Life & Medicine Abroad ep 4

[Music] all right so some try to do that mapping again let’s see if we can get it done today hopefully fingers crossed we’re ready to get that thing done in hoping it’s opening day cuz it’s not you got might have a problem but every problem has a solution so let’s get it that’s looking like a good sign guys looks like wits it’s open guys we gotta go ahead but to get this stuff explained to me first so I’ll check with you guys a little bit later I could do some videos of what I’m doing and if they let me I’ll show you guys if not you already know if this in the season finale [Music] Miriam in Asian domain with around [Music] alright guys we got it done super excited and happy obviously I couldn’t record all can’t record people over to be recorded but they were really nice and let me report the explanation so you guys could see that at least now we just have to go home real quick write that up well we got it in how awesome is that yesterday I was gonna worry I was a little bit worried cuz like am I gonna finish this what god is good so [Music] [Applause] ah it all cuz I just fed always like a middleweight to us playing games with me anyway so there was a new people better job [Music] sukkah fit a farm novel they pose it one shake back oh man one punch it punch it tambiĆ©n y Puma Tamia have to shop home provecho I was my neighbor he’s from Haiti he said he’s medicine as well sometimes a lot of issues that live here don’t speak Spanish or English so they only speak Leo so that way I’m teaching me some Creole just sit there I got to learn some stuff that way if somebody comes into the hospital and doesn’t speak I could at least communicate the basics with them like when you feel pain when their name is where they’re from and that way it’s a little bit easier to provide medical care you already know I’m gonna go ahead and get to this project and Pargo the job all right [Music] hi guys as you saw there we finished that job first I would without Boudicca which is fantastic I’m really glad we got that done and out of the way yeah that test at 3 p.m. and then we have another test at 6 p.m. for their Anatomy so let’s go ahead and brush up a little on their Anatomy eat something first because we need to feed this remember that your brain only runs on glucose and oxygen so but it will have feed to have to feed that brain and then keep on going on the study [Music] yeah which was the dailies larger so I’m doing daily about Dana buzzer day so right now we have a test learn that at me in like two minutes three minutes what we’re trying to like learn everything I feel like am i dying at least just feel that you can never study too much but so that right there is usually a why was it I know me and then I also got we buy your sandwiches at what you know and we regular waiting to take a test we’re probably gonna not do so good but we’ll see how it goes just cut out a bond or an unchaste and well Lucia will see well we got past it was very difficult task but I just got a hijack you guys ever notice how awful how awful how awful this Jimmy is a good man man I forgot my headphones it was like the worst experience of my life Jesus oh it was the worst work I’ve ever done guys I really guys I really can’t get over how bad that music was I mean I had a power to that workout cousin I know it’s not gonna get done I’ve never done a workout without headphones it was like this is what it was everything like slow music you can’t get pumped and then it’s like techno like bad techno from the early 2000 so you know it’s pretty bad [Music] just two more tests left vacation [Music] okay no work you know you’re first on my channel so focus ah I just got out of tasks one fine we are officially on vacation if the heck of a day and go home alright guys that’s a wrap on episode number four of life in medicine abroad I hope you guys enjoyed the episode got to see some of my friends the stressful mr. stress the stress that that we go through before the test trying to do our best and learn some stuff for the last minute which never works by the way so I don’t know if I suggest that we finally finished classes we’re finally officially on vacation thank God they were on vacation definitely well-deserved after this very stressful semester here in med school but we’re gonna have a blast the next episode to come I hope you guys tune in so what does it take away from this video always give 100% you are what you do so when people say this person or that person did this then you want to have your name associated with the best and I know you guys to do your best and I know you guys are the best so always remember to give 110% on anything you do because that is who you are and that’s what you demonstrate to the world who you are by what the actions you take and the things that you do so as always everyone we have be healthy god bless we’ll see you next time right [Music] [Music]

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