1. I’m allergic to gluten it’s so hard people don’t care they want to eat pizza and other shit. My gf and mom don’t even give shit what I eat I’ll starve if I don’t eat their gluten

  2. that's a good gastro dr. explaining things and showing pictures. mine did a endo and I never heard from him again, other than some photos and a breakdown on the endo when I got sent home

  3. At 2:41 it says that “seasonings, beer, chocolate, and pickles contain gluten.”
    I would like to clarify a few things about this faulty statement.

    Seasonings CAN contain gluten, check the label. There are gluten free seasonings.

    Beer is generally made with barley but it CAN be made with other starch sources that are gluten free. Look for gluten free beer and you shall find.

    I have had celiac for almost a year and I can assure you that chocolate is naturally gluten free. Check the label to see if gluten may have been added.

    Also check labels for “may contain gluten” or “made on machinery that also processes gluten.”

    Pickles are gluten free. Check the label to make sure that no gluten was added.

    Do your own research kids and speak to your gi or gp. Don’t believe everything you read.

    Good luck!

  4. Before I was diagnosed, I sat in bed in absolute pain for years and years and I’m grateful that I’m knowing of what’s going on.

  5. good video. thanks! I was suspected for celiac since childhood, though I had gastroendoscopy (I guess that's the correct one) and biopsy only at the age of 24. (that "intruding" endoscope was among the worst painful moments during my entire life)
    for me the results were negative. though many people have symptoms that may resemble celiac disease. since then I have changed my diet quite a lot. from my experience I could assume that increased stress factors (i.e. social anxiety like symptoms) may lead to uneven/unstable digestion (but I have no reference for this speculation).

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