Life & Medicine Abroad ep 3

are you going over there? na i dont think so immaking vlogs trying to show people how it is over here studying etc jaime tell the story! (jaime) no i get embarrassed cause of the camera forget about the camera (jaimie) about the chinese guy ? ya i went over by the mess to buy some food (near the mess) yea exactly he was serving another client and apparently was in a bad mood ans when i asked him something he screamed go on! go on ! ask! so i said alright. i said give me 3 chicken breast 2 thighs and a lot of fries and fried plantains now put on ketchup, a lot of ketchup on top and i said no i want more put on more and he askes is that enough and i tell him now you eat it you son of a b***h i told him just like that and come outside so you could see dont come here and try to humiliate me i swear i told him now you eat it you son of a b***h and he stayed there just looking at me i told him come outside bruce lee i staayed there watching i swear he just glared at me angrily i said come outside ( if he would of tried that with any one else…) whats up? let me get some ginger what else?


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