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Hey guys, how’s everybody doing? Hey, Paula, hey Rosie Hey Kathleen Hey, Jerri Kimberly and Gigi Hey Kathleen. Oh, I think I said Kathleen. Oops Kathleen got it twice. Hey lady D Mocha. Hey Red Lotus Hey Liz Elizabeth about said Liz Hey jay-z Welcome to my channel. I Get to see everybody tobita is in the house in the house I’m gonna pull up my chat on my lap. Oh my iPad as well Hey, Tina Cathleen your special girl not all everybody here special. Oh I changed my name. Oh, okay. Okay, Jesse. Oh, I remember you now. I’m good to see you Hopefully I didn’t miss anybody Hey Jerry, hey Pam Zee Okay, let me pull this up real fast Uh-oh, there it goes. It was froze on me Lately with other rain and stuff. It’s like my um, my Stuff is wanting to not work as good for some reason every time I go to go live, I’m like Telling him this thing hates me Oh getting this Okay, sorry to be the channel red Like the tip of this channel, she’s the voice of us all oh thanks Red Lotus Hey fairly long time no see how’d you doing? Hey, Timmy We had a little thunder tonight. It was awesome. We don’t get it very much. Oh, wow, Timmy We um, we haven’t had thunder today, but we’ve been getting a lot of rain. I am so over it Hey vit, how are you? You guys make my night I can have such a crazy day and then come on here and get some laughs and See everybody. It just makes my night Red Lotus, why is it so hard to say months muds? My muds do I have any muds tonight? Oh Goodness How’s everyone? How are you? My beautiful sweet dabeh? Oh, thanks Yvette. I’m doing good Doing better now since I say you guys Tell me we’ve got a lot of storms the last few nights. Yes, poor Brooke. She’s got a lot of bad weather going on You love the thunder and lightning. It doesn’t bother me. Um You know, I feel like the weather helps me sleep good But during the day when I’m wanting to do things, it’s annoying Hey crazy goat welcome to my channel. I Want to be a mud a mud not a monster Liz you want to be a mud. Oh My goodness. Hey mo good Good to see everybody Tina. Did you get to say hey to all the doodles? We’ve been getting a lot of rain here – really Kimberly. Yeah, it’s been a lot lately too much Absolutely don’t mind thunder, but I do not enjoy the hell that’s came with it Yeah, when you see even when you showed me that earlier I was like whoa, that’s crazy That’s a lot. This weather is really annoying. I’m so over you to event. Oh my goodness What does that listen little fleas or something Some kind of a bug does Tabitha have modes, right? I think Tina’s here Tina are you my mood tonight? I’m a mud red. Okay. Yes. Tina’s my mud Oh flies. Oh It’s hard to tell what they are on the screen. I Can see it now I can see I Have a stupid doctor appointment tomorrow and I’m freaking out. I’ll be up all night staring at the walls Oh, yeah tubs they got worse after that video got up to golf ball-sized. Oh my gosh, Brooke. Oh boy Well, um, we’ll definitely keep you in our prayers. That’s your appointment tomorrow girl a Mud doodle. Oh no There’s a person that calls mods like moderators they call them muds Instead of a mod. And then the doodle thing is Something that my mod cause everybody she likes to say their name and then put doodle on the end. I Wish it would rain here make cool things off a bit really Rosie You got a good weather over there. We’ll see today wasn’t too bad. It was really really hot But it was kind of I don’t know muggy Almost like it was gonna rain today, but it didn’t and but the last week it’s been heavy rain Ellen good morning Good to see you Thanks, my fiance was out mowing like an idiot about got knocked out by the hill right Leave it to Brooke to give us the good laugh I Can see your fiance Was yonder was it a riding or a pushing? Getting hit with the hill So much rain almost every day you two Mooka yeah, it’s probably like a East Coast thing maybe Yes Hope everything goes well brookster brickster definitely I Have a few people in my channel that that I know it’s been going through some hard times. So Hopefully everything goes okay for them and their appointments I know natalie has her surgery coming up and I know michelle has been going through some hard times. So just to name a few Everybody keep those in your prayers Riding I told you he was gonna get taken away by And Nader or an inner an inner no Didn’t have rain today, thank goodness. It’s rained a lot here in Texas. My daughter is still in ICU. She is doing better though Oh my goodness red Dang, girl, I’m sorry to hear that and ICU roof That’s scary right? I hope she’s okay. Oh Wow red hope she gets well soon and I live here in Texas rained here today too today though. Yes Nadir. I knew you couldn’t say it without laughing Definitely Yes, scary Um it’s been a little I guess emotional Mm-hmm around here lately because me and him both has had an anniversary of my grandma’s one-year anniversary of her passing was Just well when almost maybe one week ago two weeks maybe and then his dad His birthday was today and you know his dad. She he just passed not long ago. So it’s been a little emotional too It’s a case. She has type 1 diabetes She is in ketoacidosis But we have been here before she is 19 and strong she’s good. Thank you all all red Definitely tell her she’s in our prayers Tina we’re about in Texas where Lotus hope she recovers quickly. So sad about Beth Chapman what happened Jerry? I Knew she had cancer maybe right. I feel like we talked about her not too long ago Yes, Jerry said about Beth did she pass oh She did she passed away. Oh, wow. I didn’t hear about that Can do it. Oh, thanks Rosie Yeah He was um, he had to work basically from sunup to sundown today, which was probably to keep his mind busy Hey Maria, how are you? Wow, so it was today she passed oh my gosh Takes us in the house. Apparently. Oh, yeah crazy go. We got a lot of Texans here Beth died the dad from Alf and someone from the show Buffy all died today. Oh wow, Timmy Wow She was a strong lady, right? Oh my goodness Hey everyone that I missed hope everyone had a magical day. Oh Good to see you Ellen. I’m in bed. Just wanted to say hey. Oh, okay, Maria good to see you She yes, she’s in our prayers real Otis definitely Yeah, I’ll need a good laugh that’s right we do Brooke I Just heard about it to Beth Chapman passed today in Hawaii Wow Yeah, that’s crazy Dog is gonna be so so lost prayers for him and her family. Yeah. I used to watch that show all the time I haven’t watched it lately because I feel like um YouTube took over the little teeny bit of TV time that I used to have I feel like I used that now for my youtube Only 51 years old Wow, that’s so young Have a good night. All of you. Beautiful. Ladies. Have a good night, Maria Yeah, he’s going to be so lost without her right, oh my gosh Wow She wasn’t in an induced coma since 6:23. She lost her battle 51 so young. Wow That is very young. That’s my mom’s age Wow Very very young I guess that’s why I feel like it’s important for Any of us who’s you know having any kind of struggles or? You know bad times with any family members I feel like it’s so important for us to try to make amends Put all the bad behind us because you never know at any point when somebody can go you know what I mean? We never know Hey Peggy, too late for me. I just want to say hello to everyone and say r.i.p. Beautiful Beth Right. Good to see you Peggy. Oh I know what you who you mean? No, I used to love that show Thank You Tina doodle. Yes I used to watch it a lot Very very true, um You know, I feel like we’ve all had our ups and downs, especially with family and and close friends and people like that right, so it’s just very important to try to I make amends even though sometimes it’s hard and you feel like you can’t put things behind you. I just think it’s important, you know I’ve had many people that I know That didn’t and then when something happened, they’re like, oh my gosh. I should’ve did that or the shoulda woulda coulda Started setting in and then you know, you start feeling bad about it you know, I was like, so I feel like it’s really important to To try to make amends Tina don’t get me Brooke right too young. She smoked way back always got on dog for For smoking and she still got throat cancer. Oh, is that the kind of cancer? It was then it went to her lungs Okay, good thoughts make us laugh. I’m tearing up all red Yes, help me tickle me when I’m asleep Okay, would you say oh when I go I’ll be hunting I loved you Tina You okay Gigi? I know you said it buffered, let me see I Pulled up my chat and then it my iPad closed on me. Oops What? Oh, okay He’s giving me the thumbs up so I guess I’m good I still want to pull it up there That’s what my dad died of his throat cancer really Kimberly, oh my goodness Yeah, that’s sad Cancer is terrible terrible thing. I have lost many of people from cancer Absolutely, love this channel. No drama, just love. That’s right Red Lotus You know, I feel like the only type of drama that we ever deal with is when we’re dealing with Mona but When it comes to any other drama I try to keep my channel, you know peaceful Obviously we do deal with her BS sometimes but that’s about it For real I can’t do drama channels Yeah, there’s plenty of them on YouTube You know once in a while like I’m going through YouTube and I’ll have one or two pop up on my a my recommended and I’m like Oh boy can’t do it Right, but Mona has to be right has to be My grandmother passed from ovarian cancer really event so bad my grandma passed from lung cancer and then His dad just passed from cancer So we definitely have a few people that we’ve lost from cancer I’ll try not to go into the drama channels. I’ll admit when I get bored. I’m a slum for a minute Hmm, right Tina, it happens. It happens It depends it depends My sister passed from lung cancer really mukha. Oh my goodness Cancer sucks. I wish they would you know be a way to save people and you know when this cancer comes about it’s like terrible terrible I Go to a channel with drama for five seconds, and I’m out and mad I even went there, right? All my assistants all of you that has lost loved ones definitely Thank you for that read it. So sorry to hear everyone who have has lost a loved one from cancer Yeah, it’s pretty bad. You know, it’s like Something that comes in and it definitely wipes it out it’s like I’ll be happy if they ever get a cure, you know Train wrecks are hard to not watch. I’ll admit right crazy My granddad died due to lung cancer I was so close to him I feel like I have some other people in my family that has died from cancer, but for some reason it’s not clicking But The person I was closest to my whole life was my grandma. She raised me and that’s what she had. Well she had cancer lupus and Parkinson’s disease, I don’t know if any of you guys have heard of that but That’s three of the worst things you could ever deal with she went through That’s why I always tell people my family my friends I always say you know, what if I can just be half the woman that my grandma was then I’m be okay Sorry for everyone’s loss of loved ones from cancer, I’ve lost a couple of aunts my mom had I missed Mastectomy is it mastectomy? Seven years ago Wow I’ve heard of it all it all sucks. Yes You would think with all the technology we have in this day and age. They would have come up with something to Eradicate that darn disease right Rosie. They’ve got the truth. I’m not goodness To all that have lost loved ones. Um Gigi I feel like they have a cure and they just haven’t told anyone Oh my goodness Brooke. Wouldn’t that be terrible if they were holding that in and not letting people, uh, As many people as they could saved, uh, that would be terrible I’m the same type of said cancer has taken a lot of my family members Including both parents and my older sister Wow Mooka Yeah, it’s a terrible terrible thing. I Believe in my heart they do have a cure for cancer Both my grandma’s died on the same day two hours apart on January 31st two years ago I still don’t have still don’t think I’m quite over the grief part of it Wow, Timmy I’m sorry for everybody’s loss Yes, where is the cure it’s been too long, right? Way too long. I think they have too but Big Pharma was suffer. So they won’t release it. Oh my goodness. I think it’s all about the money could be, you know Which sucks, you know for everybody who’s suffering? Rosie the government probably does but lost revenue is why they won’t yeah They say they have a cure they’d be losing money sad, but truth ain’t that horrible how everything revolves around money money these days ching ching It made me think of that that little sound effect. He uses ching ching So sorry to hear that. Yes My step-brother just bought a house and Oregon was planning on retiring down there just found out he has cancer It only has six months to a year to live. It doesn’t look good. Oh no, Jerry You’re in our prayers girl Yeah, I told you guys not too long ago about my aunt she just found out that she has cancer as well and She has the same cancer That her mom my grandma or the one that raised me She has the same cancer as her so which she found out on my grandma’s one-year anniversary So yeah, that was tough When I found out about that She how was your aunt she’s doing as good as she can, you know, they started her on the What is it called chemo Yeah chemo and she’s just the one that day by day, but she’s losing hair and she said she was going to just cut it as short as she could for now and just get her a a wig to wear because But I know she’s taking it hard. She tried to tell me, you know, like That she was doing the best she could with it and that it I guess she was trying to make me feel like it wasn’t affecting her, you know like that, but I can tell it is because she’s always had Everybody in my family. We all have hair, you know don’t weigh down our backs like everyone of us and so For her to have to cut all her hair off. I know that’s bothering her My father-in-law died from from thumb cancer. Is that what you said Liz? Spelled it wrong. Okay. I’m trying to think Throat maybe This is so sad everyone has been affected in one way or another right Rosie it is sad I Already believe they do. Mukha Thanks guys for all your prayers Me to laugh out loud, everyone has piles of long hair right mocha. Yes. I have a lot of hair. Um I’m going to be doing a Hair tutorial here soon for some was it Carmen that asked me So I have a couple of tutorials. I’m gonna be doing here soon for that Me to laugh a lot. Okay, my prayers go out to all you beautiful. Ladies Thank You Rosie All Gigi, she will always be with you Let’s see here. I miss Gigi I lost my best friend from when we met at school at 10 years old She died about 20 years ago. She is still in my heart Oh Gigi Definitely. She’s probably like your little guardian angel, you know a Very special diamond painting pen. I’m going to link the video now to beacon contest announcement in the description Hey Jonathan, hey MA. How are you? Tina farmen Carmen. I haven’t seen her tonight We’re so loving it’s awesome. Definitely, you know, I feel like just because sometimes we have to show our Certain people mainly Mona that we’re not gonna stand for what she does Doesn’t mean that we don’t have big hearts and that you know, we’re not people with with good souls Doing good, Kim doing good okay, I was like what I Won the grand prize in the contest and uploaded a video about it. I’ll do an unboxing when I get the prize. Oh, okay, Tammy She got cancer in her breast 15 years before and then cancer came back that time it took her from us she was not daughter’s godmother Oh Gigi, I Can’t stand cancer. Uh, I’m so horrible Altena, it’s a tough cancer. Yes Alright guys, let’s see here What does anybody have any good plans for this weekend You meant tongue cancer? Okay. I was like maybe throat I was trying to figure it out Liz Pretty exciting a diamond painting contest. Oh, okay. Yeah. I know how you like that that diamond painting stuff Timmy I said Grand Prizes beautiful handmade pen. Oh, that’s cool I never plan anything I just go do whatever it’s per moment. Yeah true vidi-vidi through I Don’t know what we’re gonna do yet Hopefully plan a trip soon I’m going to Alaska in two more days Wow With my family after the going to Germany in Paris and I won the lottery Okay, Jonathan I heard you How about the fourth of July? Hmm Jerry, that’s a good question because I Know my oldest daughter. She’s going to Colorado to her. Daddy’s matter of fact, I have to have her at the airport That morning at like 6:00 a.m. So yeah, she’s gonna be gone for a whole month to Colorado and It’ll be me and him and the baby So hmm. I don’t know. I might see if my mom wants to get her for a bit and let us do something I’m wishful thinking over here. Okay, I’m not doing anything on the fourth except watching stranger things season three. Oh, really? Yeah, she always goes for the summer for a month to her daddy’s Well, Jonathan you got the millions, right? What are you gonna do Jerry? Love the force. Yeah well, probably, um Even if we don’t, you know Even if we do have the baby I’m saying we probably still will go see the fireworks they have Not too far from where we live. I Think I’ve said it to you guys before about the the one of man his favorite places to go to It’s um like a steak house and it’s on the lake where everybody comes up on their boats Well then out on their deck. They have like a live band and You know, you can go there and eat drink whatever you want to do. They usually have a big Firework show right there on the water and that is so much fun It’s like right there. I Really don’t want to anything this weekend. My daughter’s graduation was this last Friday? Saturday dance General rehearsal and on Sunday she has to dance presentations. So I’m so done I don’t blame you Giselle. You got a busy weekend. Oh my goodness. Oh My god me too. Timmy is exciting about that love stranger things. You too Ellen Be safe. Mendoza prayers always on and off duty. Definitely. She’s only six. Oh my gosh, that’s amazing Wow, that’s awesome Me too, mukha my husband and I used to shoot professionally in Florida Wow Hey Lauri, how are you? I Bet that daughter was a happy girl. Yes That’s so cool, not sure yet maybe camping or watch fireworks. Yeah, no one else we probably will See some fireworks, but I feel like every year here in my neighborhood. They get crazy with the fireworks. What are you doing? Turn this one on Just for that Just for that. Hmm What are you doing? Oh My goodness, oh Yeah, I was so stressed out on Monday. I got sick. Oh no Giselle Be careful with that. Sometimes I feel like we get ourselves so far ahead of you know Like all these things we have to do and we can get our stuff stressed too much We don’t have anything here for the 4th of July. But hope y’all have an amazing weekend. Oh Thanks Ellen. Y’all don’t celebrate the 4th up there or is it like a different day or something? And she is still running just the flu, oh my goodness You hate crowds Gerry really Yeah, I know a lot of people that don’t like to get out in the crowds They don’t bother me too bad. I Moved to where I am now a couple of years ago But where I used to live for almost 15 years we could just sit right out front and see them Have to drive now to see them. Oh really Kim Yeah, they have like a big show right here in our neighborhood it’s like Crazy how much? fireworks they do and A lot of times that’s close to the house. So you can really really it’s like super super loud. I Won fifty six million dollars the jackpot, but I’m excited to get married. Okay, Jonathan Cher cher ching-ching Just get him just being oh, yeah, definitely I get that Jerry. I hate traffic. I can’t Ellen you’re in the UK, right? Yes. She sure is Tt vacation time for you. Oh, yes, I Know I was telling him the other day. I’m so ready for a trip, but we’re supposed to go to We don’t know if it’s gonna be this summer or if it’s gonna be Thanksgiving But we’re supposed to go to We normally go to Boston But I think this year we’re going to Florida Ellen no, we don’t have anything this weekend, but I always wanted to might have a little thing with the Cubs this weekend That sounds awesome Yeah, we will do that. Definitely Ellen. That’ll be cool We all need a vacay, I’m sure I know I do. Yes Kim I could definitely use a vacation The only thing about it is um, when we go on trips now when we take the baby with us Driving especially on long trips. That’s no fun. So the Not this last time because we drove but the time before that we flew. Oh my gosh Let’s just say that was pretty fun – hey Patti the nut is here You all come visit me for vacation sigh don’t leave much. I hear you Timmy Yeah, but I’m flying with the baby for her first time oh That was kind of a nightmare, but at least it wasn’t too long. We weren’t on there only like a not even two hours Our summer holidays start in July and we get six weeks. Can’t wait for it to start really Ellen So y’all starts in July? Mm, okay? Ours has been going now for a little bit sweet Ellen. Thanks for flying our flag there. Oh Good night, everyone god bless you. I wish you the best be safe it fourth of July. Thank you, Jonathan. You too Have a good night. Oh Nice six weeks. Yes Definitely Did Denise ever come in she might have went to sleep Don’t think I seen her Mendoza sorry freezing last name come from law enforcement family. Oh It’s okay, Liz Are you going to sleep Mm-hmm. He’s gonna be snoring in a minute guys. Just let you know Yeah, I haven’t seen her either I seen blue, but that’s you to have that close that place down I checked I’m trying to think of which place you’re talking about Liz. Hmm Totally I’ve always been fascinated with anything to do with us since I was a kid Oh with the us since I was a kid don’t know why but yeah, I love you guys. Oh, we love you too Ellen Will probably cook out and go watch some fireworks. Yeah That steak place you said they’d open another one. Yeah. Well, it’s the same place they just Kind of like redid it and named it something different. I forgot what it’s called now, but it used to be t-bones on the lake but now it’s called something else but That’s where we usually go That’s one of our favorite little spots But yeah, we hadn’t really talked about like what we gonna do or Any of that good stuff yet. So, who knows? Night have a beautiful vacation Lissa’s hey DW He said hey I Like t-bones by the lake by the pond by the ocean Any of it by the water, right? Cookout fireworks. Yes that’s like I feel like that’s just the Like a normal thing, you know that just happens Kick out some fireworks for the fourth lady D says hey DW Hey That was like the lamest thing I’ve ever heard Goodness, he’s already laying over there on the couch in position. So I’m sure in a few minutes. We’ll hear Okay, let me go look Gary Make sure if you drive no bubble guts Gary Goodness congrats on the upcoming engagement not too sure about the 56 mil. Oh My goodness Jerry, huh, that will be my daughter for you. That would definitely be my daughter Kim my hubby says the same thing and then seconds later he’s out He only snores if he lays a certain way as long as he’s in his position He’s quiet If not a nudge him and tell him to get in his position, right Kim now usually it’s weird though Because if he’s laying in here on the couch where I’m at Because we moved our computer and our setup into the living room because we used to have it in Back in the bedroom, but now it’s in on the other side of the house So when I go live at night when the baby’s back there sleeping I won’t wake her up well He decides he has to lay on the couch get comfortable and he’ll start snoring every single time But if I wasn’t live he wouldn’t make a peep Wouldn’t make a peep but usually like if I’m not on and he goes to sleep as long as he’s on his stomach He’s fine. But if he falls asleep on his back, oh, that’s another story That’s a whole nother story Hey Heather How you doing I’ve been interested ever since Oh in the US Ellen, oh I Always remember I really wanted to be American We went to the American air base and I spoke to the men and I got all giddy and tried to do the accent I was so happy Oh Ellen That’s so cute Yes, it’s noir time. I’m telling you guys. I’ll be like hold on a minute where I’ll say uh-oh Y’all know what’s going on. Oh I’m doing good. Heather doing good Ellen have you had the opportunity to come across the pond. Oh You know what, um, I was talking to him and Somebody else and I was like, you know what one day we should have like a meet and greet. That would be so cool I’m sure you guys would like to to meet DW 13 Same with mine stomach only right now. He’s on his side and he he’d be being quiet. We’ll see how long for right Kim Probably not to too long unless he moves, right? Cute Ellen. I also had wished I was in England growing up I’m telling my age, but I love the Beatles my brother still plays them all the time Oh Gigi You can’t sleep on your stomach. Mukha. Oh wow. That’s the only way I can sleep My husband snores if he’s on his back, but he’s quiet on his side right event You should visit one day Definitely. Definitely a Meet-and-greet would be so fun. Just Live it since I don’t love it since I don’t travel. Okay, Tammy Yeah, I sleep on my stomach all the time it’s like I can’t sleep that other way You sleep on your side mukha lady Dee sleeps on her side be back in a few guys. Yes as he moves Okay, Kim. I was really young my dad. Thought it was funny. I’ve always wanted to it’s my dream to come Other come over maybe I’m going to start saving and definitely come one day. Oh, that would be cool Ellen. I Got a trick for snoring pillow in the face heavily. Oh my goodness Well Instead of going and getting a pillow He just grabbed up the baby She has this big teddy bear thing that she drags all over the house with her Now mind you this thing is as big as her so she drags it all over the living room all over the kitchen And she’s constantly tripping over it because it’s so big He grabbed it and he’s like hugging it holding it like a pillow instead of getting one. He’s so crazy Girl, when he starts I just give him a little push until boy. You better get on your side. I need some sleep Right Yvette Me too. Every time he starts Snoring I start like either out loud give him a nudge or I’ll just kind of give him a little shake like hey Come on. Now. You’re getting too loud. Oh Goodness Sad sleeper here too because I usually have three pugs and a cat next to me. Oh, wow, Timmy You got a full house in the bed My dad loved the Beatles Abbey Road is awesome. My dad went and I’ve not heard him So happy bless him Oh Ellen May because the bear has the baby smell. Oh He I think he’s just being lazy you don’t want to go get a pillow so he grabs her Little Pill, um Will you call that thing like a teddy bear but it’s big and it’s really really soft Or a clothespin clip that knows Brooke if I did that well, he would kill me I Have to fell asleep first. Otherwise, forget it right Rosie Ah, I used to do that a lot before I started doing my live videos I would hurry up and get to sleep before him Because I knew once he got started I wasn’t gonna get no sleep and it would drive me insane Well everyone, I’m falling to sleep y’all have a good chat. Good night Elizabeth That’s why we have a king-sized bed. Yes me too girl Hubby, and I have about three inches left on each side with the pugs and the cat in the middle. Wow. I hear you Timmy You should see it. It’s fun. I wouldn’t have it any other way Right Rosie like a chainsaw. Oh my goodness Do your that You means you means be snoring and Like a chainsaw You know my goodness yes, have you guys tried to put a breathe right strip on their noses Have you tried that? It didn’t work he said he tried it but it didn’t work Yes Ellen, that’s Nate you’re dead like the Beatles about my age you’re dead Oh Gigi That’s are you still drinking the Mountain Dews in the caramel, Friday’s of course Of course. I’ve got my Mountain Dew right here. I Tried that on my fiance and he ripped it off of off in his sleep. Oh Goodness This sleepy talk is making me sleepy, right? So have a rest of the rest of an awesome stream. Good night, Timmy Used to want to walk in sleep when I was little walk down to a store woke up. Oh my gosh, Tina that’s scary that Doesn’t work, I’ll try putting a sock in his mouth. You know, what Rosie when I was little I Guess I was snoring one night. I was little I feel like I was probably like I don’t know Eight. Are you seven eight years old something like that and I fell asleep on the couch and my mom or my sister was messing with me one night They stuffed a sock in my mouth. Oh, I was so mad Whoo. I came up swinging. That’s for sure. I Have a sleep apnea. I have to use a CPAP machine CPAP machine, I feel like I’ve heard that before Just maybe helps you get sleep Jerry Well lately I’m the one that is some more Talking to mostly doing noises and stuff so is payback right give him a dose of their own medicine, huh? About like me putting living of denied by DW on his alarm clock he wanted to punch me in the face Because it was so loud nice funny My dad was 59 when he was to heaven. He loved the Beatles and Status cue. Oh, he loved music. Oh That’s cute Ellen Definitely I actually sleep really good love love it. Okay? Yes, don’t put a clothespin on their nose, oh my goodness Somebody really might come up swinging. That won’t be good Would you Wake up with a clothespin hey, what would you be mad? What I think it closed in over the nose and that tape sounds real professional. Oh My goodness He’s so funny girl I Was Thinking of something earlier and it slipped my mind. I hate that I Hate it My heart was stopping 43 times at night It was stopping Jerry. Oh my goodness. That’s scary Yes, he and my brother would have liked each other Ellen oh But your husband sleeps with one eye open Brooke, right if he don’t sleep with one eye open whoo, he’s brave Living with Brooke he’d better sleep with one eye open. Whoo He might need one and a half open Just make sure the duct tape is very very tight on Dee Mouse. Oh My goodness Wow Jerry do you use it every night? Yeah. That’s scary Tina he’s staring at me right now claiming. He’s sleeping on the couch. Now, he’s watching you Brooke like a Hulk That’s sleep apnea you need a machine Wow You know, he’s watching you Brooke like a Hulk you’re not getting him tonight he says I Bet they would’ve Gigi oh Now is sleep apnea, is that like Is it like insomnia or is it maybe worse or something? I think CPAP I think it’s called. Yeah, I think that’s what she said Wow. I Feel like as soon as I laid my head on the pillow I have to clear my mind, of course because I have anxiety and you know If any of you guys know what inside he is It’s like as soon as you lay down everything starts your mind starts to just go and go and go. Oh My goodness Rosie, oh, that’s scary Wow Jerry Most people that snore need 100k hmm It’s different with him because he doesn’t snore like all the time. I’m telling you. He literally snores when I come on here It’s so crazy But at nighttime whenever I lay down to go to sleep My anxiety starts to go in and I’m like, oh, it’s like I cleared my mind and then I passed out real quick He sleeps too hard. I’ve drawn on his face with lip sticking off He swings a few wakes up and doesn’t know someone’s around him. So I always have this right hook ready Brooke oh my gosh My mind never stops exhausting 90 to nothing non-stop, yes, ain’t that the truth Lucas she’s crazy ain’t she Brooke you crazy girl? Ellen I missed my dad too passed an 86 he was 64 Wow My dad passed in 96 Gigi You know crazy crazy Brookes My mom so the same so I try a tee and it works for me Renee How’d you do in? Long time no see girlfriend Mooka wound up tonight. Yes, she’s laughing. I know it’s been a long time Renee May have to go to sleep go to a sleep study. They’ll check you out and see if you have sleep apnea. Oh Okay, Rosie Wow 2 liter of water with cinnamon sticks and Laurel. Hmm. I’ve never heard of that Giselle. I Get that sometimes if my back hurts, but hopefully I can wake myself up if that happens But I haven’t got a machine or anything and I have to sleep on the side or I can’t breathe. Oh, wow Ellen I’ll be watching too many crime shows my fiance Ronald says if I go missing Everyone remember they’ll bring me back Brought you so crazy girl And I’ve been working 13 on and one off. Oh wow Whoo, I’m sick right now, though. Oh, wow, Renee That’s what I told somebody asked me the other day about you and I said I bet you she’s really been working a lot Because I remember the last time you were in you were telling us that you started a new job And so I thought I bet you she’s been really busy with her new job Kimmy how’d you doing? Hey Girl, hey, oh, you know what Kimmy I sing the other day. Um, I Was going back through the chat and I was looking after I ended my video and I seen where you had asked me something you said did I have a dream that you said that you and him met at um Like you was a bartender and he was a DJ and I was like, oh my gosh I didn’t even see her ask that but yes girl, that wasn’t a dream. That was true He was a DJ and I was a bartender Yes, yes Yes, good money but exhausting right Renee it’s like it can’t be good money, but Only a little bit of time right? It has to be all in That’s so cool Kimmy, so did you and Ron we have so much in common with you guys Overnight good to see you I’m sorry, you’re feeling sick and though it’s been such a while Rosie I sleep good. Thank you How is your yob Renee oh my goodness, I Hope you feel better Renee. I used to be a bartender Oh Lord Brooke. Did you? I’m not a good person to be sober around a bunch of drunks. I’m too cray-cray I guess it depends like I Never would like drink or anything because I mean we could afterwards if we wanted to but you know I just I’ve never really been like a drinker You know once in a while if I was going out with somebody I might would have had one maybe two but usually one was like it for me and But I feel like the people that would come in and we’re getting drinks and stuff You know as long as you’re chatting with them and they’re just drinking it up having a good time Yes, I was bartending and dancing laughs out loud to pay for nursing school and he was the DJ Oh Kimmy that’s so cool That is so cool girl You know what a lot of girls do that though, right? Man smack the heck out of my arse one night And I slapped him and they always were trying to feed me shots. Oh, yeah girl all the time definitely I Always wanted to be a bartender did you Jerry? And I probably have to if I was to ever go back to that I would probably have to renew my license Hey lady do lady D mocha and Cathleen I I guess um when I was younger, it wasn’t like a terrible job, you know, it was a lot of fun and um, I guess now I’m older and Having a baby. I don’t know if I could do it again Cuz obviously when she gets a little bit bigger, I want to go back to work But I don’t know what I’m gonna do Brooke it’s sad I’ve not been in a club ever and only to a bar to eat when I was younger never really drank and never been sociable Always been a misfit Oh Ellen You’re not a misfit girl Yes, I worked with a lot of girls in nursing school definitely Do you have to go to school for that? Um It depends where you work Gary. Um, I did I did go to school for it I did have a license, but I’m not sure if every single place requires it But I would feel like mmm. I don’t know to be honest with you, but I know here you do where I live Made good money and paid off school quick. That’s right, Kimmy That’s right good for you I Would never Judge somebody who you know paid for school Like that, you know what? I mean? You made a good future for yourself. That’s awesome No Ellen, you are not a misfit that’s right Kathleen Taylor she’s not misfit. No way I Like that everybody’s different, you know what I mean, if we were all the same how much fun would that be? I Don’t feel like one here. That’s why I love it here with you all like me and accept me for me And I love that Oh Ellen of course You could go back to school to be counselor type of that or a life coach. I know you’re being serious about how I almost cracked up when you said that because me and Tina were talking about that the other day how I Should think about doing a life coach thing Ellen you are in good company girl us misfits gotta stick together Oh Kimmy That’s so crazy how much we have in common taps, I know Kimmy ain’t that crazy You had a license Brooke But one other bar, I worked out handed out a recipe book and yelled. Good luck Then bartenders had me like Oh God, but these customers spit their drinks out. I made good tips there did you? It would be very boring world if we would all be the same right Rosie definitely That’s you know, the beauty of it everybody’s different We all think different we all dress different everything, you know It would be very very boring That’s great Kimmy. Thanks for nursing. That is a caring profession, right it is I Have you know quite a few people in my channel that are in the nursing field? We are very thankful for you guys. Oh, my god reminds me of that crazy youtuber laugh out loud life coach Mocha, I was waiting on somebody to say something I Was waiting me And Tina were talking about it a couple of days ago. I was telling her like what should I do? You know when the baby’s? After her appointment comes up and we find out what’s going on I might be able to go back to work Well, I don’t know what I’m gonna do when I go back to work. I mean obviously I can bartend or I can figure out something else I want to do it is I’m in nursing – yes Red Lotus There’s our other nurse. I Did get too tipsy one night at work and made $850 in one weekend, I hear you Lift my entire wallet at the bar. And thankfully it was still behind the bar when I went back Oh, you got lucky then Brooke. We got lucky Go quietly is what I call that that one life coach Go quietly Laugh out loud. I’m like this ditch small misunderstood, but loving and kind if you get to know me, I’m a lovable weirdo Oh, you’re not weird. I love my coats. You guys are mine. Oh Thank you nurses that’s right That’s right Hump Brooke, he’s so crazy. I’ve heard a lot of names. I don’t think I’ve heard it called that one though Let’s see here. I Got names for every crazy person on earth I hear you girl I’m thankful for you as well. Red Lotus. Love you, too. I Was actually threatened thing they will call the Nursing Board that’s how much people go real life on YouTube drama Just can’t with that sheet right that’s a little bit crazy Red Lotus for somebody to Mess with your livelihood. I don’t care how much I don’t like somebody I don’t fool what nobody’s livelihood family, you know, you just don’t do that That’s just taking it way too far Ohana is Hawaiian for family. Oh, that’s cute Ellen You like to go to school to be a psychologist? I’ll be cool. I Can’t be a nurse. I don’t like the sight of blood me either mocha Nu nu nu I have several friends that I work with worked with being in nursing is a great profession Our I remember that read that stalker that came in here after you that night. Uh, That was crazy Right, she now apologized but you don’t do that, okay Well, at least she apologized hopefully things like that don’t you know happen again? Yeah, that’s way too far Drink Bath past today, please. Send prayers out to the dog and film and no that’s what they was telling me a little bit ago patty That’s really sad. I Knew she had cancer, but I didn’t know she passed today. I Really don’t mind the needles and blood you don’t mind it. Oh I can’t I’ve had my fainting moments on days. I didn’t feel good Really Kimmy who I can imagine Yes, Beth prayers for dog and family so very sad, right not as sad I always wanted to help people and I did I Did of course to look did a course to look after little people, but my back got bad So I look after my own now. Oh You got your cubs to look after Yeah, I can’t do the needles and blood you This shot I got for my hip was a long arse needle Right, it’s funny I shake someone’s hand and watch their veins read I guess because um You know, that’s what she do. So it’s like automatically your ass go right there Yes, she was a fighter that’s for sure For anybody joining in we’re talking about Nurses and they’ll miss and how they have to do the the whole needles and blood and stuff. I Can imagine somebody coming in this chat? Like what are they talking about? Ooh Lady D. I’m like a toddler as soon as I hear one or C needle. I’m panicked about to pass out Just like the thought makes me nervous partially why I don’t want to see the doctor tomorrow. Oh, I Hope it goes well Brooke, definitely. I hope you don’t get any bad news You used to be a caregiver, but it was sad when my clients would pass away. Oh, I bet Jerry that sounds sad, you know take care of somebody I used to take care of this elderly lady and She passed away Yeah, mukha have had a lot of experience with hospitals so it’s no big deal yeah, I think if you’ve been doing it for such a long time or you know, like Or after so long you probably get used to that stuff Yes I Love helping people though me to dairy All day, I love to help people. I can’t imagine seeing a surgery. Oh my god. I’m out cold Hi how so taupe How are you I Couldn’t do that because I would get attached to people yes Thanks everyone for the prayers. I may be climbing the walls. No big deal Brooke. I Worked in a hospital for years. Nope, don’t get used needles for me. Don’t get used to needles for me. Yeah Brooke it’s a real thing serious. Some people have it bad oof. Oh my goodness No, good morphine as your friend Yeah for that See in a surgery and oh, yeah I’m good. What about you? You feel fresh. I Feel good doing good. I Did more than I thought I could with mom. She was my mom. I didn’t think twice Right Gigi. That’s how it’s supposed to be, you know. Oh I mean being a nurse at a surgery D Like actually having to perform the surgery. Oh my goodness Hey patty, yeah Beth was only 51. They had it removed it and she was great for a few months But it came back last November. I believe poor dog. I know I used to watch that show a good bet There was I hate that I Had something planned to chat about earlier, oh Wow It was good to see you Rene I spend such a while Before I went into surgery that last time they had an intern going back and told her If she felt she was going to throw up or pass out during surgery to go as near the wall as possible. Oh my goodness My fiance is singing dwu song now, uh-uh Anyways, I make science videos Really that’s nice. Yes. I know she was a fighter. Oh, yeah, definitely a fighter Well, I was trying to pull up something Everybody needs to wake it up you’re watching Xena I’m watching. No it wasn’t a game Let’s see here You guys ready to dance Oopsie hid Okay, here we go look at their mocha I’m back till toughies lovely voice puts me to sleep Oh Kim Here we go You talk too much mister. Hey, Cheryl Let’s see here me Tina why cuz I’m up late laugh out loud. No had a coffee at 9:30 Oh Tina my fiancee hears it on his alarm clock now Yeah, it’s so catchy, right Laughs out loud. He’s not asleep Rene oh it was on my phone He’s on the couch snoozing. I just played it for my phone Tina he’d be doesn’t know how to change it. Uh Which was done because I have to be up early and out the door early Oh Oh Kim Yeah, you might have to get try to put yourself to sleep then, huh? Yes so catchy, right I Never would have thought I would have liked that song I didn’t I Have to come in to tell you I named one of my goats Magoo it’s a, Tennessee Fading goat there are hoot. Hey Regina, how are you? I Had one carrot one frappe tonight did you oh my goodness, I Want guys to it to movies? Look see it I’m so sorry how to I don’t even know you. I’m sorry a Fainting goat, I feel like if I were an animal I’d probably be that a fainting goat Fainting goats are awesome. I died laughing. Oh my goodness. I’ve never seen a fainting one Okay, so I was reading Regina’s thing Magoo oh so you named your goat that oh wow I haven’t never seen is it is it totally different from a regular gun? Hmm, I think goats are cute. I’m sending you a video tabs you are Yeah, haven’t heard of it either, okay Well when I got coffee at 9:30, I got to one for the morning laughs at loud I’m hooked on these caramel crunch frappuccinos from starbucks. So good YUM really Kim. I Haven’t never tried those To have they’ll just be running or standing and oh And just tip over and drop funniest thing you ever see. Oh, that’s cute, Kimmy Mooka there’s a video of them Wow so what happened with Rebecca and Just mud, they w13 put up a video about her not having a pic. She blocked her Wow um, does anybody know what exactly happened cuz I was live last night and I kind of heard a little bit about it something about um That she was loved and just out of the blue she said to her something like um I’m trying to remember. I don’t want to say the wrong thing She said to her oh you don’t have a picture up and that just makes me nervous something like that and then all of a sudden she blocked her just out of the blue like No Warning nothing. I’ve missed the circus. I was too busy eating my popcorn watching murder mysteries Her goodness, Oh No That was weird So paranoid, yes Okay, so that’s what happened lady D. I was trying to remember why is my video trying to buffer Is it buffering for you guys? Yes taps her and Texas woman said she didn’t have one either. Yes. She said something to her as well, but I Think she said that she would put up a picture. You know what those huh? Why is it buffering? They’re fun till they get out into my fruit trees Oh Regina That’s kind of cute though. I know it’s probably annoying if they’re getting into your fruit, but it’s kind of cute right I Just started before I know that was weird like it hasn’t buffered at all this whole time. I Don’t know why it’s doing that lately I kind of feel for her even she even phoned her and aww didn’t even know who she was I feel for Rebecca. She must be hurting Yeah, she just you know, she continuously hurts people over and over and over again, you know There’s a lot of people who’s actually been Done way way WAY worse, you know, which for me? I don’t think one is better than the other You know, it’s just that she just continuously hurts people Our channel fell completely apart after you escaped the loony bin Tina I Feel like I tried to help her keep it together at some point, but you know what you can only help somebody so much, right? Okay, I think we’re good now that was weird She shouldn’t push anybody away. Her people are dropping like flies right Cheryl, I Just sent you a video a fainting goat you do gonna laugh. Okay. I didn’t want to play it on my video I didn’t know if I would Get copyrighted I’ll look at it in a minute the video DW put up about the candles were very interesting Wow I didn’t even know you put up a video was that today? Did you put a video You didn’t tell me No, you didn’t You did not tell me that boy Come over here come over here It’s the last video on DW 13 Yeah, she is fit for a straitjacket in the end. We’ll have the last laugh with her right Kimberly very truth DW said oh yeah See I didn’t he’s saying he told me but I don’t think he did. I think he just forgot. Oh my goodness I dozed off Oh Rosie Are you tired girl? Oh My shit is 2 a.m. Oh Kim Yeah, it is close to 2 a.m Let’s see here. She is past help. She sure is does that new Jerry got a look later My god, though. She didn’t know who she was makes you wonder what she’s on It’s crazy guys. Mmm sad thing is we tried to warn them and they were so hateful Yeah and you know what that That’s the part where it’s hard to You know be like, okay. Should I? Accept these people when they come to me You know what? I mean because of the things that they do or should I put that aside because I’ve been in their shoes You know what? I mean? I Said that’s rough Types of stuff to his channel hit the bell so you can be notified when he puts vids up Tina Goodness, yeah, busy day Rosie DW is being bad. I’m telling you Cheryl. You don’t want to come over here and get none though, cuz he’s worried He’s sitting over there on that couch minding his business Right where he needs to be He’s paranoid he said Goodnight lady d good to see you. Oh You’re paranoid about the muds he said Oh Paranoid about the muds. Well, do better know something He’s afraid you may take notes from brookie She blocks people when she’s drunk or in a trance Or possessed and then forget she did that and wants to blame other people, right? Unbelievable It’s so crazy. Yeah, and so how many months has it been since I’ve been away I feel like in these a handful of months. It’s just been like Train wreck after train wreck after train wreck after train wreck Unbelievable the people that don’t know Mona is that, please sign the petition? Thank You patty If I had that link, I would so put it up My grandsons is in 4h, he’s going to show them in at the fair Oh Regina that’s so cute You love candles any color any time. I’m not medium or large Gigi that’s funny Rosie be nodding off you got some duct tape on the face and a clothespin Oh Angel okay Yeah, that one read where there was a Grove Asleep drunk and let the spirit box go on freaky. Yes. I seen that one – that One video that creeps me out. She fell asleep. Yes Oh Kimmy you just got back was in a buffer. Hell for a minute. Oh, I’m glad you got it straightened out girl Yeah that one red, okay Yeah, that’s crazy I Used to have that video of her possessed arse growling I shall make it back to public I heard you girl Freaky you never just fell asleep on a spirit box, right? well, the only good thing I can say about that red Red Lotus is Thank goodness that it’s not real, you know, the thing that she uses is fake Totally fake. So that’s the best part about that one Hey Terry, how are you? What I’ve been noticing is that her old videos from seven months ago are popping up I went on one and there were only two people commenting From seven months ago. Oh my goodness The muds Kimmy the muds. Oh Goodness, yes, if it was real then that would be something serious to worry about you know Growling such a psycho, right? Is it because we all unsubscribed no, hmm Hey Shannon, how are you? Is it because they’re all I’m subscribed I’m not sure I’m sure some people probably stayed subscribed just for the you know, the shit shows for me I Unsubscribed immediately. I didn’t want to you know, give her that count the views none of the above Like nine ish now, right? Naish Oh I deleted her snoring I Remember saying crap to Red Lotus Elan remembers is her saying I’ve seen you talking crap on channel you and these other People with colors on their names she swore. She has a screenshot of everyone talking Are you talking about Red Lotus Not Maybe now laugh out loud, but not then do you remember that tab? I do remember you talking about the time when she was saying about the colors and stuff the comment I just read Kim cuz I definitely remember the whole color thing and all that but She was paranoid severely paranoid Not I was afraid she was gonna bring negative energy to my life My thing keeps on jumping on me Have my snoring and the ones saying Christian spells CW backwards. Oh gosh What about her being afraid of the carwash, oh she’s afraid of the carwash Cheryl You want subscribe months ago event? Yeah definitely I Didn’t know that She has more than one personality going on in her head ain’t that the truth that is definitely true You think it was yesterday hmm, we’ll see I haven’t looked at her did she go live today guys No, never man She I haven’t seen a video of hers like I’d seen yesterday Yeah, I don’t I don’t look at her videos The only time I look at him as if somebody says hey, you need to go look at this or this Yes step oh right red lettuce you remember yes, I’ve always four people were talking shit sheesh. She should be used to it by now Right Kim. That’s the truth Afraid of a carwash. Oh my goodness Unbelievable, well, she has to get those car washes because You know when you do that you BRR You have to keep your car clean people Might give you a bad report Yeah, if it’s something serious I watch it but then I start getting a headache I’m out yes, right Rosie I get a bad headache. I can’t Like he’ll watch them and he’ll tell me about it. But as far as me watching it Unless it’s you know Something about specifically me where I’m like, okay, let me see it then I’ll look at it, but For the most part. I just let him tell me about it She’s like me myself and Mona When you said she was scared of carwash, I’m like, what are you 2 years old? Oh My goodness. Yeah, I remember being a little bitty girl and being scared of the carwash Crazy Let’s see here she acts like a three-year-old sometimes. Oh, yeah. She definitely does Ken wants me to try to find the video when she did my reading but I honestly don’t remember what month that was Do you Tessa I sure don’t read lotus Tabs devil wings didn’t see the carwash live yesterday Did you see that yeah, yeah, he said yeah he did yes Rosie from her voice Shirl that’s one mixed-up crazy Let’s see here You know what I’m sure I’m trying to think red, but I’m sure since it has some stuff in it I’m sure it’s got a its down. You know what I mean? I’m sure that was deleted Now that I think back to it. I’m sure that was deleted The tantrum she throws is worse than a toddler right? I’m telling you my three-year-old does better It’s so funny here and everyone’s real voice Hey Jude, oh man, that’s what I call him when we’re at home messing around and be like hey, oh, man Mmm-hmm. I mean aww had so many drunk messed up vids. Why are people not concerned? It’s really bad it is Who the heck is afraid of a car wash is she afraid she’ll get wet and mount like the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz oh my gosh right Rosie Huh? Oh But mine’s still there. Yeah. Tina’s are still there sure is You know what Well What Well, I was going to but then I was like you know what Not my readings still there, but the start of me escaping that right Tina me and you was like Mm-hmm after all that happened. That was like the beginning of the end When I come my fianc in oh man, he looks at me like I’m gonna get Jew that’s right. I’m gonna get you Really teen I’m gonna have to go see that oh, it was such a long time ago Um, hopefully, she don’t delete it now. Oh Goodness Every week at a car wash and she’s scared thinking she looks cute Yeah, she goes, I think like once a week or something. It seems like You’re gonna go look, okay Right Rosie she thought she was acting cute Y’all gonna make me have to go look thank you. Yeah. Yeah Kimmy I heard you girl She does she deletes all her crazy Isn’t YouTube going to crack down on people making what’s vids? That’s what I heard mocha that’s exactly what I heard and For anybody that was here last night Rebecca was here and me and her had a a good chat about everything that was going on and Yeah, so she’s definitely aware of what’s been going on so that’s good The falling of the stool and chasing that man’s was the best I’m gonna chase you oh Yeah, I Have no idea when I left. Oh, you tell him out like when you left the channel gosh, he looks pretty bad these days Hmm yes pretty bad. I’m gonna chase you Jerry Yeah, I remember you being here mukha Yep. August is coming up. You know what that means? She’s gonna start that making all the videos on the case again Deletes and blames everyone else for the shit show. She calls us. Yeah Jerry I’m gonna taste you Kiss me kiss me plop hit the floor roll Tina Oh Good Kathleen must be in. How do you say in Demetrios Asst? Indie face. Oh Lord Hey defiantly goes back seven months. Of course. She does, uh Yeah, I think she deleted a lot of stuff read a lot Pop lock and drop it Puck drop it and roll Yeah, they’re cracking me up Yes, she has because her friends demand it because she’s so so Amazing and great, right. Uh, who does that? Oh, My goodness if I was giving people readings I Would never be like I am so amazing In Demetrios assistants throat, no way. I am an RN an Ob/gyn, that is not a thing. It’s a a fly right Red Lotus that’s what I said never heard of that before and one of my friends she has endometriosis and She asked her doctor because she wanted to to find out you know That woman needs to stop it. She needs to stop it Oh My god, I can’t I really can’t type tonight Her taste in blouses is getting weirder and weirder Kathleen. Oh my goodness Right dunker head in reality. Oh My goodness is probably in her leg too and eyes nostrils Of course elbow knee Ankle foot Back goodness gracious But you know what every since DW exposed all that I haven’t heard nothing else about illnesses have you guys I think now she’s moving on to more sympathy things like trying to make people think that One of her family members passed away What else is she doing? Dunk her head in some holy water Every word that comes out of her mouth is a lie, right? She can have my fibromyalgia to go with that. I’ll hand it over Right. I see endometriosis everyday never ever and throat. I bet my life on that right Red Sea Moana if you’re watching this there’s RN here and she says there’s no way To stop it on my DW can pull off those blouses MOCA I think that the truth Whenever he came home from work the other day, and he had that he ordered it and so it came in The Amazon truck dropped it off on our porch I didn’t even know it was out there because I wasn’t expecting anything, but when he came home from work And he brought the package in the house. I was like, what is that when he showed it to me? I went oh my gosh Wait till you guys see what he has for the next one I’m not gonna tell it It’s good though. You guys are gonna like it Um may sing, yes Mona I do that for a living that’s BS right red Well, she’s just flat out Flat out charging amen max and telling them how Amazing. She is it’s crazy and not in the throat for god sakes, right? Unbelievable, she’s She was still doing it remember she got her medical records to prove it all she proved was a hysterectomy exactly Rosie and the hysterectomy from maybe from endometriosis from back in 2016 None of the medical records was from recently. Everything was from a couple years ago Plus Please be bib overalls. So I can’t sleep Tammy. Oh Goodness someone passed away in the family wouldn’t she get bereavement from her job she that’s possible, but wouldn’t she I Don’t know. I just I feel like she’s just using it using that too You know what I mean using that as a way to for sympathy to make people feel sorry for her too because Every time she tries to lie about something DW 13 Exposes it every time So she’s running out of things. So now she’s going to oh, Well somebody in my family Really I don’t believe it I’m sorry. Hey Norma, oh You guys are gonna love what his his next thing is exactly Rosie three years ago, come on It’s the sympathy show exactly She said she’s not going to get all upset about his death that she’s going to just live her normal life Right, Cheryl That’s crazy. I’m sorry if if somebody’s having a death They’re going to be upset If somebody dies in you guys family thanks you guys gonna be upset. I know I am She is a very sad person Kim very sad Come to Iowa MOCA Your woman’s yes Norma, she certainly didn’t seem upset that’s right She’s lying. That’s why she hasn’t mentioned who it was exactly this death is fake an excuse for attention Moo-coo you’re killing me. It was mukha doing I Didn’t know anyone still were overalls. I haven’t seen that in a long time, okay Tammy don’t you know a yob. She got a yob By the way Rosie, that’s one of my pugs names. Oh, that’s cute If her lips are moving she’s lying laughs I won’t laugh out loud where ooh you BRR Jess And Demetri all cells to get outside of is there more to this I feel like Maybe not Okay endometrial cells to get outside of the pelvic cavity the most commonplace lesions are found outside of the pelvic cavity is Actually in the thighs of all places the throat never ever documented Wow And did why Did she see how loopy she went when a son? Sub says he’s going to wring her brother to send his best wishes off She and she went all out on him saying you keep it. We don’t need anything from you. Really right Ellen I saw that I saw that Just to play the perpetual victim it’s right Cathleen I May sing she got a yob She didn’t come on that love she had set up her muds were waiting next thing, you know, there was a death But she was on YouTube right Rosie It is ridiculous red it is Let’s see here. Oh My god so true she didn’t mention her past. Yeah nobody past I’m sorry. I just can’t believe that if her lips are moving. She’s lying. That’s right even Very true. Oh My lord, why did I drink that coffee? that’s gonna probably make him so I had I think normally Mm-hmm in a day. I would drink like one caramel frappe Sometimes maybe two but Today instead of having a frappe. I had like three cups of coffee. Oh my gosh So I totally get it. I’m gonna be up for a while probably Well, I would give her this she brought all of us together you Amazing woman’s that’s right to me. Very very true. I Know and on the right RIPD Beth Chapman. Yes Hey Jennifer, how are you? Good to see you She’s got a yob other than you burr and I have 6/10 Cheryl. Oh Goodness. Oh No, Tina, he’s thinking about getting your other one girl. You don’t have to work That’s why she deleted all her muds the other day Wow Then poor muds mmm Well, you know what That one mud of hers boy. She’s got a mouth on her From what peoples told me she was calling me trash. I was like what? Wow So hopefully Well, I can’t say that because I try to forgive I guess Sure. I choked on my cigarette The death was probably a fifth cousin twice removed, right Jerry, uh God bless beth chapman r.i.p. She was a strong good woman. Yes. She was Jennifer definitely Oh Tina The the one mud was her name the Texas one Somebody told me that she called me trash Mm-hmm-hmm that woman don’t even know me Yes, muds Hmm Tina she called Ted white trash. Yeah, see Tabs when you cuss it’s so funny. He seemed too sweet to cuss Cheryl. You ain’t seen me mad girl Tina tell her You felt my eyes roll Rosie, but I’m making this oh, no, she doesn’t even know exactly red I didn’t see her say it but somebody was telling me about it so I’m assuming that and this person they wouldn’t lie to me So I know that she did say it and then other people seen it as well. I Think she gave it back to Texas. Not sure her name Collin says more about her than anyone else right Jennifer Yeah, Tina’s seen me mad not many people see me mad but Tina has Talking about you will get her cousin third Brooke If you’re trash I’d like to know what she is oh boy Oh, no, she doesn’t okay. Yes. She was strong. I loved Beth I wish could hug dog Yes, I used to love watching that As far as I know she didn’t tell me as far as I know When you said that about forgiving oh the me rolling my eyes Yeah, I try not to hold a grudge but sometimes it’s hard, you know when Somebody don’t even know you but yet they’re bad-mouthing you you know what I mean? but I do seem to Forgive I do Sometimes it’s hard. I Know Cheryl, I think that’s why I was more upset today. He’ll be lost without her definitely Yes, Kim, he’s going to be so lost without her I can imagine I feel like You know, you see one you seen the other so to see one of them by their self is definitely gonna be different You know It is very hard My 19 year old sent me a text about Beth and she was so hurt she understood and she was so small watching her It broke my heart. She was crying already Yeah, I’m sure a lot of people’s you know hurt for that Hmm let’s try Rosie. Sometimes it’s hard, you know, especially if you deal with a bunch of crap, it’s like oh I’ve had enough already Some people I feel like some people though they see that I have a big heart and that I’m a very forgiving person That you know, I will go out of my way sometimes to help people well all the time actually and I feel like a lot of people try to take advantage of that or Try to use it as an advantage disadvantage And it’s like really? It sucks What I liked about Beth is she never looked down her name called others? She found good in everyone that didn’t let anyone walk on her. That’s right If people can’t see that tough isn’t then screw them sorry, not sorry right Timmy Yep, and that’s the thing, you know, I guess because a lot of people, you know, they only see me You know like when I’m here obviously Everybody that knows me outside of here. I’m still the same person, but I’m like anybody else. I can only take so much right? You do types, I know that for sure you’re good people have a heart Thank You Norma Types I have so much respect for you I was there when you were aw mud And I know what she put up with you have come a long way and I know it’s been a tough road I look up to you beautiful. Oh, thanks red You’re sweet girl. I Might go by tomorrow and take flowers. Really Jerry Since that. I was hoping she would beat this are you talking about to for the best thing Jerry? My ten-year-old came running into my room to tell me she was upset too. We’ve always watched then watched Then sure my hubby still watches all the reruns dog is starting a new show It’s gonna be odd without best, right? That’s what I’m saying You see one and two see not the other one, then it’s like it’s gonna be weird, you know Everyone knows you’re awesome and the one running her mouth is. Oh, thanks Jennifer. I Saw her at the very end being her mud Red Lotus, I never ever type in chat until tabs started her own channel. Oh, I’m glad Timmy Dang, just spilled milk All over my socks with flip-flops. Oh, no, Gigi Types I can’t let people walk over her when it continuously happens. Yes. Oh Thanks Jennifer she said she agrees with red. You’re awesome. Thanks girl You always make me sad from hearing how aw treated you. All I know is a lot of people ask where’s Tabitha? Yeah Definitely Tammy that’s awesome. I wish I would have seen all that one Aw did what she did to me I left and never looked back. But I’m so thankful. I found her again Yeah, it was bad. I had to be there to witness that red. That was bad Hoof Yes tough that they have a bells bond here in Colorado, okay People were leaving flowers today. It was on the news. Oh, that’s cool, Jerry Wow Maybe so you might get to do some flowers When Letta stuffed us pretty awesome sauce I will be grateful for her accepting me as a silent watcher and I watch you a lot. Just don’t speak up Not my circus not my monkeys. Just watch the show. Oh, of course Timmy Glad you’re here red. I always like chatting with you. Yeah, you guys are awesome Yes normal and I was the mud after I guess the mud thing keeps coming up now I Was the mud after and people would ask me and I would say I’m not sure I had a feeling it didn’t end Well, did you come? um, I Was quiet for a while before I ever spoke up matching tub says the only thing to talk about It’s so crazy aunt at Kathleen Dory us so much. You’re a great soul Yes, I don’t go on lives either I go on devil wings 13 and you Tabitha You always treat people with respect and make people feel welcome I’m glad Jennifer. I’m glad girl Thanks red lettuce this you’re pretty sweet thank you. Oh you guys Getting mushy mushy. Yes. I love you guys. Oh Hey Jennifer, I didn’t see you. Yeah Jennifer is one of our new ones Right Kim we didn’t know she wouldn’t answer. Yeah, she wouldn’t tell nobody So crazy, that’s a sweet thought of temper. So Red Lotus you guys TJ is uh may sing Mm-hmm, exactly gasps you are awesome You’re exactly right Tina. It’s all jealousy Cuz they can’t be Tabitha Oh The thing is though, you know mmm you guys know, I feel like I don’t understand why people have to be that way you know, I feel like I’m like a very Understanding person like pretty caring and Accepting but I just can’t stand people that I’m you know, that did what Mona did I can’t oh My god, I’m tearing up. No girl. Don’t tear up on us so sweet, I can’t tell you how much y’all are making me feel types have brought us all together Oh read At least it’s good tears right good tears Yeah, I thought I ever wanted to do that was the whole reason for me to Open up my channel to bring everybody together you Know we can talk about the good times the bad times And anything in between, you know? um, I feel like You know, we can all just support each other be there for each other basically talk about whatever we want to I Got to get back to work night shift. Good night, Jennifer. I hope you have a good night at work girl Good to see you And like we all get along great. That’s right Norma I took Love knocks for my food pregnancy Oh for your whole pregnancy so needles don’t bother me Really Shannon. Oh my goodness. I Said this before when I was on there, all I did was ask where’s type? Uh Where type the was and someone asked if I was being sarcastic And I was blocked. Oh Wow, Rosie. I So messed up, right? You just asked she should have known though that that was gonna happen, you know, because I literally just left I didn’t say bye I Didn’t give an explanation. I just left like she didn’t even know that I left because she messaged me for days Probably almost up to two weeks after I left Asking me if I was gonna come back telling me that her channel turned into a circus Could I please come and help? All kinds of mess like I have all the messages As much that aww has done I really hoped she would get help she is way way going she needs extreme help She doesn’t see it right red. That’s what I hope for You know that and and you know that she gets the help that she needs and stops doing all these nasty videos and hurting so many people that was a you know, the whole thing for everybody coming together and I guess people call it expose but for me, it’s like Letting her see what she’s doing and hoping that One day she will change from it. You know what I mean? Like those videos are so So so so unnecessary like oh it’s so disgusting What you do see what you did you brought all these peoples together They have beautiful people, but you didn’t see that you Know what I’m sure she probably thinks about that now Patti and I was like, you know what I screwed up. You know what? Epps I had to do what was best for her. Really? Well, I was worried at first it took me a while to want to leave because I was like You know what? I have like found some nice people that I enjoy talking to so, you know, it kept me longer than what I should have been but Once I was like, you know what I have to do this because I have to get out of here I couldn’t agree with anything that she was doing anymore. So I had to I was like enough is enough I got to leave and so When I left I thought about it and thought about it for gosh. I know at least What? At least a week I believe and I Was like, okay. I think I’m gonna do my maybe it was two weeks Tina. I Talked to Tina about it and I talked to Liz and I was like, what should I do? and then I finally did open the channel cuz I was shy, you know, oh Yeah, Kathleen I was and it was affecting my heart which was weird because I never had heart problems before She was stressing me out really really bad like she would do a video in the moment She would end the video She would call me and mind you most of the time when she would in the video It would be you know anywhere between 2:00 and 5:00 a.m. My time so She was three hours ahead of me, so if it was to her time it was five my time so there was so many times that you know, she wouldn’t end a video til it was literally daylight and she Knew I had a toddler that I had to take care of But you know what? I just did it because I was you know what I mean? I was being a good friend at the time and it was just too much too too much What a friggin mess every damn day, bro That’s good needles don’t bother you must’ve went through a lot you Were stressed at the end Tabitha, yes Whoops channel is de liquor makes her crazier So she basically yelled at all of us normal, you know, what as a matter of fact in that same video that Tina was just talking about She yelled at you in that video as well Yes, when she can’t even function her muds on the phone trying to help her she doesn’t remember it the next day So crazy, ain’t it? That’s probably when finally told us and the circus was her always with the freaking buffering and thinking everyone was talking shit When no one was so annoying. Oh my goodness Kim She was she was like my channels going into a circus that she left That’s when she started talking to crap about not favorite isin. I found x, uh So now you know what Rosie that is so funny that she says that favoritism because none of us have ever asked her To treat us different like and I know I think I know what she’s talking about because there was a time When somebody had got a wrench and somebody said to her You should be careful about how you hand out wrenches. Now. This wasn’t me. It was somebody else and She said that somebody was trying to tell her what to do or something and I was like what No, because they’re neat I needed somebody else to be a mod as well But she didn’t want me to have help it was almost like she wanted me to do it by myself And I was getting frustrated because you know, I had a baby Let’s see here that makes no sense to me. Is that one day she’s calm and collected the next day. She’s going cray cray. Yes We always should get the help she needs but I highly doubt it with that one she likes the attention good or bad That’s the truth I’m just catching up a little bit guys You’ve come a long way time Why is that buffering I think we’re good. Oops. Sorry about that again Oh my goodness baby buff dudududu baby buff Ellen, oh My goodness, sorry about that y’all I don’t know why I stuffer and all of a sudden that’s weird I’m making a lot of bread Sandwiches. I’ll welcome That read about how she said you begged her to be the only my right mocha so crazy, I really wanted somebody else to be a mind because there was nights when um, Like I would be changing the baby’s diaper She would go on live and I was like, oh like Literally holding my phone up looking at it to watch the chat trying to change the baby to get her to bed It was a nightmare and I was getting really really frustrated The Norma the video where she was doing I’m just saying the chat a little bit. She was doing a reading and She was fussing at Tina and Elizabeth for talking mainly Tina and in that same video She said to you Norma. She said something about Tina can you help me remember what she said? But you said sorry whatever it was Norma and she kept on Like going at you again, even though you had done said it. Sorry Ever have it with a tomato red had a oh Cheese for all. Oh A girl cheese got you. I was like, I thought you were saying you made the bread. I was like, okay girl, I hear you Our Internet has gone down here – it’s weird Kimmy. It’s like it’s just been happening since This crazy rain has been coming and going I missed the next day circus. I was told about it though Yes, you apologized several times yes, I Felt bad for Norma I was like, oh that’s too messed up. That wasn’t a baby one that time Ellen. It was a toddler She didn’t care about the time differences All she cared about was herself as if you were supposed to be at her beckon call exactly Rosie. That’s exactly how it was Exactly. Oh I brought up another channel and she goes Norma. We don’t talk that yet Norma. Yes. That’s it Norma. I Said we don’t talk about other channels in here, you know better than that. Yes Norma but you had already apologized and she kept on and on and I was like, oh Did you already say what your last straw was Tabitha? I think I missed it um It was like a couple of different things really to be honest with you to me when I seen her from that Tina that that angered me pretty good and Let me think I Feel like it was just a combination of so many things You know the whole thing that she had did to me before with the whole frog thing I was holding that Because I was still upset about that. She never apologized to me for that That then her hollering at Tina and then there was a couple of other things I’m sure it’ll come to me and then I’ll remember to tell you guys Red Lotus grilled cheese is also good with tomato soup. Oh Really? I never ate it like that. I was so embarrassed cuz I didn’t honestly know I just started getting to know about channels Oh Norma I Always talked in her dumb channel always Oh Like the whole that’s okay, so I remember like After she yelled at Tina She was fussing at her about talking to Elizabeth in the chat She was like, I guess I’m gonna have to start my video over and Everybody was like no no continue continue and she was like no, I’m gonna start the video over so she She starts the video over and she’s like I already had to do this yesterday because of you and so the day before that she had um, she says that she had to Edit the video because Tina was she was saying something in the chat about Was it a reading Tina gosh, this has been a while now, so I’m trying to remember I Think there was a reading going on and Tina said something like ooh That sounds like the thumbless man and the way she said it it made me laugh a little bit But I wasn’t like laughing at her. I was just laughing at the way that Tina said it but once we Ended that video She called me and she accused me of making fun of her abilities and I went what? What are you talking about? I? Never made fun of your abilities and Tina didn’t either What are you talking about? I was literally floored because I didn’t know I was like what? and so that was like One of the last moments where I went, you know what I’ve had enough Every time she called me every single day that week Every single time she called me after a video. She was accusing me of something and I said, you know what? I am so over this Good night Brooke Then I told her that the Orab one was the best one she’s like best one all my lives are amazing she was so mean to Tina there for like Almost a week, you know that final week where I was like, you know what I’ve had enough she Everything that happened in the chat She would call me after the video and she would blame every single bit of it on me Well you was laughing you was doing this and you as I’m going what? What are you talking about? You know I was dumbfounded Like what is she talking about? Cuz at this time I was like, you know what I mean? I was covering for her like not covering like that. But like Taking up for her is what I mean when I say covering I was taking up for you How you gonna tell me that I’m making fun of your abilities. What I Was tripping. Oh My goodness, I’m so sorry that happened to you guys. Even then she was an arrogant bitch. Yeah, she was rosy Too bad she had you while she was calling me through Skype mocha. She never had my phone number the thing is I don’t know anybody that knows her phone number, you know it to be honest with you I feel like she talks to everybody through Skype or messenger because that’s just how she does Oh My goodness That was crazy But I called up Tina cuz me and Tina we would talk once in a while like in the channel But I never really talked to her outside of the channel until that day when um She called me and accused me of making making fun of her abilities because of what Tina said and because I was laughing at what Tina said that I was making fun of her and I went what What is she talking about? Tina You kept receipts. I got receipts Tina girl. I got a lot of receipts a lot of receipts that I have kept Definitely I Mean good you kept receipts. Yes Receipts meaning like proof Like proof of whatever happened Because I don’t think she has service on any of those phones. Just Internet. I Didn’t really pay attention to chat that much didn’t realize till later How much has actually said in a chat room till I watched some other youtubers Yeah So glad I kept quiet and still do for the most part. Sometimes it just you know Yeah, what did she do to Tina, oh she was just being rude and it was like Tina was really really good to her and For her to be rude to Tina it just made me angry Because I knew Tina was good to her. I knew she was she didn’t tell me but I knew Ya toughest had called we talked she asked if I got jumped on skype, too I Sure, did I can’t thing I said did have you talked to her cuz she keeps on calling me and she is tripping She’s accusing me of laughing at you because you said something about the thumbless guy So now she’s saying that I’m making fun of her abilities what the hell’s going on and Then I was like, yep, she jumped me too and I was like, you know what I had enough she’s like I had enough too But it was literally like a week of that every single day Something else happened there in that week and She blamed it on me and it had nothing to do with me and I was like, hmm What a male oh That’s to do with the the the frog thing And How about the beautiful blanket that Elizabeth made? She gave it the two got thise got teeth toe gems What? Yeah, she she that was the day when she said she would make the frogs come out my nose she called me a CW Lover or something like that And I was like what? I cannot stand that man. How dare you I forgot about the thumbless guy Yeah guys remember it was back when she was making that it was like a rough draft of the people that she claimed was in on the Was it the kelsey birth case? Yes she made like the rough draft of people that she I think it was like a Couple of men like three men and a woman something like that So she had this rough draft and one of the guys was done las’ Yeah emailed that wackadoodle once she jumped tabatha about CW supporter. Oh Yeah, we went through a good bit of her BS I Remember someone had blue in their name. I don’t know who but she Automatically thought you the chatter was a CW supporter. I was like really come on now. Oh, yeah Well, there was a thing going around at one time That said it was like an email that somebody had sent that had said to her that Anybody that had a color in their name? Was a CW supporter? and No, I don’t think it was blue topaz, I think it was um, oh Man It’s like on the tip of my tongue but ain’t coming out, huh No No, oh it was blue Kim, I’ve seen her in other channels no, I don’t think it was blue topaz But blue was in the name I can’t was it blue sapphire. I Can’t think right up right off the top with what was the name, but Was it baby blue eyes no, well, she did say something one time to – baby blue Baby blues Rosy Lucifer. Hmm. I Do remember seeing a blue sapphire, but I don’t know I Ordered that about a month and a half before I left took them a while to send that to her and I couldn’t cancel order Oh, yeah, Tina ordered that way before we left the channel And Yeah, they didn’t she didn’t get it for a long time we had already left the channel before she got it so That’s how that went the whole Bracelet and sticker thing from you know with the shin and decal and stuff on it Tina it wasn’t done you didn’t know Yeah Rosie, that was one of the dumbest things I did Oh No Kimmy you saw the vids I made Tina We never did found that them once got right mocha, that was never ever a such a thing as a thumbless guy, right? Anybody else hear about a thumbless guy, huh? Yes, Timmy free got these and didn’t give Tina credit for the nope. She sure didn’t Jerri she sure didn’t Why was she acting as if she was your boss or should I say Master crazy paranoid ass right Rosie? Oh my gosh That was crazy for sure laugh out loud never found his thumb either Right Um Norma she did a reading one time For for me but it was like half and half, you know what I mean? like halfway, okay, I guess you could say it was like a lot of wrong but Oh son, right – And Tina, she never got a reading because She says that she thinks she didn’t get a reading because she had it where? Mona didn’t have access to her Facebook Yeah, he was there for my dad mukha Like some of the things was right, but some of it was wrong like the bucket thing I had no clue what she was talking about I didn’t want to say it out loud, you know out loud But I had no clue what she was talking about when it came to a bucket and There was something else it was a couple of things that I was like. Whoa. What is this? What is she talking about and He was there Tina good night Jerry Yeah, that was like emotional for me because I mean come on I was 10 years old when my dad passed away, you know, so That was kind of emotional for me and then to find out later on that, you know This woman ain’t no she’s not the real deal. So I totally get it when people have These readings and they’re like, oh my gosh Hard enough dealing with it didn’t need any negativity and I felt that when I started watching her. Yes My memory, isn’t that great I don’t know if I was there Yes, she did she had me Corleone she sure did Didn’t she do that to you on a live stream. Yes. She had me call Ian Rosie Yes Hi, hola soy German jr. How are you? Now I came in that month I think before you left that to us I did you Gigi Goodnight Jerry I don’t I think I said goodnight, but hope I did English hola what Norma maybe less don’t remember. Okay. You was there Kim yeah, I Don’t know how somebody can play with people’s emotions like that like that is to me is like one of the most Disgusting most inhumane just this Horrible how you can play with somebody’s emotions when it comes to a reading like that You know It’s like people, you know being vulnerable wanting to Hear from a loved one and then they go to this woman who they think is Connecting to their family and then it’s not their family like you find out it’s just like wow, it’s really messed up Look what she did to that poor lady, right? Yes Okay Sorry, I was trying to read that Yeah, that was horrible mukha that That Wilhemina was that wasn’t that her name Wilhemina that was terrible Types that don’t stay whatever that was. Yeah. I had a feeling it wasn’t good Right Rosie Look what she did to that poor lady Wilhemina, right? That was pretty bad. I Actually was watching that when it happened, so I actually seen that that was terrible you Were there when I came in was the first chat I ever entered made me a bit chat shot for a while. Oh really, Gigi It is she did my dad’s remember right Renee I forgot about that she wasn’t right about a lot of it I didn’t know what to do. I just tried to make her look good boy. I was dumb no Renee He wasn’t dumb. He was probably feeling the same way. I was feeling at the time I didn’t want to call her out, but I knew she was wrong Like what do you do? It was like Kind of like cuz at that time, you know, she didn’t do anything wrong to me, so I wasn’t like you Know I didn’t feel the need to throw her under the bus or make her look stupid or any of the above But it’s like now it’s like maybe I should have been like you wasn’t right, you know what I mean? What what are you laughing about what do you mean you did back then Oh He um We were Renee she says we were fiercely loyal yes, we were He said, yep, and she was fiercely wrong I Know I’m surprised he woke up. Like I thought he was snoozing. Oh, he’s watching a movie Yeah, we were loyal very loyal Tammy said isn’t it past his bedtime? He’s watching a movie you Guys weren’t dumb you were trying to help the dumb bitch, right Rosie. We were just Honestly, I didn’t know Like cuz like I said when she was saying things in the reading I was like Puckett and then she was trying to tell me like I Had flowers out front and I’m like no I have some on the side of my house But not out front and it was just like a few other things and I was like, this is not right But I didn’t want to call her out but there was one thing in particular that she said and I thought okay maybe that could be him, you know what I mean, but honestly One or two things out of how many like it was like wow Yeah, and must have had a spell can’t believe I sent through some of her jumping on so many people neptina We talked about that before like did she have me under a spell to keep me so long? No, I don’t know what maybe you watching they want to know Saving Private Ryan Ryan Yeah, then I guessed about tabs. I had left due to her unjust temper tantrum right Gigi, uh I had enough, you know Yep, fiercely evil ain’t that the truth Rene? Yes Didn’t she say your dad had a plaid shirt smiling. No, I don’t know about that one, Tina Rosie said that’s a good movie He sent. Mm-hmm. I Don’t think you aren’t there yet tt types and I were to her very very first of her subs Yes We didn’t know anything I didn’t even know she drank you know, what mukha I’m not gonna say that at that time. I didn’t know that she drank because I Didn’t know how far she drank, you know what I mean as far as I didn’t know That she would have more than one because I know for a fact That every time she would go live she would say get your drinks and she wouldn’t hold her cup up and kind of like shake it a little bit like get you a dream and let’s get started, you know, and so I Knew she was drinking something in that Cup, but I only remember her doing it that one time. You know what I mean? Like the one cup every time I don’t remember her ever Chugging from a bottle. That’s for sure But it was always like a cup of wine every time she would go But who knows it could have been a cup of liquor I don’t know Me neither mocha, did you know Tabitha what let’s see here. What did I miss? Didn’t you say your dad That part I can’t remember Tina asked if you had a rocker yes, I did have a rocker She asked me about a rocker now. That was another time though. She was doing a reading for somebody else and She asked me if I had a rocker. Oh Yeah, Kim. I was there with Tabitha. Yes You guys were The first mod she ever had Actually, there’s one girl that she’s new to my channel. She was Mona’s first ever mod Her name is rad. I Always think it’s fake when she’s driving Like when she you mean like The driving fake or I Remember what happened to mukha? Yes Moo-coo you were there a long time we were waiting for you to cross the bridge to cross the bridge bridge Actually equals rad. How does that um, I’m not sure what her own name is Renae I’m not sure. I just remember what she told me me and her was talking one night Is my video buffering oh I Forgot about her being I’m on a mud a mud Why isn’t buffering tonight the heck what’s wrong with the Internet That’s weird Well, the software is running my channel that’s it Huh no, okay. Tell your neighbors to reset the box We need some better Wi-Fi over there over here. Oh He said we have to talk to the bald-headed gasps, oh Okay The one who said she had cancer and collecting money. Oh, yeah. Yeah, that was Miss amulet. I mean analyzer Low, dive up said anal. I Heard somebody say that one day That’s bad. I Meant misty. Oh I don’t know Norma. I haven’t seen her tonight Who Tabitha I think are you talking about Didn’t she have a mod that went That whole boyfriend thing missed me all up. I’m trying to think of who I was talking about Renee You were mod went ABS was Rosie The one yes miss analyzer she was a mod at one point, but then there was a girl named Tracy there was Was there one or two other people before that? Mooka crossed that bridge Like she’s okay enough do you mean read stories? Yes, Cheryl A while back not a while back. But the last time I was I seen her over at devil wings Channel Okay, seriously analyzer yes, she was miss analyzer was a mod for her Urban a stuff Michel was a Mod for her at one time Me and urban ista and Michelle was a mod at the same time For a little while and then you guys remember yes She did a mod for a little bit too. Well a very short time and Then there was a girl named Tracy That analyzer woman is oh yes Rosie. Oh my gosh She’s under Amazon junkie now, by the way. Oh really? You don’t Tina Tracy was literally right before me like literally right before me Yeah Rosie, she makes me vomit oh Goodness Yeah urban ista her and Michel was mods with me at one time Well, I wasn’t on there before you so oh, okay Tracy yeah, um, she didn’t have like a last name or anything. It was just Tracy I Remember How many months Oh a lot Rosie See I know all these names just never chatted That’s probably a good thing, you know, Timmy you didn’t have to even though you witness stuff You didn’t have to go through it yourself Maybe I do remember her I fell off with one name Yeah, it was just Tracy that was it Wait analyzer was one of Kay’s mods No, um Miss analyzer was a mod for Mona Yeah, lots of mods. Yes. She just started with the CW case. Yep. She started in like October Tuck I wings Yes, somebody caught her vodka wings the other night I died. Oh my goodness Alright guys, I think I’m gonna go I Just wanted to chitchat and I think we chitchat it for a good while That explains it to scammers together in perfect harmony, right? Oh My goodness, yes, I remember crazy and miss analyzer. Oh my gosh. Yeah Yep, I thought true Rosie she’s going through as many mods as she has some very very true Right that time You were more shy than me to me. I was shy when I went in love them the mud Tabatha Holly and was there another tabatha? No, I think I was the only tabatha right? And that’s the songs. I thought well, I can’t think of it I’m up for a while and laugh out loud until 6 tonight, but I’m good. Oh my gosh, you better take a nap Tina. I Was just getting ready to say good night was you Cheryl I seemed to be less sleepy without much sleep Tammy evany and ivory I wish it was bedtime. I’m here till at least 7:00 a.m. Oh my gosh You uh, you guys are more night owls than me There was 2 betta Rosie You guys are awesome Yeah, I’m heading to bed again here very shortly Gonna play my candy crush soda saga and hit the sack and oh, that’s it. Oh, The song is called. Evany and ivory. Oh, okay You like that song Tina Alright guys, so I’m going to Take my booty to bed well Maybe I’m gonna run him to the bed off the couch Me Goodnight, Patti. It is good. Yep, Paul McCartney and MJ No, I mean she had to Maude’s you Oh Okay, Gigi. I thought you meant there was another type of sounds like not that I know of I’m gonna chase him. Yes. Yes, I’m gonna chase you Good night, John That was another one with Paul Good night, Kimberly. Timmy and Cheryl and Rosie Tina and Gigi and mukha I Hope everybody has a good night. Good night Ellen. I hope you have a good day. Good night, Terry And I’ll see everybody tomorrow bye guys Good night, Kimmy. I hope you have a good night at work Good night, Timmy Good night Renee. Bye guys


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