Living with sickle cell disease: Shaniya's story


  1. I understand I have sickle cell too..I hate telling friends because of there reactions but I started playing basketball and felt normal again.For those that dislike it hurt me to know y’all probably don’t care but I understand how it feels to get weak in the heat and everything she goes through

  2. I am in the middle of being diagnosed with a sickle cell trait called beta thassalemia intermedia. I'm 40, so it's definitely a shock to me. I've had this all my life but aside from a lot of anemic episodes I've just recently had more issues. But when I put 2 and 2 together, when I was 18 I tried to donate blood at my high school and they could not find a vein……..even though I was a skinny person…….then I gave blood in college and I passed out………so why Im funding out about this now…..i don't fully understand. But im glad there is a lot of info out there on the sickle cell trait.

  3. My uncle passed away from that disease. The doctor said if it suckled in the heart or brain it will kill them and at 11:15 new years eve he passed away. The blood sickle in his heart and I cant wait until I go see him again

  4. I am here to share my testimony to the world on how Dr Olaniwu helped me in curing my son's sickle cell anemia. It is well known that sickle cell anemia has no cure but I can boldly say there is cure to it because my son was cured from it lately October 31st last year 2018 when I came across someone testifying about how Dr Olaniwu also cured his own sickle cell anemia, at first I didn't believe because I was not so sure but I still went on to give it a try. I contacted the Dr and told him everything and he told me that he will prepare an herbal medicine cure for me which I will give to my son for good 14 days and on the 16day I should take him to the hospital for check up. 3days after we had this conversation, he prepared the herbal medicine and sent it to me through UPS DELIVERY SERVICE, I received the medicine and started giving my son the medicine and I followed the prescription and the dosage on how the medicine should be taken by my son.. After the 14days of the medicine effectiveness according to the doctor, I took my son to the hospital on the 16th day and behold to my greatest surprise, my son was cured from sickle cell anaemia crisis.Contact the herbal doctor via Email:[email protected]  or whatsapp (+2348102743287)

  5. God bless you all! Keep going! Remember, you aren't fighting this alone. God isnt done writing your story no matter how big the heartbreak, the wounds, and scars. May God bless you all!!!❤🙏

  6. Aww shes cute😍😍

    I've Sickle Cell Disease, & my Sister does too.

    I grew up with it, & I am going to die with it. I am soccer player & I play for my school. When I started playing soccer, I used to play whole game 90+ minutes. But when I turned 17, everything changed, I started playing like 45 or 65 minutes. Which gave me worried a lots. Now After being sub, and sit on bench, & feel like I am going to die, get dizzy, my eyes tears. And cant understand what's really going on. After all that I may back on my sence after like 2 or 4 minutes, in those minutes, I feel like I am going to die. Well I think I am really good on soccer. But now its time to quit my dream. I really wanted to play at Old Trafford. But now I guess it nightmare. I love Manchester United. I cant meet my idols, C. Ronaldo. I worked hard to see if I can get there, & see the Old Trafford, meet some of United Players but i can't. My skills, speed, heartbeat, everything is increasing. I cant do it. Anymore, my kidney is dying But I've another dream. IF GOD KEPT ME ALIVE, I AM GOING TO MAKE SURE I BECAME ONE OF THE LEGENDARY DOCTORS ON EARTH! so that I can help other people like how they helped me and still.

  7. Every 16 year old wants to be normal. They will say they are normal no matter how different they are! Using a teenager like this is not right. When Shaniya is 40 years old – ask her, "What's it like living with sickle cell disease?" She will most likely say the opposite. It DOES make you different. It does make you have to deal with things most people don't have to even think about. All disease changes us, but it's not a bad thing. Even without diseases, we are all different. Teenagers need to learn to embrace what makes them unique individuals. Being different is what we all are. Even conjoined twins are different from each other. Being an individual is a good thing and the spectrum of "normal" is much wider than teenagers realize. Embrace what makes you different! 🙂

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