Local Residents Protest Against American Health Care Act [VIDEO]

we 100 a group of concerned local citizens held a peaceful rally asking state leaders to pass their message to Congress to vote not to end the Affordable Care Act we are here today because Minnesotans life are at stake several residents shared their stories and how the current health care system has helped their families Katherine Schwartz eckhart says while her family has good health insurance it took a frightening experience with her son who has a chronic respiratory condition to realize others may not be lucky my son is going to be okay because I can afford to take care of him but millions of children rely on Medicaid and other sorts of public assistance make sure they have access to care others like Jim Magnuson said how his father's life was taken too early because he couldn't afford health care coverage when he came down with pneumonia because of his pride and fear of incurring work death that he could not repay he refused to go to the hospital until it was too late Jim read later addressed the crowd saying before the bill was proposed it was clear that many people were concerned about what was to come it was obvious from signs stickers conversations I had with people in line and the questions asked at the event that people were extremely concerned about health care the rally was put on by the group concerned citizens of district 6 a group trying to reach their local lawmakers before Congress reconvenes to vote to repeal the GOP bill Alex Wieckowski W Jo Ann

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