1. Hmmm…based on her body type and apparent BMI apparently she doesn't walk her talk. Though, I think the subject is interesting.

  2. If you follow people like Charles Poliquin he will tell you that the Paleo diet is amazing but if you store a lot of weight in your upper limbs (bingo wings) then your oestrogen is too high and you are eating a disproportionate about of carbs that are justifiable to your lifestyle. If you are going to be a spokesperson on health and wellbeing you have to live and look the part. Famously other speakers like Jeff Cavaliere and Paul Chek espouse that you should be willing to lecture about health wearing nothing but your underwear to illustrate that you live what you preach. I am sorry Sarah but no……..

  3. From what I've found whole food plant based diet is hands down the best. Watch out from people claiming x diet is the best. Do your own research.

  4. This has the same problem that just about every other talk has. Toooooooo much basic stuff. If you don't know how the intestinal barrier function, then get the fuck out

  5. Sarah – many thanks for your contribution to science! May I ask what wisdom you could share regarding the link between leptin and a Paleo lifestyle and what implications your understanding could have on the use of monoaminergic drugs as an adjunct to optimal metabolic regulation and body recomposition?

  6. The science is solid. I think she is adequately competent at delivering a public speech, given how advanced her academic personal inventory is – certainly not an affective inhibitory nor prohibitory imbalance. Thanks for abridging multiple years of learning for me within an hour! Selective, unstructured self-education is really thriving at this point in our evolution and it will be noted in history how much speeches like this have contributed to the betterment of humanity. Gratitude!

  7. Is her book any good? I am somewhat dubious to read the nutrition book of someone who is overweight herself…

  8. There are also a few people who suspect that animal products can cause autoimmune disease in a few people. I have heard rumors that animal products come with lots of dead bacteria toxins that cause daily inflammation. Personally, I have no allergies and I am able to eat everything : animal products, grains, tubers, winter squash, cooked mushrooms, legumes, vegetables, herbs, etc.

  9. At 18:40 she talks about fatigue of adrenal glands, which causes lowered output of cortisol. This is a widespread model. However, there was a speaker on this channel recently (don't remember her name at the moment) who said that there is no scientific evidence for this. She said that adrenals don't get tired, in most cases, and that cortisol problems stem from an imbalance of the regulation mechanism that develops due to stress.

  10. I've gotten tired of the same type of joke speakers perform in the beginning of their speeches, i.e., "blah-blah-blah, I am done and can go home… oh, yeah, I still have to do speak". All of them must be thinking that they are being original.

  11. Aside from nutrients we also have to consider the pollution that comes with food. Eating high on the food chain exposes humans to high levels of pollution so humans at the top of the food chain is the most polluted animal such that human breast milk has hundreds of toxic chemicals. As an illustration, 1 lb of salmon maybe has 100 times more pollution than 1 lb of anchovies, 1 lb of salmon maybe has 1,000 times more pollution than 1 lb of plankton. With our environment getting increasing amounts of pesticides, chemicals, plastic, heavy metals, radiation, etc., it is probably healthier to eat low on the food chain by getting protein from cheap legumes and just take vitamin b12 daily.

  12. Wonderful presentation on how lifestyle impacts gut health for the better and for the worse. Somewhat mis-titled as an “autoimmune talk” the Paleo Mom reaches out more broadly to talk to all of us (not just those suffering with autoimmune disease). A great primer!

  13. Great information!  Thank you for this!  I am following your book's recommendations for AIP diet, and I am also wearing my amber glasses and trying to get to bed by 9pm.  I take daily walks and get sun every day, and I am meditating!  So far so good — I have stopped my UC flare, hopefully forever, and I am healing my gut.  Thank you for helping me — I did not know what to do when I got out of the hospital this July — but I found your book, and it changed, and perhaps even saved, my life!

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