Lower Hypertension (HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE) without any medication

how can you completely cure your blood pressure problem without any medication my name is dr. story I've been in practice for over 23 years I'm gonna give you some realistic advice based on my experience there's a three-step process to improve your blood pressure number one is you have to reduce the stress in your body stress causes an increased cortisol levels in our body and has terrible effects on many aspects of our health including our blood pressure now I'm going to leave a link down below in terms of for a breathing exercise that I showed people in another video but I'm going to give you a summary of it right now essentially what you need to do is to spend 2 to 3 minutes a day at least once a day taking deep breaths now people get all upset whether you're breathing through your belly or your chest don't worry about those things completely inhale as much as you can so when you inhale you want to expand your ribcage expand the top of your ribs the bottom of your ribs your abdomen keep breathing in breathe in breathe in and when you can't breathe it in anymore you breathe in a little extra breathe in as deeply as you can expand your ribcage and then let it out reduce that stress do it again you breathe in as deep as you possibly can and as you breathe in you breathe in more your rib cage expands it expands more and when you can't do anymore you inhale even deeper and then you let the air out do this 30 times and you'll be amazed at how number one it instantly reduces your blood pressure the excuses that I hear sometimes are funny I don't have the time I love that one it takes 2 to 3 minutes and what were you going to do during the 2 to 3 minutes anyway not breathe number 2 I've had many patients tell me the excuse of I don't think that's for me what is it for you taking a deep breath in though most people they're at their computers they're on their phones they're watching YouTube they're at work they're in their cars and what are they doing with their ribcage nothing they're not inhaling and exhaling deeply that's what you need to do at least once a day 30 repetitions and it has great effects on your blood pressure number two exercise and again I made a whole other video about this those are the details I'm going to give you a summary right here but down below I'm gonna have that link you need to do exercise now the specific exercise is very important you need to do something that raises your heart rate so that your heart rate will go up for a sustained period of time this does not include weight lifting very often when people are lifting weights they're struggling as hard as they can they're holding their breath and they're doing what's called a valsalva maneuver which actually strains the arteries and can give you higher blood pressure so what you want to do is you want to do some exercise that raises your heart rate and maintains it for a period of time sometimes you may not have time for anything so what you do is you just get out of the house go seven and a half minutes that way and then come home 15 minutes walk sometimes this is all you have time for sometimes this is all you need now if you're terribly out of shape all you can do is walk and that's enough exercise but as you get stronger if you can you can do things where you can walk at a faster pace and then you can do things like the elliptical you can run on a treadmill you can go on an exercise bicycle or right outside or swimming but these are exercises that have benefits to lower and normalize our blood pressure rather than doing something with high intensity and holding your breath and doing a valsalva maneuver the third thing that you need to do is you need to change your diet and everybody knows this but the problem with changing your diet is there are two extremes diametrically a and both of these extremes types of diets they say there right so you on one side of the coin you can just eat plants and that's all you eat that will actually lower your blood pressure on the other side of the coin you can go fully caveman and just eat meat and that actually lowers blood pressure too so it seems impossible but how can these two opposite diets actually lower your blood pressure I think the reason why is because in both extreme cases you're still not eating crappy food in both cases they're telling you to eliminate processed foods my philosophy on how to lower blood pressure is that if it had a parent it should be eaten if it grew out of the ground it should be eaten if it came off a tree it should be eaten but if it was made in a lab and put into a box and has chemicals that you can't read that should not be eaten that's dietary advice simply put now the best diet is probably a combination of both where you're eating a lot of vegetables you're eating fruits and you're eating meat that is something that combined very often helps people lower blood pressure and the reason why is because when you eat that type of food you're simply not eating crappy food I have another video about drinks that we use to help lower blood pressure I'm going to leave the links below but essentially you can use water with garlic and lemon that works wonders to lower blood pressure also staying hydrated the heart doesn't have to work as hard when you're fully hydrated so you need to drink water throughout the day and lastly for things like lunches and snacks I have another video and I'll post it down below on smoothies specific smoothies that have nutrients that lower blood pressure okay here's the secret recipe organic blueberries a beat organic apples organic spinach organic spinach pop it in there banana more apples and a little bit of vitamin C so this is the stuff that I use here so if you thought this video was interesting give me a thumbs up subscribe to my channel we have a patreon account and many of these videos that I produce on YouTube are not monetized so the only way that I'm making any income from this is through the patreon account so if you want to become a patreon the advantages of doing that is you can actually ask me specific questions and I will make videos based upon your responses so thanks for watching


  1. I love this video , this is encouraging me so so much πŸ’— and I thank God because I know He is answering me through this

  2. Doctor my BP rise up only when I go for annual medical checkup..once I finish my checkup it comes to normal…please help me how can I control my BP when I go for medical checkup.

  3. Thanks for making it so simple to understand and being direct. Also loved the answers to excuses of those who say this stuff is not for them!

  4. Well done doc πŸ₯°πŸ‘
    My family loves my gold credit card … then my blood pressure is goes up to 250 / 150 πŸ™ŠπŸ€’πŸ˜°πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

  5. My father always said to me growing up. If it's bad for you, everyones doing it. If it's good for you everybody's out!

  6. Just curious about your Smoothie ingredients approach? Could we use Organic Applesauce to make the Blending process faster and get the same results? Would Frozen Fruit or Vegies work the same? Does your Smoothie solution repair or normalize our internal body parts to help them perform any better? Thanks for all your advice and tips to help us out with lowering our High Blood pressure!

  7. I call You Tube SODOMA πŸ™‚ of 21st Centuries:-) but there is good side of it and this guy is I have feeling Honest as 21 st Century allows you to be:-))) Anyway thanks MAN , as you said JUST BREATHE MAN πŸ™‚

  8. I have tried the breathing exercise for my DOT physical 1st reading was 165 over 110, I asked the nurse to come back in a few minutes final passing reading was 110 over 82—-this guy knows his stuff

  9. This is a valuable lesson, thank you doctor!!
    My question: Is it possible or have you had any patient that used to take medication then by doing exercise and follow healthy lifestyle, they could stop using pills?
    Thank god, my blood pressure is starting to reduce after getting married and very optimistic that one day I’ll stop using the medication.
    Thank you Dr. Adam.

  10. Hi Doctor! My systolic is going down to normal, but my diastolic has been over normal range, what should I do?

  11. Why is the first reading I take on my BP monitor more than 10% higher than a substance subsequent one taken at least a minute later it happens every time

  12. Dear, whatever you are saying in the video, I believe hundred % and I think the same way as you think. Doctors scares you so much that you start taking those medicines which don’t cure instead make you more sick. That’s the reason this time I made my mind in tapering the medicines and stopping it. I never believed in them but started because of heart attack as the doctors explains to us. I made my mind and with good balanced diet , exercise and breathing I will be able to reduce and fix my blood pressure. I am very much thankful to you guys because I thought that I am wrong in saying that the bp can be cured by doing few things. Keep up the good work. Whatever the creator, created for us is good for us because he created us. The only thing we have to do is to do with moderation. We have to eat God made stuff and not man made . This is a simple formula to follow I think. Thank you very much .

  13. Hi Doctor, would you please advise if a person take medicines for BP, he will have to continue it for life. I have been told by the doctor so. Awaiting your direction

  14. Doctor….every time when I want to take blood pressure, I always nervous and my heartbeat going very fast. How to solve it. Please doc…thank you

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