1. Prayer for all who fight for the release of various addictions

    Lord God, you gave me life and health, and I did not know how to appreciate your gifts.

    By neglecting them, I became an addict. I've just been seduced by the temptations and now I am their slave. My freedom has disappeared. I feel broken and weak.
    Health leaves me and my strenght is disappeared. I became a burden to others and myself.

    Oh, I so want to be free from this addiction that pulls me to the bottom,but there is no more power in me to get up.
    How many times I was just trying to start a new life. But every attempt was lost and the battle would only worsen even more painfully and amplify my inner emptiness, repulsion towards myself and disgust for life.

    Yet I want to live! I want to start from scratch! I want to overcome this evil in myself, which holds me in chains.

    (a pronouncement in the heart of your specific addictions you want to release)

    Please, Lord, cure my mind and my heart knowing that it is by the Most Holy Blood of your Son hell and death were defeated so that I could feel the effect in myself and receive the divine power of this celestial cure. I know my weakness, I know I can not do anything with my own strength. Therefore I call upon my guardian angel,all the angels and saints of God and all those who trust in the power of the Blood of Christ to pray for me and to pray with me.

    Establish my miserable will with the power of your love not to seek love and the consolations in the world and people. I want to avoid meetings and acquaintances
    and the situations that are tempting me to go back to my addiction.
    I want to persevere in prayer and to stick to the Word of Life when the force of evil comes at me.

    Give me the wisdom to know the moments of the temptation and avoid it.

    Lord Jesus, every liberation from evil and addiction is painful. I'm afraid of pain and suffering. Help me in them.
    Give me the grace of perseverance and faith in your almighty and healing love.

  2. Drugs are insidious, & guilt such a heavy load to bear. Thank you Shane. You are a brave man, I hope you are able to stay clean. 👍❤

  3. We as addicts are soooo sooooo good at manipulating family friends and even my own wife who left me and took our child. I got cleaned once they left bcuZ that was the last straw for me. And I’m clean have a great job and begged for her to come back but she decided to move on….and that was heartbreaking to me.

  4. He's lucky that he still has his teeth and still handsome. I'm in the medical field and see a lot of young people with heart, lung, liver and kidney problems. I wish him the best on his new journey.

  5. Such a unique perspective. I've always wondered how/at what age it jumps from trying something more "mild" like a party drug to using a drug that's more potent, more casually. I cried for the overdose story. Glad to hear he's clean now.

    Love these personal storytelling videos you've started doing 🙂

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