Lofty the therapy horse brings joy to older people at Yeovil District Hospital

[Music] we have a small dementia care team here and we offer lots of therapeutic interventions if you like so we recognize that it isn’t just about coming in and having medical care drugs fluids those kind of things so we heard about lofty had I think visited a care home so we thought that would be perfect he started coming to visit in the garden so he’d come into the garden and we’d bring patients down here just because it felt like a bit of a leap taking a horse onto the wards and then it soon became apparent that there were quite a few patients that felt they were missing out couldn’t get down to the garden and a lot of staff that also felt they were missing out so we we managed to sort of sort out a plan really to be able to take him on to the wards this is a therapy that makes a difference it makes patients happy and of course doesn’t have any side effects associated with it it really is just an attempt to bring some interaction with nature into the environment of the ward he’s absolutely fantastic form of therapy to our patients particularly the elderly frail there’s with memory problems people got a lot love the animals and he comes in and cheer people up and dip their morale and truly improve their mood while they’re in hospital I’ve never experienced anything like that before it makes you feel good to get outdoors a game it’s encouraging for I know it’s been brought in so hospitals you can use this sensory up to get better you forget why you’re in you see the smiles on people’s faces when they suddenly see this little horse and it really brightens their day you can tell it really really makes a difference to them I think that made Pauling’s day [Laughter] action of lofty he’s given me a person like that animals taking yeah I take them although with you there’s often very emotional reactions but there was one particular man I remember who who absolutely sobbed and and hugged lofty when he he visited him and and it was it was happy tears it was very emotional but he was he was absolutely overwhelmed by and we were able to take photograph with him and laminate it and give it back to him so he had a reminder of it [Music] you [Music]

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