Liver Tumor Clinic | Ohio State Medical Center

One of the great things about Ohio State
University is that we have a liver tumor clinic that caters specifically to
patients with liver tumors. This is a clinic that focuses strictly on managing
these patients and providing them with the best evidence-based medicine. When
patients come to our clinic, we not only focus on liver cancer but we also focus
on all the tumors and masses in the liver that may be benign, meaning that
they are not cancerous. These are tumors like adenomas or hemangiomas which are very very common in the population, but patients do not know that and it is our
goal and our role to reassure them. The liver tumor clinic is great in that you
have a transplant hepatologist, you have a surgical oncologist and you have a
radiologist who all come together to focus on how best we can deliver cure
for patients with liver cancer. Liver cancer is a complex disease and often
times it happens in patients with cirrhosis or patients with chronic
hepatitis B. We want patients to know that there are many different treatment
options available from surgical resection of the specific mass all the
way to liver transplantation, and there are many different modalities and
treatment options in between that we work closely in a multidisciplinary
environment to deliver.

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