Vega it was like okay I studied out here in the mini great public like I said my Vega and the people were just awesome I let me see that I love love love well there’s nothing like it the scenery the people the food as you can tell from my devotion oh wow and just the overall experience it’s been so crazy it’s a culture shock and just living out here and being from the United States I was born and raised in Brooklyn Eastside what’s up and I moved out here really by myself came out here with me when I first moved out here first five days and after that it was pretty much just I’m here by my lonesome but lonesome in the sense of like by myself but definitely God has guided me through this whole thing and there’s no cool thing for me to go ahead and dream up this is gonna be a completely bilingual channel so I’ll be talking in Spanish I have a lot of friends and do talk English I’ll be talking Spanish and English and I’ll try to communicate as much as possible it’s possible I will try to do subtitles but I it’s a very busy I have a lot of workload but I will try to do this vlog every week and try to bring up some try bring really good like quality content I’m coming into the occasions right now I’m going to some vacations right now so I’ll be able to have more time and Mike really dedicate some time to this but other than that sometimes you guys might not hear from me in the sense of like I might I might be like that but I’ll try to do as much as possible so you guys should really get that experience and what it is to try to become a medical professional and I think it’s just been crazy it’s just been really crazy sometimes I think about it which is like what everyone’s doing here like this is what I think no I really just think like this is this is insane you know but it’s just it’s cool it’s cool I do I do want to go back to the United States after I finish here and try to do surgery out there by doing the USMLE that’s a process I want to talk to you about in another video I’ll probably the second that I’m gonna make about what you do what kind of test you have to take the process all that stuff to become a doctor the United States after studying abroad but other than that right now it is just to introduce myself to you guys so it’s like I said it’s been a amazing experience I can’t say that enough time I feel like I said that a lot of times but whatever I’ll keep saying it as many times as possible okay hey and just remember just because I started late this whole experiences was late I was 24 going to 25 when I started studying medicine I’m 28 now there is no time limit for anything like if you guys want to do something go ahead and do it don’t let anybody make you feel like you’re supposed to be doing something a certain time in your life or a certain age yeah it should go smooth like that but that’s not the way your life was planned it’s not the way your your journeys supposed to be so every journey is unique and I really want you guys like don’t have a liver yourself like just because you haven’t gone to school it’s because you didn’t finish high school or whatever you could do whatever you put your mind to no matter what limitations you think that you might have it all you have to do first is put your faith in God because he will push you forward that’s my belief anyway I respect everybody’s beliefs on the other on the other side but that’s just for me person cut I came out here without knowing English the Maharaja no the bread what is Maharaja the telephone of the Welcome Table I came out here without knowing Spanish without no knowledge of the culture really like whatever was running back over there we’re in the United States but as far as like really knowing the Dominican culture what it is to live out here I didn’t have any experience with that and it’s I could not have done this well myself guys that I said again and it’s just gonna you really gonna go ahead and I hope to show you as much of the experience experience that’s impossible I’ve got some awesome things but it’s just been so cool and I can’t wait to get into this with you guys this whole experience so like I said new video coming out as soon as possible I will be able to date as soon as possible and if you liked it remember to hit the like button subscribe and comment down below if you really want to always all ears any questions you gonna have and if you guys might it might have I’ll go ahead and try to might have I’ll go ahead and try to give best answers that go to that it’s vanished in an English and I’m trying to do some subtitles I can in Spanish and even yourself everybody gets a little bit of like that equal viewing so this is gonna be a bilingual channel don’t speak Spanish don’t worry about it you’ll pry there by the end and yeah that’s right so with that said guys be happy be healthy and God bless [Music] [Music]

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  1. Glad my one video was sort of an inspo to start a channel lol. Loved the vibe to this video man! Best of luck and keep them coming. We’ll have some content up soon !! ALSO, we’ll be in DR in 40 days.

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