Little Moon – First Aid Kit cover ft Roni & dog

[Courtlyn] Okay. [Roni] Aaand, action! [ukulele playing] [SUNG] Birds are leaving over here, I saw them sail away, they look just like saints, little one. I heard myself whisper your name, I was asleep
in a dream, and you woke me up, little sun. La la la la la… The way you look at me now, these lights that
used to shine, been blowing them out, little lights that
used to shine, I’ve been blowing them out, little one. Well I remember those few nights, when the
sky used to stare right back at us, felt so small standing next to you, little moon. La la la la la… [Roni] Yeahhhhh. [Courtlyn high fives Roni with the back of
her hand] [Roni] Ow! [Courtlyn] My hands are so sweaty! [Roni] Oh! [Courtlyn makes a creepy lizard noise] [Roni] This is an Eevee. This dog is an Eevee [Courtlyn laughing] [Courtlyn]
OH I PUT MY HAND ON ITS BUTT [ukulele playing] [SUNG] The FAN– [stops playing] [Courtlyn] Oh. [Roni] Where are you going? [Courtlyn] I don’t know.


  1. this is really good! do you think you could give me some tips? Id really like to grow my channel and viewers and just make overall better content (Gonna subscribe this was awesome!!)

  2. This is such a good cover! I love first aid kit and this is one of my favorite songs. Thank you for the cover!

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