Louise Throws Her Medicine Across The Room | Season 7 Ep. 1 | BOB’S BURGERS

[vocalizing] Oh! Look at him go. That’s so good. Wait, Louise, is
that your medicine? Um, no. [gasps] You spit it out. You’re taking that
medicine, Miss Missy. No, I’m not. Don’t you make me do the
full-family hold-down. You wouldn’t dare. [all grunting] How could she be so
sick but still so strong? Like the economy! Wah! [grunts] OK, that’s a problem. -Oh my god, the oven.
-Aah! Aah! “Oh my god, the oven”
to you, too, pal.


  1. Back when i was a kid and wouldn't take my meds dad would grab me and hold me upside down while mum pinched my nose and spoon fed me.

    Good times.

  2. Louise is me when I was little because I wouldn't take my medicine,my dad force to grab me and my jaw while my mom tries to spoon fed in my mouth,I was a demon child

    Good times

  3. Bob's Source

    First Source – White – Bob Belcher – LV23
    Second Source – Red – Linda Belcher – LV22
    Third Source – Yellow – Gene Belcher – LV12
    Fourth Source – Blue – Tina Belcher – LV43
    Fifth Source – Green – Louise Belcher – LV20

  4. I'm with Louise. The medicine tastes like garbage and it doesn't do anything but make me feel worse, imo.

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