Life Purpose & Longevity Part 1: Turn, Turn, Turn

To everything there is a season well
yeah you can see I can’t I may not present very well but I sing even worse.
A time to be born a time to die a time to heal.
Yep that all came from there. I’m gonna start off with what sounds to
be a weird digression. I’m going to talk about my Sunday school class.
It’s coming time for me to teach again and I’ve shared with you before. I’m a
teaching a Methodist Sunday school class. I’m gonna be teaching about something
that’s one of my favorite topics. The book of Ecclesiastes. Not a lot of people
enjoy that book and here’s why. It starts off with what Viktor Frankl would
call the “existential vacuum.” What did I mean by that? You may recognize this all
is vanity. In other words everything’s just smoke. This is a this
is quoted to authorship by King Solomon and older King Solomon who’s lived his
life and said you know things are just not that important, life is not that
important. At least that’s the way he starts. Even if you’re not
Judeo-Christian or you don’t know anything about the Bible, you may recognize this
it’s a song by the birds what fifty years ago a time there. It’s called
turn turn turn. Everything there is a season well you
can see I can’t I may not present very well but I sing even worse. A time to be
born a time to die a time to heal. Yep that all came from there. Now why oh this
is a channel on prevention and lifespan for folks that are everybody but also
for a focus on people the baby boomers what is this guy to do with the baby
boomers. Well there have been two studies just in 2019 alone in JAMA (the Journal
of the American Medical Association) which talked about having a purpose in
life and it evidently appears to extend your life. This first one is the one I’ll
cover in the next video. This is just a brief summary of a series I’m going to
do. This first first one is association between life purpose and mortality among
US adults older than 50. What they did was they there’s a survey
that’s been going on for I think about a decade and it’s a retirement and health
survey. There’s also a survey that’s available which shows your purpose, how
deeply you feel a purpose in your life. They gave the retiree study participants
this survey and they saw if you have if you score high on that test for having a
purpose in your life you live longer. There’s another one it’s an interesting
one that came up just a couple of months ago also in JAMA and they looked at
Holocaust survivors. Here’s the interesting thing about Holocaust
survivors and it was covered in a an op-ed article on Bloomberg by Bloomberg
opinion. Here’s the here’s the title and the tagline “Holocaust Paradox: Long Lives
for Those Who Survived.” The byline: My elementary school teacher taught that
those who emerged from the horrors of the camps would die young. Obviously a
reasonable assumption but wrong. In other words, what they did was they surveyed
people that had survived the Holocaust in Israel. They compared their lifespans
to people who had not been involved in the Holocaust. What they found surprised
them. The Holocaust survivors tended to live longer than your average Israeli. So
what’s going on here? Maybe it’s a sense of purpose creating a… creating an
extended lifespan or survival. Now these studies are not randomized clinical
trials. How are you going to do a randomized clinical trial on that? These
are by definition observational studies but in this miniseries I hope to cover
those two studies and also cover a little bit about Viktor Frankl. His book
“Man’s Search for Meaning” deals with this specific issue. Actually Victor Frankl’s
history is a very interesting one. His whole career was about
and search for meaning and its impact on survival. So if you’ve made it this far,
thank you very much. Wanted to remind you that if you’d like to get your CIMT, the
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  1. The only Bible reading at Stephen Hawking's memorial service was from Ecclesiastes. Scholars believe the book was heavily edited to make it more orthodox and acceptable as part of the Hebrew canon. It jibes with our day to day lives. I wish the religious editor had left it alone.

  2. Yes speaking about Viktor Frankl would be of value and interest . As an aside just to let you know my A1c was 5.4%, down from 7.6% less than a year ago.. Lower carb diet work. Canโ€™t quite down to Keto, I have been aiming to 70 grams carbs. Thanks for your videos!

  3. The purpose in life is build a character to take with you when you die. Building that character with patience and kindness to your family first and then to others in your personal and business affairs sets the foundation. The reason people are afraid to die is because they know they are not ready, not having built on that foundation. The purpose of longevity is to be able to make more time to build that character or to serve as many people as possible with your talents and wisdom. " He that is the greatestest among you is the servant of all." "Those that would save their life shall lose it, those that lose their life (selfishness) for my sake shall find it."

  4. Alternatively, stimulate SIRT1-6 and mitochondria using NMN, resveratrol, quinine, niacin, melatonin, and coQ10. And stop eating carbs, grains, and vegetable oils, and fast 18 hrs/day.

  5. Good video, Dr.Brewer. I believe a purpose in life is one of the trinity. The other 2 are staying connected to other people and not isolating yourself and the last is staying fit; mobility, flexability and strength.

  6. My wife has taught Sunday School every week for the past 30 years, in Chinese and English. I'm always printing stuff off for her.

  7. It makes sense that having a purpose can extend life – if that correlates to thus being more mentally and physically active.

  8. (PS not really related by information I never realized, Apparently, according to a Dr/specialist in a Q&A session the other day, blood cells can live 3 times longer for those on a Low Carb /Keto diet. Thus any HbA1C would/could be artificially elevated. Doing a fructosamine level at the same time will indicate if it is artificially higher.)

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